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About Mercurial Fillings For Teeth
by William P. Wesselhoeft, MD. Boston, MA.(homeopath)
International Hahnemannian Association

Early in the sixties I had my first practical experience with these fillings. A middle aged woman doing housework in a neighbor's family asked me to cure a sore tongue from which she had been suffering several months. On examination I found a gouged out ulcer on the left side of the tongue, which lay against, and partially around a molar tooth. This tooth had been filled and built up with a grayish, glistening mass and had done good service for nearly eight months. In those days lunar caustic was the proper thing to touch all ulcers with, which would not heal, and she had been cauterized several times, each time leaving the ulcer in a worse, and more painful condition than before. I treated her as carefully as I knew how at that early period of my professional experience, but without any apparent change in the very sore tongue. After six weeks of treatment I persuaded her to have the tooth drawn, which she very reluctantly consented to, and I accompanied her to the dentist's chair the same day.

The tongue was thickened, the edges of the ulcer felt very hard to the fingers, and the pains were often sharp darting, but she complained chiefly of soreness which made eating, and talking even, painful. I suspected malignant disease. The removal of the tooth was soon followed by improvement, and in a very few weeks the tongue was healed.

I firmly believe the ulcer was caused by the contact with the filling. Some people may disagree with me and exclaim post hoc ergo propter hoc. The woman, however, got well after the removal of the cause whatever that may have been in the minds of. A young man twenty-four years old had to leave his studies on account of inveterate dyspepsia. He was taken to Europe after having finished with all sorts of drugging in this country, and went through the usual Carlsbad cure, where he only grew worse, and then was sent to Ragatz " to build up on the waters and the Swiss altitudes. " He did not build up at all, but instead his stomach caused him more and more pain. When he came to me the main symptoms were as follows-- Dull aching pain in pit of stomach, extremely sensitive to touch and pressure of clothing; Is usually relieved for a short time after eating; continual raising of gas, which gives only temporary relief; worse sitting up, better lying flat on back; General times of aggravation between l0 and 12 a.m.., and again after 4 p.m.; Great aggravation from cold drinks.

This case I treated for over a year with what is usually called success, so that he could take up his studies again after a few months. Nevertheless, there remained constant recurrences of the old symptoms. One day he came in and asked me to look at his throat, as he had felt alternately cold and hot with intense pain on swallowing. When I looked into his throat, I saw a very decided follicular tonsilitis, but what interested me much more, was about two square inches of mercurial fillings staring me in the face. I gave him a remedy for his tonsilitis, and told him that I should decline to treat him after this unless he had every mercurial filling removed. This he did immediately, and I think he spent the most of three weeks in the dentist's chair. The fillings had been put in when he was about fourteen years old. The result of the removal of the fillings was a perfect, and permanent cure of his chronic gastritis.

In Dec. , a young lady of twenty-seven years presented herself for a throat affection, which had existed for three or four months, for which she had been locally treated by a specialist, without relief. She had a fine voice, and came to the city to pursue her-musical studies. Her voice had so entirely failed her that she was on the point of abandoning her studies, and the specialist gave her little encouragement of a cure.

The symptoms were as follows: Sensation of a foreign body in the larynx, much aggravated by attempts at singing. After singing a few notes voice grows so hoarse that she cannot produce a tone. Has a constant desire to swallow this lump down. All symptoms of throat aggravated by any attempt to use the voice in singing. Is always much worse during damp weather. Has a slight post-nasal catarrh, with hawking up and drawing down of clear mucus. Is always better while eating, and then the sensation of lump entirely disappears. Has had much grief during the last two years. All functions normal, and she looks the picture of health.

On examining throat I found four molar teeth filled with mercurials.

I decided to try two remedies and if they acted palliatively or not at all, I should decline to go on with the treatment till the fillings were substituted by gold.

Ignatia helped her wonderfully for a week, then everything returned. Spongia relieved her for a few days only.

The fillings were removed, and one dose of Ignatia took away the lump and it has never returned.

I observed this case from December till May. From January 15 to May 14 she was able to sing, and had no more hoarseness, and made very satisfactory progress in her art.

A case of Meniere's disease treated by me during the last ten years is also instructive. I am fully aware what a vague term Meniere's disease is, and that it can convey no concise idea of the terrible misery this young school teacher was suffering from, till she fortunately came within the blessing of Hahnemann's teachings. It would be too long a story to relate here in detail. She had been a sufferer from intense vertigo, nausea and tinnitus, which came in paroxysms obliging her to give up her occupation for weeks. During the intervals of freedom from vertigo etc., she was comparatively comfortable except a constant tinnitus,and dullness of hearing. She improved very much after Silicea, which was very surely indicated. Still occasional occurrences of entire incapacity to perform her duties recurred year after year during which time she reported every six to eight weeks without thoroughly eradicating these attacks. At one time she obtained almost two months of freedom after a dose Kobaltum given after the symptom of stinging pains from soft palate into left ear. The tinnitus, however, remained. Two years ago I had over a dozen amalgam fillings removed. When one of these fillings was opened to the base, a horrible odor came from the cavity; her dentist told her he had never smelt anything more foul, and dentists ought to know what a foul smell is.

