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Hello everyone...I am still a beginner and I am just dealing with a depressed Nat-m case . After few days of the remedy there are flactuations in the mood happening without any physical changes yet...feel bad in the morning and much better at the night and sometimes it's good all the day..and sometimes just neutral.
I wonder when Nat-m is able to cry after the remedy..does it take too much time like months or only few weeks ? . My patient hasn't cried yet and feel no tendeny for it though before the remedy there was a little tendeny but was resisted by the patient.

Is crying a must thing to see when curing Nat-m ? and If it doesn't happen, does this mean we are wrong ?

I've started with 200C since depression and lack of energy was the chief complaint beside other physical ones like hair loss and binge eating and constipation..

Thank you.

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Besides the flactuations in mood after the remedy, the patient is now more open and sharing thoughts with me.
Dear Hani
Each patient is different,takes their own time to heal through trauma.
Many react after the first dose/potency.(if it truly is the well indicated remedy)
Many do not progress,these take a long time............Many many months,not on the same potency of course, gradually going up in potency.
As their body asks for it.
In verry stubborn cases the practicioner needs a nosode to remove the blockage-then resume the remedy again.
when this happens you and patient see extreme results.
Of course this does nOT apply to each patient that is a NA MUR.
hope this helps
Dear Hani,

I don't think crying is must (to cure) for all Natrum Mur patients how ever it might be associated
With most of Natrum Mur.

It seems your client is more open and sharing her thoughts which is a good sign.

I would wait and watch. Repetition and potency
also matters.

I agree with Gina comments.

An addition;
Many true Nat Mur patients have never cried in public,in front of people. Suppressed for an entire lifespan. Like the suppression of emotional trauma. They hold it all back. Powerfull force.
When the correct potency takes hold,all the floodgates open.
And they will let you know.
Traumatic memories come also flooding in.........................many from childhood.
What other form of medicine can do this? Certainly nOT ALLOPATHY!
The true miracles of homeopathy!!!!!!!
According to the placement of Natrum on the periodic table (works of Scholten and Sankaran) it says that at the core of Natrum lies with this issue: "I feel I have a separate existence, I can exist separately, but have no separate identity and I also do not have the capacity to find my own nourishment and care". There is no sense of identity, "I'm not me". Confusion of identy: as to his own, as if it was not his."
I see Natrum mur. having to do with issues with the mother. The moment when the baby is weaned from the breast, is a big step into having to define one's own identity (away from the bond of the mother). If this moment is of issue, it carries a sense of betrayal/grief.

To see if healing really is happening in your case, (if Nat.mur was the indicated remedy) a change on this level should come forth (from within to without). The patient would find a way to identify with a separate, individual identity and let go of the attachments to the wound of betrayal. This will bring about a deep change on the level of emotional growth.

Whether crying is a factor in it or not, depends on the individual. I don't see it as a must. A return to identifying oneself through creativity perhaps, and thus carving out one's identity separate from anyone else, would be a very encouraging sign.

Good luck with your case :)
Claudia Patton PDHom (UK)
Just wonderful. Thank you for contributing information from Scholten, which is highly regarded. Natrum on the chart is "alone" and "mur" represents mother, care, attention, asocial, pitiful, finish, quit, the end.
Claudia posted:"There is no sense of identity, "I'm not me". Confusion of identy: as to his own, as if it was not his."
I see Natrum mur. having to do with issues with the mother. The moment when the baby is weaned from the breast, is a big step into having to define one's own identity (away from the bond of the mother). ......................................................................"

Dear Claudia
Verry Well said,Thank you,thank you!
And yes when its time these issues with the mother do surface............
Hello Hani,

One thing I have learned from my teachers and for which I am sooo greatful is to ALWAYS look for the etiology in a case. When did the depression start, what event caused it. As much as possible, frind out as precisely as possible, WHEN the depression begins, and what happens JUST before.
Nathrum Muriaticum, from what I have learned, and from that I have seen that really heals deeply, is related to events of separation. Separation from family nucleus, separation from a loved one with a feeling of rejection, impossible ove with THE ONE AND ONLY we were soooo attached to, separation from a great friend we were united to, separation from a neighbourhood, a class, with the feeling of Dis-union. NAtrum Muriaticum is sensitive, in movies, to impossible love, the very dear one and only one wants to be close to forever, and soething happens and breaks things up, takes apart the united ones, just like the salt is separated from the water.
Many remedies can feel depressed, lose hair... think of Phos-ac, for instance.

So I would say... ask your patient what event caused the depression, and take into consideration the very feeling the person experiences. Is it disapointment from having invested sooo much and ending up with nothing? (Ignatia) Is it anger and frustration or sadness from being separated, or having suffered wrong, also related to Nat-Mur? Is it a sense of having given everything and not getting in return? (Phos-ac)... From the very etiology, find the main feeling, and take the remedy of that very experience the patient goes through.
I find this method is a time saving treasure in treating patients. So many times this approach has saved me months of trying this and that. I always rely on this approach, and that's how I get my most fantastic results. It prevents us from getting untangled in the many aspects of personality. What we want to treat is the rootcause. And after all, a depression is a depression, and the crying is just a symptom. I have seen Nat-mur people crying their heart out in a consultation, and some who hardly speak a word, adn I have seen Pulsatilla women acting like they are sooo strong they can do it all on their own... But when I look a little deeper, I find that they actually got sick at a moment where they felt they were abandonned and could not do it on their own, and the brave facade was ust a mental mode they had to force themselves into...
So go for the etiology man!
Hi, Hani. Please tell us about your posology. Do you prescribe a dry dose or in water? How frequently?
Hi Michael ,
I gave the patient 200C in water with a bit of alcohol in a bottle...they were about 5-6 pellets..and told the patient to take a dropper(3ml) of the remedy and put in a glass of water and to take a sip from the glass every 2-3 hours.
I think if it's the right remedy then this potency should be increased but I wanted first to see any changes and also to overcome undesirable aggrevations ..

Please tell me your opinion about it.

Thank u so much.
Hi Ingrid.
For me your comment on nat-mur depressing & crying was very professional as true experiences homeopath. Everything must start with root cause or history so call etiology.There is so many remedy in homeopathy can treats mental and emotional illness,during my 14 years practicing ,Nat Mur very much help in treating those kind of illness but it always given to the most chronic cases after Phos and Ignatia.
There is a case 23 years old Chinese male student in local university has emotional and sexsualy attracted to same gender,it started since his puberty,so he became Gay. After his spouse died
by HIV,he want to quit the gay activity but his desire can't help.He experience abused by his parent in his childhood. Somebody refered him to my clinic, i prescribed Nat Mur 1m every week for 3 month after that 10m every month for 2years.Now he become normal man engaged with young beautiful lady, never look back to his dark days again.
Thank you all for your valuable comments, It was more than helpful to me.
So now I think it isn't a matter of crying as an only sign of improvement..since that was the main thing I was expecting to see from Nat-m patient after the remedy and It was even emphasized by my instructor and more when I read the Nat-m psychology in BAILEY Philip's book "Homeopathic Psychology" .
Thank you Ingrid for telling me about Nat-m patients who cry in the consultation room and other Pulsatilla who don't and restrain....I never expected to hear something like that...of course practical experience here makes a difference than only theoritical assumptions..and regarding the etiology..It was always "grief from bereavement" "sense of being ignored in childhood" "failure in relationships" .

Thank you for reminding me of Ph-ac since Nat-m is coming rank number one in my Rep. and Ph-ac number 12 and only the familiar polycrests in between....I think I have to put it in my mind.
Thank you all..will keep you updated..


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