I decided to write this post because I want to share my experience how I come in contact with homeopathy as a skeptic and in order to expose some myths about the professed “skeptic community” that rigorously ignores the evidence of scientific proof for homeopathy.

My personal experience with the “Nothing”
13 years ago I offered a friend of mine a peppermint candy. He refused saying “no thanks, I’m actually on a homeopathic therapy and therefore I’m not allowed to eat peppermint or drink coffee”. Well, I asked what homeopathy is. He tried to explain me as a layman how homeopathic remedies are produced, diluting (and shaking) the original substance more and more until there is nothing in the carrier-substance, only the “information” of the original substance is imprinted on it.

You should know now a little bit of my personal background. Since my childhood I was very interested in science. With eight years I read everything about dinosaurs and with 9 years I swallowed books of cosmology and science of all kind (especially books with colorful illustrations) and with 16 years I read my first book of quantum physics written by Fred Alan Wolf. During this time I experimented also with different kinds of lucid dreaming methods, exploring the puzzling worlds of dreams and consciousness. I was never bored in my life!

In spite of my wide-ranging experience and knowledge I react with skepticism to this healing method called homeopathy. My friend tried to convince me that homeopathy works and I tried to persuade him that he was absolutely wrong, because I was so sure that our world is made of atoms, particles and there is no such thing as “nothing that is a kind of weird information as a residue of some plant or animal” … well, you don’t know my friend, when he is convinced of something … he said to me he don’t know much about science, but his personal experience with that stuff has convinced him and I could never convince him of the opposite.

My first homeopathic proving
In order to prove him that I was right and he wrong I decided to make a proving by myself. He told me how this homeopathic proving is done, taking daily a remedy for several weeks and writing down the symptoms. At that time I didn’t know any remedy, therefore I asked him for a name of one remedy that I could start to prove. So I went to the pharmacy and bought a bottle of Sulphur LM12 and I took every morning and every evening two drops for the next two weeks.


Alice in wonderland
The homeopathic proving revealed me a new world of strange symptoms and feelings. In the same night I dreamed vividly of a “yellow workmanship” building a rail through the wild-west and joking and laughing all the time. They was all covered by a yellow powder. I woke up from the dream laughing by myself, my brothers starring at me as I was holding my belly and shaking for laughing. The thing got even stranger. All my skin itched, especially my head. Everybody could smell a sulfuric odor and I was so hungry at 11 am that I got so angry when I don’t eat something. My nose starts to bleed every day in the evening. And the strange dreams continued during the proving. After two weeks I stopped it. It was too much, for me and my family.

After some weeks I repeated the proving, because the experience was so strange and I could not believe it. How can a remedy work that is diluted over the Avogadro’s number, 10 to the power of 23? This number is so huge and the remedy that I took was a LM 12 potency, this is a dilution of 50000 to the power of 12, equivalent to 10 to the power of 48.

And repeating the proving worked also. Not only that I got symptoms on the level of mind and emotions, my body react so strong that everybody in my vicinity noticed it by the strange smell my body emits. (Sulfur makes the body release sulphuric compounds, therefore the strange odor.)

Since this first contact with homeopathy I studied it intensively and made over 50 homeopathic provings during the last 13 years. Now I know for sure that homeopathy works, not because of a scientific explanation, but because of personal experience and no “skeptic” can convince me of the opposite.

The mainstream believes in homeopathy
Homeopathy has cured millions of people for over 200 years. During this time humankind has made several important discoveries in science that supports homeopathy and still skeptics claims that homeopathy does not work, right? It’s a funny thing, because the fact is that I was a skeptic regarding homeopathy and a simple proving convinced me and hundreds in my circle of friends. But in the TV-shows and in many Youtube videos self-proclaimed “experts” claims that it does not work. When I ask randomly some people, most of them believes in homeopathy. Personally I make the experience that the mainstream believes and only a minority does not. So the mass-media is lying, because they show only their “skeptics” and nobody from the real mainstream. They try to convince us that the mainstream is not believing and try to pull the mass to their side.