Her health has markedly improved during the two years. The tinnitus she says is now "so far off" that she scarcely hears it. A ptosis of both eyelids has entirely disappeared during the last year. A chronic post-nasal catarrh gives her no more inconvenience. She told me a few days ago that she should never regret the inconvenience and expense of the removal of the old fillings, even if her head and ears had not improved, because she now felt that her teeth belonged to her and she could use them with real comfort, which was a new sensation to her. These fillings had been in her teeth since her girlhood.

I have several more cases, but I will only report one more. A young gentleman of twenty-five years appealed to me for the cure of an eczema which appeared chiefly on scrotum, pubis, and legs. As he lived in Brooklyn I advised him to consult one of our honored members, who I knew would take the case into careful consideration. The young man was tortured by the most intense itching especially at night, so that frequently he was kept awake three to four hours. After nearly a year of treatment he derived no benefit whatever, and appealed to me again; after an examination of his case I came to the remedy which I thought surely indicated, but I knew that my astute friend in Brooklyn must have given it to him. Among other indications there was a fearful thickening and deformity of the nails of fingers and toes. Besides the eczema of scrotum, crotch and legs, he had a thick, crusty eruption on left ear, which was so disfiguring that he was obliged to throw up a lucrative occupation. On the left side of head above the ear a large crust had formed and the hair was closely matted down into this crust. The itching was intolerable in all parts of the body affected.

By the merest chance my attention was drawn to his throat, as he complained of some catarrhal irritation there. On examination I found a whole battery of mercurial fillings which he told me had rested there since his boyhood. I knew the eczema was inherited as I had treated and helped his father of a similar eruption on the scrotum several years before. I knew also that my colleague in Brooklyn could recognize an indicated remedy far better than I could.

I knew that the mercurial fillings were not inherited, and their existence had escaped the attention of my colleague who had treated him for months without benefit. I sent him home to Brooklyn with the order to remove every amalgam filling. I think he had sixteen removed. Then he came to our hospital as a private patient, as his appearance made it impossible for him to get into any other quarters, so repulsive was his condition. He remained here four months and I have the gratification to say that he is so nearly cured that he has resumed his work. The thick crust on ear has vanished. He sleeps eight hours every night. His finger and toe nails have improved wonderfully, and his mother sent me this message: "The Lord be praised that our son is again presentable through your ministrations."

Now this is all very fine and satisfactory. But I have something to offer per contra.

A young woman whom I have been treating for over a year for intense headaches, and an offensive ozaena, derived great benefit for the latter affection, but the headaches persisted although the remedies given were carefully chosen. She had a mouthful of amalgam fillings, which were removed at my advice six months ago. So far the removal has not in the slightest degree aided me in overcoming the headaches. She is still under treatment, but no better. I am, however, much more confident of ultimately healing her now that the amalgam fillings are removed. Per contra, another case: A man of forty has had continual canker in his mouth, on tongue, gums, and cheeks since his boyhood. They have been especially persistent since a suppression of eczema fifteen years ago, since which.time he has rarely been without one or two large ulcers in his mouth I found he had a mouthful of amalgam fillings which he had carried since boyhood. They were all removed last October. I have treated him ever since and he is not one whit better since the removal and the treatment. Nevertheless I feel that I have removed a possible hindrance to his case, and if he "sticks " I hope to eradicate this psora from his system, which would probably be doubtful with the amalgams remaining.

The use of amalgam fillings dates back a great many years. No two are prepared under exactly the same formulas, but they are generally composed of silver, tin, zinc mixed with mercury. Some of them have platinum or copper also mixed with them to give them greater hardness, and to prevent their shrinking away from the margins of the cavity. Some are entirely of copper mixed with mercury, which gives the hardest kind of filling so far as saving tooth substance is concerned.

This paper is merely offered as a stimulus for further investigations. However, I advise you to look into patients mouths if the indicated remedy fails, or acts only palliatively.


Dr. H. C. Allen: That is a very instructive paper and one from which we may learn a good deal. In my practice I am in the habit once or twice, or some times oftener every month, of sending patients to the dentist to have mercurial fillings removed. I have found that a great many cases of follicular pharyngitis, and many other affections of the throat, post-nasal catarrh, etc., are practically incurable until these amalgam fillings are removed. I have relieved chronic rheumatism many times after having the mercurial amalgams removed, and I think this is the experience of a great many in our profession.

I remember one case last winter, a lady about forty-five, a large, apparently healthy looking woman, came into my clinic with a very peculiar report. What she wanted to get rid of most was a tumor in the left side of the middle of the tongue, about as large as a walnut and hard as a piece of lead. On the upper portion of this was an ulcer, about as large as a dime; sharp, shooting, pricking, stabbing pains; profuse salivation; swelling of the carotid and sub-maxillary glands and, also, the cervical glands on that side. She had, I think, thirteen large amalgam fillings in her teeth and one tooth, a molar on this side of the mouth almost entirely built up, the entire crown being of mercurial amalgam.

