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Malaria - Fever Symptoms -HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES-

Fever comes every other day or every week.great thirst before chill which ceases as soon as chill begins;no thirst during stage of heat which returns again during stage of sweat;worse by motion;better by warmth China off.30

Paroxysms regular;thirst in all stages;severe shaking chill continues for long.Tongue clean,profuse,exhausting sweat.Pain in back(spine)worse during stage of chill(almost specific) China sulph.1X

Severe aching bone pains,as if bones are broken.Nausea and vomiting as the chill passes on.Great thirst.Drinks excites nausea and vomiting in every stage(chill,heat and sweat)better after sweating except headache.Tongue thickly(yellowish)coated;taste bitter Eup-perf.30

Chill without thirst(thirst almost absent in all the stages);violent shaking,chills up and down along the spine(back);patient wants to hold;sweat and heat stage long and exhausting;pain in the nape of neck;soreness of muscles,muscular power weakened;desire to lie down quietly and to sleep;drowzy;sweat absent;better after passing urine Gelsemium 30

When there are no clear cut indication for medicine(paroxysms not clear)- a few doses of Ipecac 30 opens up the case,specially after(suppression)/abuse of quinine or relapse.Nausea,vomiting and dyspnoea in all the stages and clean tongue Ipecac 30

Great thirst with trobbing headache,before chill and during stage of heat.Severe long lasting chill between 10 - 11 A.M.,even lips and nails becomes blue because of shivering.Profuse sweat,which relieves all the symptoms except headache Nat-mur.30

Chill with thirst;worse by warmth and motion.Fever(heat stage) without thirst or little thirst;sweating alternate with dry heat or little sweat Apis mel.30

Paroxysms irregular;chill absent or very little;sweat usually absent;great restlessness;unquenchable thirst,drinks frequently but little at a time,better after sweating and by warmth Arsenic alb.30

Chill with great thirst and external coldness,drinks at long intervals but at large quantities at a time;stools constipated.stitching pain in chest and in the region of spleen;sour sweat after slightest exertion.Irritable;desires to lie quietly Bryonia 30

Chill followed by sweat.Icy coldness,one feet cold and the other hot.Thirst during stage of heat for warm drinks(vomit after taking cold drinks);worse 4 to 8 P.M. Lycopodium 30

Chill without thirst.Great heat(with thirst) yet patient cannot move or uncover,feels very chilly;better by warmth and after sweating Nux vomica 30

Paroxysms ever changing;chill at 4 P.M. without thirst;sweating worse left side;feels very hot in bed,desires to uncover;thirst during stage of heat,licks the lips(with water) only;thirst during stage of sweat only Pulsatilla 30

Dry exhausting cough an hour before chill and continues till chill lasts.Extreme chill and heat.Chill starts in thigh and between shoulders or over one scapula,small of back,running up spine.Restlessness,changing position constantly;urticarial rashes;better during sweat stage and warmth Rhus tox.30

Chill with clock like periodicity with pain long bones;chill lasts for long - throughout day and night Aranea dia.30

Paroxysms regular;at clock like periodicity (at same hour).Thirst during stage of heat for warm drinks;tearing pain and/or numbness in legs or whole body during stage of heat;eyes red Cedron 30

Thirst before chill;shivering and chilliness after every drink,chill starts in back and spreads over the whole body;after chill,heat without thirst and cold sweat Capsicum 30

Paroxysms irregular;chill with thirst,heat without thirst.Patient wants fanning instead of drinking water during heat stage;coldness of legs even after covering with blanket.Sweat profuse,sour and offensive Carbo veg.30

Chronic;spoiled cases;paroxysms irregular;chill,heat,sweat all erratic.Fever followed by severe heat - making one almost senseless followed by profuse sweating.Feet cold and wet,shivering with thirst;worse in the evening Sepia 30

Intercurrent remedy;chronic cases,when symptoms are not clear.Chill with shivering,without heat or thirst;palms and soles hot and burns Sulphur 200

Fever worse at night;tongue thickly whitish coated.Desire for acids and pickles,etc.Patient desires to sleep;chill quite often with gastric complaints Antim-crud.30

Paroxysms irregular.During heat stage body is covered with boiling and offensive sweat Psorinum 200

Chill begins at back;fever rises quickly,great heat with profuse sweat;fever do not come down with sweat.Restlessness.Fever and pulse improportionate Pyrogenium 200

of course there are more remedies found for Malaria See your Repertory for a full list.................only the well indicated remedy will work.

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We should be aware that Google has a policy to filter out any posts that are anti Big Pharma. If I google my name, i get 5200 entries in Google and the majority is about my Agrohom work. There are no references to any of my blogs that criticise Baum and Ernst, no references to Pasteur, Big Pharma, Vaccination and other critical blog or post i have posted anywhere.