Who are the “skeptics”?
Follow the money! One bottle of a homeopathic remedy costs perhaps only 10 dollar and it’s content is sufficient for one month of therapy or even more. Chemical based drugs costs much more and the patient becomes addicted to it. The homeopathic remedy is able to cure the cause, the chemical only covers it. Therefore I say there are many false skeptics, not even scientists, only show mens, entertainer, that are charismatic and able to fool the masses with their pseudo scientific claims. They work for the pharmaceutical lobbies or are sponsored by them. The real problem is not the scientific evidence, it’s the pseudo scientific propaganda against homeopathy and the low awareness of the masses.


The real skeptic
A real man of science is a skeptic and it is good to be a skeptic. There is nothing wrong to be a skeptic, it’s no contradiction to be also open minded at the same time. Skepticism is a requirement for scientific work. To question a thing, something that is seen as a fact from the mainstream, requires skepticism. For me my skepticism has forced me to make a homeopathic proving and after this it convinced me that homeopathy works. But I am still a man with a skeptic attitude. Believing in homeopathy has not transformed me in a all-believer. It has only opened for me a new dimension of reality that is worth to study more in the deep.

The pseudo skeptics and their typical Alumina mind symptoms

Pseudo skeptics differs from the scientific well educated skeptics. They identifies themselves with a certain kind of skeptic community that questions really everything. Their behavior is sarcastic, underbred and childish. This kind of skepticism is a state of illness and has nothing to do with real scientific thinking.

Doctor Vithoulkas has once proposed to this skeptic community to make a self-proving of a specific homeopathic remedy, called Alumina. This remedy fit very well to their mind symptoms. Let’s analyze them one by one:

1) Absence of ideas
None of this pseudo skeptics has ever considered to open their mind and make some research how homeopathy really works on a quantum level. Their superficial understanding of the universe is still based on a materialistic worldview, but quantum mechanics already proofed that atoms are not solid and they are non-local until they are observed by a intelligent being. Non-locality is a strange phenomena in the quantum world where entanglement between the particles or even between entire systems exists and information is exchanged at zero time. All evidence in quantum mechanics indicates that we are living in a dynamic wholeness-in-motion in which everything moves together in an interconnected process. The absence of ideas in the Alumina state prevents to see the whole picture.

Richard seemed uneasy and said, “I’m don’t want to discuss evidence”.
“Why not?” I asked.
“There isn’t time. It’s too complicated. And that’s not what this programme is about.”
The camera stopped.

2) Extremely peevish and obstinate
AluminiumWhen exposing the evidences in modern science to the skeptics, they are not willed to consider it. They are extremely peevish and obstinate with a contradictory humour. This state of mind is similar to Baryta carbonicum. Because of their feeling of incompetence they refuse every scientific theory that points towards a non materialistic theory. They feel more secure in a materialistic based universe where all systems are isolated from each other. Indeed they have no real friends.

3) Disposition to be angry
Pseudo skeptics has the strong tendency to use cuss words and get very angry when you ask them for their “solid based arguments” against the homeopathy. They reacts with anger when they become aware of their lack of understanding of the nature and unable to find a logic explanation they dumb themselves down to a low level, with sarcasm and laughter.

4) Dissatisfied with everything
No theory, no evidence, no proof is satisfactory for the obstinate minded Alumina pseudo skeptic. Deliver them with the most clear and well founded solid proof, they will not be satisfied with it. Therefore they are the ideal propaganda slaves for the pharmaceutical lobbies. Their illness is misused cowardly by this public relation agencies.

5) He takes everything in the worse sense
Every homeopathic doctor are for this pseudo skeptics a “quack”. It is true that not every homeopathic doctor is a true healer. Some of them use methods that Hahnemann would never use, like astrology or radionics, but this does not mean that all homeopaths are on the wrong way. For the pseudo skeptics exist no balance in their mind. “Everyone that makes use of homeopathy is stupid and ignorant.” A black and white world without a middle way.

