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Hi all

I am trying to find a rubric for the above issue of constipation. I have two clients who are trying to give up cigarettes, but everytime they try, they suffer from terrible constipation. I would imagine they see cigarettes as a way of relaxing and the bowel is unable to relax without cigarettes. Anyway I am looking for a rubric such as constipation amel by tobacco. I have tried various repertories without success. I know I could go with the standard remedies for tobacco withdrawal but if anyone knows of a specific rubric for this I would really appreciate it.

kind regards breda

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from Keynotes by HC Allen (extracted from Tabacum)

Antidotes, for abuse of tobacco, are:

  1. Ipec., for excessive nausea and vomiting.
  2. Ars., for bad effects of tobacco chewing.
  3. Nux, for the gastric symptoms next morning after smoking.
  4. Phos., palpitation, tobacco heart, sexual weakness.
  5. Ign., for annoying hiccough from tobacco chewing. Clem., or
  6. Plant., for tobacco toothache.
  7. Sep., neuralgic affections of right side of face; dyspepsia; chronic nervousness, especially in sedentary occupations.
  8. Lyc., for impotence, spasms, cold sweat from excessive smoking.
  9. Gels., occipital headache and vertigo from excessive use, specially smoking.
  10. Tabaccum, potentized (200 or 1000) to relieve terrible craving when discontinuing use.
Super notes.

Very informative discussion!


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