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Hi all

I am trying to find a rubric for the above issue of constipation. I have two clients who are trying to give up cigarettes, but everytime they try, they suffer from terrible constipation. I would imagine they see cigarettes as a way of relaxing and the bowel is unable to relax without cigarettes. Anyway I am looking for a rubric such as constipation amel by tobacco. I have tried various repertories without success. I know I could go with the standard remedies for tobacco withdrawal but if anyone knows of a specific rubric for this I would really appreciate it.

kind regards breda

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Hello Breda,

I think the constipation when giving up cigarettes becomes the common symptom, as this is one of the known withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking. So, my question is shall we go for this symptom as characteristic and search for the rubric?

I think better than remedies for tobacco withdrawal, constitutional remedy that caters the constitution of the patient should help.

In one of my patients who was trying to get rid of cigarettes, his anxiety was the major problem. He dreaded withdrawal symptoms, though actually nothing used to happen when he stopped for a brief period. But his anxiety used to make him feel dizzy and restless, and he used to start with the habit again. Arsenicum album 1M single dose had helped this patient to get over this fear and he could quit smoking.
thank you for that dr. shreya

I was just wondering was there such a rubric as it does seem to be a common problem. One of the clients is calc carb constitutionally and the other is arsenicum. It was just curiosity on my part to see if there was such a rubric.
Yes, I can understand. Certainly I will try to look for that as per my ability!
I believe that cigarettes (oddly enough) supply magnesium, which can combat constipation. You might try a magnesium supplement to bowel tolerance - it will likely relieve the constipation.
thanks mary that is great information.
Give them high fibre diet with plenty of fluids. Lots of water. You can also supplement with fibre which is available commercially until the craving for tobacco goes down
Interesting never thought of it.
EZINE | Using Calcium and Magnesium for constipation
The interesting fact mentioned in this article "helps to prevent constipation by relaxing your colon walls when you are under stress, have anxiety, or have too many worries"
These rubrics can help you:
GENERALS - TOBACCO - desire for tobacco
GENERALS - TOBACCO - desire for tobacco - smoking; desire
One thing I would like to mention here.....

Just forget tobacco for few seconds. Why you do not take all the symptoms of constipation like

Constipation Dry or hard or crumbling or scanty or knotty or soft or so many
Constipation ineffectual urge, or Constipation no urge
Constipation Peristaltic Irregularity .

You know constipation amelioration with tobacco is ONE SYMPTOM but just to base the entire constipation problem on single symptom of amelioration is not the principle of homeopathy. If you see a long list of constipation and type of constipation symptom you will find many rubrics on which base you can easily start your case of treatment. Like Mary Marlowe said mag combat constipation. That is again coining something.

The homeopathic rule is when you do not find the most exact symptom then you coin the symptom with closed symptoms.

Due to non availability of tobacco (nicotine) the peristaltic movements got affected. Might be that could be the exact rubric. But anyway we are not bound on tobacco.

In my sense, nux vomica presents the picture of that person that leave tobacco, so in my opinion nux is the remedy of your patient.
I totally agree with you Dr.Mas. I have seen many Patients in which habit of tobacco chewing and smoking had made the condition even worse i.e tobacco is relieving at one point but making the gut addicted to it, means taking the case towards habitual constipation, there the rubric Constipation worse Tobacco comes and the medicines are Tabacum, Abies nigra.


Constipation worse Tobacco


doesn't this rubric mean that smoking makes the person constipated?


PLUMBUM MET has also this characteristics...

Dear All

We are all physicians and l believe we need to know the mechanism of the body first. Please reclaim if l am wrong, but cigarettes contain nicotine and surely affect nicotinic receptors . Bowels have these receptors.Surely after smoking for a long time these receptors exposed to more nicotine than the healthy system they become refracter to it's normal/non-smoking state. According to the rules of homeopathy and the masters of this science we shouldn't consider this symptom and try to find a rubric.

As an example most of the acute inflammatory diseases have the loss of appetite but if you check the repertories this rubric has very much remedies so you cannot count on it, thus most of us/homeopaths don't take this suffering as a symptom because the usual situation would come up.

ln my opinion, constipation while quitting smoking is such a symptom. l would recommed also fibre diet, more hydration and exercise (if not enough support with some magnesium complexes in pharmacy) for the patient  till the body becomes balanced on its own and get rid of the toxins of smoking. After a while l would watch the case, repertorise it if it still has the symptom and find a similimum.




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