6) Consciousness is not clear, feels low-spirited
A life that is based on a strictly materialistic worldview, being skeptic on really everything and obstinate to accept a new world view, … how can such a person find the meaning in life? The consciousness can only be clear if there is a target to follow, a path. No wonder that this kind of person are so depressed and low-spirited, constantly possessed by bad thoughts, anxious, with a peevish mood, not disposed for anything.

The Scientific Evidence is overwhelming

With the time I changed my worldview from a materialistic perspective to a wholistic one. The change was triggered by the study of the works of Sir John Carew Eccles on Mind and Brain, describing the brain as a quantum interface rather than a computer.

Information is non-local
Dr. Stuart Hameroff is an anesthesiologist and professor at the University of Arizona known for his promotion of the scientific study of consciousness, and his theories of the mechanisms of consciousness. Similar to John Carew Eccles, Hameroff and Roger Penrose saw the principles of quantum theory as providing an alternative process through which consciousness could arise.

It is spacetime. I don’t think you need to get out of, or can get outside of spacetime. When we get down to this fundamental level, this information is non-local and holographic. You don’t need to get outside. In fact, I just read a very interesting article about how this Planck scale information actually repeats holographically at larger and larger scales. I’ll send you the link. They’ve gotten it up to very close to biological levels. I think that the biological system is even better tuned than any device that anybody has built yet. But the cosmic information is non-local, existing in multiple places, even across the universe. This is basically quantum entanglement.

Source: Is Consciousness Connected to the Fine Structure of the Universe?

Consciousness and the physical world cannot be kept apart
There is a interdependency of insights for both homeopathy and the quantum physics. Both should be considered when studying the most basic fundament, the consciousness.

…there is frankly an overwhelming amount of evidence from a number of different disciplines, such as the ‘New Physics’ , Cognitive Neuro-physiology etc., that invalidates the very notion of an independent objective reality, and it therefore seems strange and somewhat absurd not to explore the possible implications for homeopathic therapeutics.

Source: Homeopathy and the unprejudiced observer

Without consciousness there would be no world
Carl Jung influenced many modern scientists towards the idea of a group mind and a collective consciousness. Jung was influenced by his friendship with Wolfgang Pauli, an Austrian theoretical physicist and one of the pioneers of quantum physics.

Without consciousness there would, practically speaking, be no world, for the world exists as such only in so far as it is consciously reflected and considered by a psyche. Consciousness is a precondition of being.

Carl Jung, The Undiscovered Self (1958)

Consciousness is fundamental
Max Planck reinforced the abstract idea that it is consciousness that creates (or projects) matter and not the other way around.


I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.

Max Planck, as quoted in The Observer (25 January 1931)

You can see, the mainstream is heading towards a non material science, towards a science that regards consciousness as fundamental for the universe and space-time. The minority will become the majority in a near future.

Every part of a hologram contains all the information possessed by the whole
David Bohm had suggested that were we to view the cosmos without the lenses that outfit our telescopes, the universe would appear to us as a hologram. Karl H. Pribram extended this insight by noting that were we deprived of the lenses of our eyes and the lens like processes of our other sensory receptors, we would be immersed in holographic experiences.

Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn’t matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart. Somehow each particle always seems to know what the other is doing. The problem with this feat is that it violates Einstein’s long-held tenet that no communication can travel faster than the speed of light. Since traveling faster than the speed of light is tantamount to breaking the time barrier, this daunting prospect has caused some physicists to try to come up with elaborate ways to explain away Aspect’s findings. But it has inspired others to offer even more radical explanations.

University of London physicist David Bohm, for example, believes Aspect’s findings imply that objective reality does not exist, that despite its apparent solidity the universe is at heart a phantasm, a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram.

