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Hi - I am currently doing a paper on Evidence based practice (EBP) and complementary medicine with specific reference to its relevance to homeopathy.

I am interested in other homeopaths views on EBP and homeopathy and would also welcome some information on books, journals, papers etc that relate to this topic




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Hi Sandi

I am studying this subject at present in Australia and it is very timely given recent events. For me, one of the main underpinning structures in the way we view EBP and homoeopathy is the fact that it is energetic medicine and should be treated that way. Therefore any RCTs or other research needs to be geared towards this type of medicine, not a one size fits all approach, which can only end up with the response of 'it's just placebo'.
Information worth checking out is: Homeopathy Research Institute, Hpathy, Homeopathy Plus!, Official homeopathy resource. Would be interested to hear your thoughts and of others as well.
Hi Angela I think you and I are both at CSU doing this subject. Am interested in others thoughts as lots of conflicting opinions within CAM as to the relevance of EBP generally.
Found some interesting thoughts on the researchers and scientists page here in HWC.
Will check out your links,thanks for that
Incidentially, did you do your homeopathic training at the BOPCOH in New Zealand? Your name is familiar to me and thought it was from there
Hi Sandi

Yes I spotted your name yesterday in the CSU discussion groups! I hope your forum is going well. I studied homoeopathy at ACNT in Sydney.

Perhaps you will find some pertinent info or sources here ?
Good luck with your paper...
Thanks Claudia
It is good to have a wide range of info to read and assess
Dear Sandi,
Can you say more about what you mean by EBP and be more specific about what you are looking for?
In the mean time, have a look at the annual reports from this project, they are in the downloads section of their site:
I hope this helps, jenny
Hi Jennifer. I am looking for any info on evidence based practice and its application to complementary medicine but specifically to homeopathy. So opinions of others, whether it does indeed apply, journal articles, links to books etc. That type of thing. I am trying to get a wide range of reading, not just pro or anti.
Thanks for the link it is very useful
good morning
which evidence you need case record or video.
dr. dhawan
Hi - Evidence based practice (EBP) is about making treatment decisions based on proven evidence that the intervention you are proposing actually works. It is not enough to know it works, or that colleagues say it works. What is the evidence that it works and can you trust that evidence? In conventional medicine the gold standard for testing efficacy of drugs is the RCT's but many homeopaths argue that due to the individualised nature of homeopathy this is not appropriate to homeopathy.
For the medical fratenity to accept homeopathy as a valid form of health care they want scientific proof that can be replicated. Individual practitioners experiences, even when documented are not classed as scientific. My paper is about whether EBP is relevant to homeopathy, arguments for and against EBP with regard to homeopathy, a critique of a research paper and a discussion on how research relates to homeopathy and whether the information that we as homeopaths base our prescriptions on are valid.
Views are divided between homeopaths on whether EBP is valid or not and I am interested in hearing those views, whether for or against and in particular research into homeopathy.

"For the medical fratenity to accept homeopathy as a valid form of health care they want scientific proof that can be replicated."

here in lies the problem...
the word replicated....yes results can be given in similar conditions but may not be in similar manner in the same set of circumstances....because of perception of different physician of different conditions different schools of thoughts...different colleges..different trainings

OF COURSE THE LAW OF SIMILIA CAN BE REPLICATED, of course the results can be replicated .........
the problem with homepathy is that people are more interested in developing their school of thought.............

the problem can be solved to an extent only if there is standardization of homeopathic education

and yes all said and done........evidence based practice is scientific and the ticket of homeopathy to the main stream...............
evidence based medicine is the need of the hour...
sadly no institutes in homoepathy want to conduct proper work......

aude sapere..............
One of the basic concepts of homeopathy is individualization. Any evidence of a cure obtained in a particular case with a particular remedy cannot necessarily be replicated as another similar looking case cannot exactly be similar which may call for a different remedial regime.
I feel that homeopathy does not fit well with the favoured RCT model of research, due to the fact it is such an individualised therapy. Unfortunately most the scientist I have dealt with will not look at anything other than RCT's, considering any other studies inferior and not worthy of consideration. This presents a problem with getting modern medicine/science to consider homeopathic treatment as a viable option.
I will be interested to read your articles Sayed.


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