In England, Carol B. noted the same. Yahoo gives approx 2500 entries, with again none that is critical of Big Pharma. AOL had but 224 entries of which none is critical of Big Pharma.

I think it is about time we come to realise we are effectively being shut out from any debates. I also think it is time to collect a database with everything we have concerning the following subjects:
Local News (everything concerning our interests).
International (the same around the world).
Evidence (articles by allopaths themselves that prove it is bunk).
Questions (articles questioning the scientific nature of modern medicine).
Science (articles about the scientific nature of homoeopathy) .
Success Stories (here post reactions from the public that have benefited from homoeopathy and articles by homoeopaths of cured cases).
Exposed: (Articles about present scandals, exposure of industry people
in regulatory bodies and vice versa, politicians who work for the
industry now and after).
Interviews (interviews with leading figures in the homoeopathic world).
Youtube (short descriptions as in Youtube itself that link directly to positive homoeopathic videos).
Reviews: (new books on homoeopathy) .
New publications (new books and articles).
Links (links to articles written, important websites all connected to homoeopathy) .
You can click any of the key words and you arrive at the page with the article.
I agree Kaviraj. Many documents(such as what you just mentioned) I have actually printed out on paper have gone/been removed from the internet big blackhole!
If only the link was posted,it will be USELESS once the quakbuster patroll gets hold of it.
By the way AOL patrolls its sites heavily they take it upon themself to remove ANYTHING they dont agree with,including 'personal emails between people',I learned the hard way.
Lets hope all this information on HOMEOPATHY AND MALARIA gets dumped into the search engines by default anyways.
The update on Malaria Statistics;According to the World Health Organization (WHO) every year about 350 million around the world will suffer from malaria. From this number approximately 2 to 3 million will die. Malaria is still the biggest health problem for developing tropical and sub-tropical countries. Whether a victim suffers from serious attacks or the lingering and debilitating effects of prolonged chronic malaria this disease can become a recurring health problem that goes on for years.
MEFLOQUINE horror stories,You must read,If your prescribing this for Malaria.
"I'd give anything if I could feel like I did ... to be the person I was before I took Lariam." MEFLOQUINE (LARIAM)
August 2009: Lariam (mefloquine), manufactured by Roche Pharmaceuticals, is no longer being sold under that trade name in the United States. "Generic mefloquine", however, is widely available everywhere.Sold even today.
Anyone else with previous Malaria cases? please post here-------------------------------------------------------Thank you
Some Notes on Malaria in the Old Journals Group
thank you Dr. Dushyant

The reproduced article from NYT about Malaria indicates that deaths are due to brain swelling, where the respiratory tract signals are blocked. All of the homeopathic remedies listed in Gina's article also relate to brain swelling, fever, parasitic infection, or sepsis which provides many options for care.

Wouldn't it be helpful for all homeopaths working with malaria to record and disseminate their success rates for malarial patients and the benefits of these non-toxic remedies and prophylaxis medicines.

Brain Swelling Tied to Deaths From Malaria By DENISE GRADYMARCH 18, 2015

When children die from a severe form of malaria, swelling of the brain is often what kills them, a new study finds.

This insight will not change medical practice immediately, but it may lead to improved treatments, researchers said.

The disease, caused by a parasite spread by mosquitoes, is a major killer in the tropics. Worldwide, there were 198 million cases in 2013. About 500,000 people died, mostly children in Africa. There is no vaccine. Drugs can prevent the infection and treat it, but malaria can still be rapidly fatal even with treatment, especially in young children.

Cerebral malaria, which involves the brain, is an extremely dangerous form of the disease and can lead to coma and death. Fifteen percent to 25 percent of African children who contract this type of malaria die. Survivors can be left deaf, blind or with learning disabilities.

Doctors suspected that brain swelling had a role in fatal cases, but the evidence was not clear.

Hoping to resolve the issue, researchers in Malawi performed M.R.I. scans on 168 children whose illness met a strict definition of cerebral malaria. The results were published on Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Twenty-five children died, 21 of whom — 84 percent — had severe brain swelling. Among the survivors, only 27 percent had severe swelling.

“What’s killing these kids is that they stop breathing, because the respiratory center in the brain stem is compressed by the swelling,” said Dr. Terrie E. Taylor, the senior author of the study and a professor at the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. She spends about half the year working in Malawi.

Ventilators might save some children, Dr. Taylor said, by maintaining their breathing through the worst of the brain swelling, which usually lasts for only a few days. Ventilators are not widely available in Africa, but providing them “is not beyond the pale,” she said.

Certain drugs, including steroids and mannitol, may also help with brain swelling, but studies are needed to find out, she said.
Correction: March 20, 2015

An earlier version of this article misstated the afiliation of the lead author of the study. It is Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, not Michigan State College of Osteopathic Medicine.


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