Source: The Universe as a Hologram, by Michael Talbot

Noetic Sciences
The main struggle some scientists has, is to understand how quantum mechanics can have an effect on macroscopic level. It could be of great help if this scientists would consider the real complexity of biological systems rather than to reduce everything to it’s smallest unity. Reductionism is a tool that should be used probably if necessary, but not as the main method of research.

Most of the discussion about homeopathy in the mainstream medical and scientific literature has focused on the molecular nature of, or lack of molecules in, homeopathic remedies. At the same time, most of the attraction that homeopathy holds for its practitioners and serious students is in its holistic worldview, comprehensive philosophy, and practical capacity to translate the consciousness of a remedy source into physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. In short, homeopathy affirms the unity of consciousness and the living physical world.

Consequently, the unique place for homeopathy in the noetic sciences may lie in its potential to bridge the nonphysical and physical realms of existence.

Source: The Homeopathic Universe – Disease and Healing as Manifestations of...

Quantum Entanglement
Quantum entanglement plays vital roles in biology and consciousness and, once better understood and harnessed, has far-reaching consequences and applications in many fields such as medicine and neuroscience.

Similarly, the therapeutic effect of a homeopathic remedy, if it truly exists beyond and above the placebo effect, can be explained as the entanglement of the substances being diluted out of existence through vigorous shaking/stirring with the diluting solvent and then the subsequent entanglement of the solvent with the quantum entities involved in the diseased biological and/or physiological processes and the effect of such entanglement on the latter processes. Indeed, there are reports in the existing literature exploring the use of generalized entanglement to explain the therapeutic ingredient in a homeopathic remedy (See, e.g., Milgrom, 2002; Wallach, 2000 & Weingärtner, 2003).

Source: Thinking Outside the Box: The Essence and Implications of Quantum E...

Water has a Memory
Even the Nobel prize-winner Professor Luc Montagnier discovered that water has a memory.

Professor Luc Montagnier, a French virologist who won the Nobel prize for discovering a link between HIV and AIDS, has shocked fellow Nobel prize-winners by telling them that water has a memory that continues even after many dilutions. The idea is one of the foundations of homeopathy, which maintains that the potency of a substance is increased with its dilution.

Montagnier has discovered that solutions containing the DNA of viruses and bacteria “could emit low frequency radio waves”. These waves influence molecules around them, and turn them into organised structures. These molecules in turn can emit waves. He has discovered that the waves remain in the water, even after it has been diluted many times.

Source: Nobel Scientist Discovers Scientific Basis of Homeopathy

DNA Phantom Effect
Professor Luc Montagnier’s discovery is similar to the DNA Phantom Effect discovered by Dr. Vladimir Poponin, a quantum physicist who is recognized world wide as a leading expert in quantum biology.

This discovery has tremendous significance for the explanation and deeper understandings of the mechanisms underlying subtle energy phenomena including many of the observed alternative healing phenomena.

Source: The DNA PHANTOM EFFECT – Direct Measurement of A New Field in the Vacuum Substructure – by Dr. Vladimir Poponin


Quantum phenomena in biology
Already the eminent quantum physicists Fritz London and Niels Bohr suggested that quantum phenomena might be essential for life processes. During the last decade especially, increasing evidence is accumulating that indicate that this is indeed the case.

These experimental findings about DNA control of cellular processes mediated by electromagnetic/quantum mechanical mechanisms have not been considered by biotechnology researchers. They introduce important new elements that radically change our understanding of the workings of DNA.
Most importantly, they seriously undermine the present biotechnological dogma where DNA is treated as a micro-object that is “clipped” and “glued”. In stead, so far completely unknown Quantum Wave aspects have been found to be involved that may radically change our understanding of what happens in genetic engineering.
This reveals another aspect of the great incompleteness of the knowledge of present biotechnology.

