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Malaria - Fever Symptoms -HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES-

Fever comes every other day or every week.great thirst before chill which ceases as soon as chill begins;no thirst during stage of heat which returns again during stage of sweat;worse by motion;better by warmth China off.30

Paroxysms regular;thirst in all stages;severe shaking chill continues for long.Tongue clean,profuse,exhausting sweat.Pain in back(spine)worse during stage of chill(almost specific) China sulph.1X

Severe aching bone pains,as if bones are broken.Nausea and vomiting as the chill passes on.Great thirst.Drinks excites nausea and vomiting in every stage(chill,heat and sweat)better after sweating except headache.Tongue thickly(yellowish)coated;taste bitter Eup-perf.30

Chill without thirst(thirst almost absent in all the stages);violent shaking,chills up and down along the spine(back);patient wants to hold;sweat and heat stage long and exhausting;pain in the nape of neck;soreness of muscles,muscular power weakened;desire to lie down quietly and to sleep;drowzy;sweat absent;better after passing urine Gelsemium 30

When there are no clear cut indication for medicine(paroxysms not clear)- a few doses of Ipecac 30 opens up the case,specially after(suppression)/abuse of quinine or relapse.Nausea,vomiting and dyspnoea in all the stages and clean tongue Ipecac 30

Great thirst with trobbing headache,before chill and during stage of heat.Severe long lasting chill between 10 - 11 A.M.,even lips and nails becomes blue because of shivering.Profuse sweat,which relieves all the symptoms except headache Nat-mur.30

Chill with thirst;worse by warmth and motion.Fever(heat stage) without thirst or little thirst;sweating alternate with dry heat or little sweat Apis mel.30

Paroxysms irregular;chill absent or very little;sweat usually absent;great restlessness;unquenchable thirst,drinks frequently but little at a time,better after sweating and by warmth Arsenic alb.30

Chill with great thirst and external coldness,drinks at long intervals but at large quantities at a time;stools constipated.stitching pain in chest and in the region of spleen;sour sweat after slightest exertion.Irritable;desires to lie quietly Bryonia 30

Chill followed by sweat.Icy coldness,one feet cold and the other hot.Thirst during stage of heat for warm drinks(vomit after taking cold drinks);worse 4 to 8 P.M. Lycopodium 30

Chill without thirst.Great heat(with thirst) yet patient cannot move or uncover,feels very chilly;better by warmth and after sweating Nux vomica 30

Paroxysms ever changing;chill at 4 P.M. without thirst;sweating worse left side;feels very hot in bed,desires to uncover;thirst during stage of heat,licks the lips(with water) only;thirst during stage of sweat only Pulsatilla 30

Dry exhausting cough an hour before chill and continues till chill lasts.Extreme chill and heat.Chill starts in thigh and between shoulders or over one scapula,small of back,running up spine.Restlessness,changing position constantly;urticarial rashes;better during sweat stage and warmth Rhus tox.30

Chill with clock like periodicity with pain long bones;chill lasts for long - throughout day and night Aranea dia.30

Paroxysms regular;at clock like periodicity (at same hour).Thirst during stage of heat for warm drinks;tearing pain and/or numbness in legs or whole body during stage of heat;eyes red Cedron 30

Thirst before chill;shivering and chilliness after every drink,chill starts in back and spreads over the whole body;after chill,heat without thirst and cold sweat Capsicum 30

Paroxysms irregular;chill with thirst,heat without thirst.Patient wants fanning instead of drinking water during heat stage;coldness of legs even after covering with blanket.Sweat profuse,sour and offensive Carbo veg.30

Chronic;spoiled cases;paroxysms irregular;chill,heat,sweat all erratic.Fever followed by severe heat - making one almost senseless followed by profuse sweating.Feet cold and wet,shivering with thirst;worse in the evening Sepia 30

Intercurrent remedy;chronic cases,when symptoms are not clear.Chill with shivering,without heat or thirst;palms and soles hot and burns Sulphur 200

Fever worse at night;tongue thickly whitish coated.Desire for acids and pickles,etc.Patient desires to sleep;chill quite often with gastric complaints Antim-crud.30

Paroxysms irregular.During heat stage body is covered with boiling and offensive sweat Psorinum 200

Chill begins at back;fever rises quickly,great heat with profuse sweat;fever do not come down with sweat.Restlessness.Fever and pulse improportionate Pyrogenium 200

of course there are more remedies found for Malaria See your Repertory for a full list.................only the well indicated remedy will work.

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Replies to This Discussion

And the allopathic community says there is no cure/treatment for Malaria using homeopathy!
Please post your comments here-------------------------------------------------
In Clarke's Materia Medica there is an interesting description, which i cannot get at till Monday. I promise a thorough description of this most interesting remedy.

All i will reveal is the inconsistency of the attacks of the quackbusters when talking about the subject through willful ignorance.
Whereas all our remedies are harmless distilled water in which no molecules remain, it is entirely inconsistent that these self-same quackbusters deride our remedies as dangerous, because there could still be molecules or bugs in there that could produce cholera.

What don't they understand when they claim no molecules can be present and in the same breath claim they do? We have them by the short and curlies on this one.