Source: Quantum phenomena in biology

Undivided Wholeness and the Implicate Order
This key concept of an undivided wholeness is the ultimate conclusion that all science fields leads to. The understanding of how the universe works on it’s most basic level is a requirement to understand how homeopathy works. In a materialistic based universe, where all parts are isolated from each other, nothing like homeopathy could ever work. But David Bohm’s interpretation of quantum mechanics shows that we are living in a giant hologram, where the small part contains the whole. Scientists that has understood this concept and comes into touch with the homeopathic theory will not be skeptic towards it. Pseudo skeptics will not even consider it to study David Bohm’s work, because their materialistic world view is threat by this modern physics.

The holomovement is a key concept in David Bohm’s interpretation of quantum mechanics and for his overall wordview. It brings together the holistic principle of “undivided wholeness” with the idea that everything is in a state of process or becoming (or what he calls the “universal flux”). For Bohm, wholeness is not a static oneness, but a dynamic wholeness-in-motion in which everything moves together in an interconnected process. The concept is presented most fully in Wholeness and the Implicate Order, published in 1980.

The basic idea came to Bohm in the early 1970s, during an extraordinary period of creativity at Birkbeck College in London. The holomovement is one of a number of new concepts which Bohm presented in an effort to move beyond the mechanistic formulations of the standard interpretation of the quantum theory and relativity theory. Along with such concepts as undivided wholeness and the implicate order, the holomovement is central to his formulation of a “new order” in physics which would move beyond the mechanistic order.

Source: Holomovement – Wikipedia

David Bohm has evolved a new and controversial theory of the universe, a new model of reality that Bohm calls the “Implicate Order.”

The theory of the Implicate Order contains an ultraholistic cosmic view; it connects everything with everything else. In principle, any individual element could reveal “detailed information about every other element in the universe.” The central underlying theme of Bohm’s theory is the “unbroken wholeness of the totality of existence as an undivided flowing movement without borders.”

Source: Bohm’s Gnosis: The Implicate Order

Water Crystal

Resonance and Bioresonance Interactions in Homeopathic Solutions
One of the possible explanation how homeopathy works is the ability of water to form stable water clusters, that carry information. But I personally see in water clusters only the “materialization” of the invisible forces and fields that derives from succussion, the serial dilution with shaking by forceful striking. (This water clusters may form from succussion and remain stable till to an certain dilution. Homeopathy works also without the water clusters.) Effects that derives from succussion can also be found in the studies of Victor Schauberger on implosion vortexes observed in nature.

The mathematical probabilities for the formation of stable water clusters cannot be computer calculated. The computer can calculate the probable positions of 8 water molecules. This is a proof for the huge potential of the “memorization” of water. The availability of inorganic chemical compounds with low concentration may lead to cluster structures that are more stable in time. The stability of these clusters depends on the resonance among the separate molecules. In the cluster structures, information among the organic and the water molecules or in biological models can be stored on the grounds of bioresonance. The originator of the bioresonance theory is Dubrov (1980).

There exist interesting proof already that several molecules from a certain substance can significantly change the structure of water clusters. Homeopathy is a classical example for this. Experiments were conducted under the leadership of the eminent French immunologist Benveniste. The homeopathic principle was reproduced on biological models. When to one of the immune cells types in man specific antibodies interacting with them were added, a cell reaction was observed. Upon decrease of the concentration of the antibodies in some dilutions, an effect was observed, and in other cases – it disappeared. Such an alteration of biological activity of “solutions” was also observed in concentrations when the probability of the presence of even one protein molecule was only slight. The authors presumed that the transfer of biological information was due to the “memory” of water.

Source: Resonance and Bioresonance Interactions in Homeopathic Solutions

Even there exist a huge evidence in science, I recommend to make an self-proving with an homeopathic remedy (under a medical control). One can lack in scientific knowledge, but a personal experience will convince the most skeptic scientist. For the pseudo-skeptics I see only a small hope, maybe a self-proving with Alumina could help.

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