Have patience with me.
Thanks Kaviraj,certainly look forward to your addition.
These same skeptic quackbusters are also the same promoting allopathics and using toxins such as DEET for Malaria.The side effects of Malaria drugs are lenthy many lasting for a lifetime,causing adverse effects often worse or equal to Malaria.Using Deet is like using Agent Orange,causes cancer! Yes if it kills a bug it will also kill a human.
An example of what you can find on the subject of HOMEOPATHY AND MALARIA-Typical rhetoric!
British holidaymakers are putting their lives at risk by relying on homeopathy to protect them against malaria, doctors have warned.
The medical experts condemned the practice of prescribing pills and potions made from tree bark, swamp water and rotting plants as 'outrageous quackery' and 'dangerous nonsense'.
Their warning follows an undercover investigation which found that alternative medicine clinics readily sell travellers homeopathic protection against malaria, despite clear Government advice that there is no evidence such treatments work.
It also comes after a study published in the Lancet suggested that the benefits of homeopathy are all in the imagination, with alternative remedies performing no better than dummy pills in clinical trials.
Homeopathy, which has won the backing of Prince Charles, claims to prevent diseases such as malaria by using dilute forms of herbs and minerals that in higher concentrations could produce the symptoms of the condition.
In the investigation, scientists and researchers who pretended to be about to embark an African holiday, contacted a variety of homeopaths around the country. These include one recommended by high street pharmacist Superdrug.
Worryingly, all of the homeopaths recommended they take alternative remedies over conventional anti-malaria pills.
Among the remedies, which ranged in price from £3.75 to £75, were Malaria officinalis (CORR) tablets. Also known as Malaria nosode, they are made from African swamp water, rotting plants and mosquito eggs and larvae.
The homeopaths also recommended China officinalis or China sulph, which is made from tree bark which contains quinine, and Natrum Mur - or salt tablets.
One practitioner said the homeopathic medicines fill a 'malaria-shaped hole' in the body that would usually be targeted by mosquitos.
They also gave little or no advice on how to prevent mosquito bites and several claimed the herbal treatments had stopped other travellers from coming down with the disease which can kill within two days of the first symptoms.
Last year, 1754 Britons caught the mosquito-borne parasitic infection and 11 died.
Many of the deaths were caused by the holidaymakers either not completing the course of tablets given by their GP, or relying on other medicines, which could include homeopathic treatments.
British doctors said they are appalled by the results of the investigation, which was carried out by the BBC's Newsnight and the charity Sense About Science

Read more:
Among the remedies, which ranged in price from £3.75 to £75, were Malaria officinalis (CORR) tablets. Also known as Malaria nosode, they are made from African swamp water, rotting plants and mosquito eggs and larvae.

That is cheap!

This is what i talk about. Here suddenly it is dangerous, because it is made from swamp water and "outrageous quackery."

It is really because it is one of our most successful remedies for malaria and i have given it as a prophylactic to 1000's of people who not only are cured of the malaria they had, but become immune from taking but 3 to 7 doses of this remedy during maximum 1 week. So far, my first clients so treated have yet to come back for more and also report much less or no attacks from mosquitoes.

I Challenge Colquhoun to a test where homoeopaths are allowed to show how they go about in determining genus epidemicus remedy and its application and the subsequent results will silence him for ever.

I challenge him to show us how, when according to him and his mates - and we agree - there are no more molecules in a remedy, it can simultaneously still contain things like malaria eggs or larva, or even a single drop of "swamp water" and thus in any way be dangerous. Come on PROFESSOR Colquhoun, explain yourself in clear and unequivocal terms, that any fool should be able to understand, as you so indignantly claim.
"It is really because it is one of our most successful remedies for malaria and i have given it as a prophylactic to 1000's of people who not only are cured of the malaria they had, but become immune from taking but 3 to 7 doses of this remedy during maximum 1 week. So far, my first clients so treated have yet to come back for more and also report much less or no attacks from mosquitoes."

It's interesting you mention this, because some years ago, my dad had repeated episodes of falciparum malaria. Ever since he has had intermittent doses of Malaria Officinalis 200, he has not had another episode of malaria.

What dosage and potency do you follow, Kaviraj, for using Malaria Officinalis as a prophylactic?

I use mainly 30C potency, but in those who had the disease before, i use a 200C. That seems to work better for some reason.
I don't know what that reason is,but i have noticed it also removes the malarial symptoms better than a 30C.
For those that never had malaria, the 30C works very nicely.

I always give a single pellet or pill a day, dry under the tongue. If after the 3rd day people feel feverish, I stop - they have been immnunised.
If not, they can take another 4 doses or till they develop a feverish feeling, whichever comes first.

Many people never develop the feverish state, but are nontheless protected.
Thanks, Kaviraj, I really need to be more regular at HWC. :)

One more query, so once the patients are homeopathically immunised, would you never repeat Malaria officinalis again? Or would you need to give it once a year or something?

No need to repeat it again. An Australian client of mine was immunised in 1994. Since that time he never had malaria again and he is a photographer who travels a lot in Bharat and Africa in the malarial districts.
Thanks, Kaviraj, much appreciated!
Dear Firuzi - We welcome your visits to HWC. Enjoy all the discussions. Debby
Thanks, Debby, I hope to be more regular and keep a track of interesting discussions. You seem to be doing great with HWC. :)


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