The first thing to be done was to send her to the dentist and, after two or three weeks, she returned with the amalgam fillings removed. Her case was then very carefully taken, and one peculiar factor in it, one peculiar symptom, was that for a number of years, since these fillings had been put in her teeth, she had only menstruated once a year. Psorinum was given her and pretty soon an improvement began, and within a month menstruation occurred profuse, long lasting, painless, dark, offensive and clotted. This was followed by a decided improvement, and in another month the tumor was nearly gone, and the ulcer, or whatever it was, healed up. She is still under treatment and far from well.

Dr. Clark: The experience of Doctor Wesselhoeft goes to confirm the experience of all others who have given any attention to this subject. Doctor Gregg, of Buffalo, has given, or did give, more attention to it than anyone of whom I know, and some time before his death I wrote him regarding the subject, and he sent me a lot of literature on the subject including some of his writings. He had attempted to educate the public in Buffalo up to the point of avoiding amalgam fillings. He had written to the daily papers; there were quite a number of articles over his signature that he sent me. It is an important subject, and, as I said a moment ago, anyone who has given any attention to it will be able to confirm what DoctorWesselhceft has had in his experience.

I had numerous instances of it. I remember particularly one young lady who was subject to attacks of pharyngitis. Ulcers would form; the medicine would help, and again another attack would come on. She had quite a number of amalgam fillings, and until they were removed she continued to have the attacks. So soon as they were removed the attacks disappeared and she has had none since. The difficulty is not confined to the throat, but there are symptoms in other parts, and it is always important to get rid of the amalgam before we will be able to do anything for the permanent relief of these cases.

Dr. Fincke: That reminds me of a case of a lady who was poisoned when picking raspberries in a wild place. Very soon a little greenish spot appeared at the second joint of the right little finger, which increased to an ulcer to such an extent that under the most excruciating pains she could find no rest night and day, and became so low that I feared she would die. Finally a piece of flesh sloughed off, leaving the bone bare, and she gradually recovered. The tendon grew again and the finger was as limber as before. But the shape of the hand was afterward changed in so far as the middle finger was pushed forward toward the inside. Though this happened some fifteen years ago, there is still now and then a burning pain at the injured part, which is immediately relieved by a dose of Arsenicum album 9c or 9m. When the ulcer was forming a great many tiny thorns could be observed at the place where afterward the flesh came off, but they were so small that they could not be removed. This was in August, but in May next my niece succeeded in getting out two small thorns from the fourth finger, which, when placed under the microscope, showed a fine barbed hook and after that such thorns came out spontaneously from different fingers of the right hand. What it was could never be made out. A farmer said there was a species of poison sumach which is more poisonous than the poison oak and poison ivy. The treatment was, of course,homeopathic.

Dr. W. L. Morgan: This discussion brings to mind an experience I had when I was practicing dentistry. There was a lady complaining of rheumatism or something else, didn't know what; had complained several years. She was limping a part of the time, walking on a crutch for a pain in the ankle without swelling, a simple pain, and described symptoms like headache. Finally she came to me to give some little attention to her teeth. I found three large amalgam fillings in the lower molars of the same side. She then told me about her trouble with the ankle, and after carefully investigating the symptoms all around I told her I thought those fillings were having a great deal to do with her ill health. Well, she said, take them out, then, and it did not take much persuasion till I took them out, and put in gutta percha filling. In about six weeks her ankle was well and her headaches were well, and for three or four years afterwards she had good health and no trouble. Since that time I have always made it a habit to watch the mouth, when symptoms would appear that I could not get relieved by the remedies that seemed to be indicated, and I have always told them to go to a dentist and get the amalgam fillings taken out. I have found in a large majority of cases that it rendered the case curable, if it did not cure it without any other treatment. Only last week I directed one of my patients to have an amalgam filling taken out, on account of an earache and tonsilitis, with a swelling under the ear that resisted all treatment. I found a large amalgam filling on the lower second molar. I directed her to go and have it taken out and she did so just the day before I came away, so I don't know what the result has been.

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I myself have many mercury amalgum fillings. I used to periodically suffer from attacks of tonsilitis and ocassionally dysentry. I treated myself with different remedies until I found out that Mercurius always succeeded and if taken on the onset it aborted the attacks. I think this happened because of amalgam fillings.
Thank you for the reply.
So my questions is: What to do with patiens that have a mouth full of silver mercury fillings? You make them aware of the fact that this is a stumbling block to cure,a causefactor,a maintaining causefactor,that they will never really be 100% better if these silver merc. filling are left in the mouth,yet they dont think its important enough to have them removed? Remedy after remedy can be prescribed causing only at minimum palliation of symptoms. This gives homeopathy a bad name.
Suggestions from HWC members? please post here------------------------------------------
Hi Gina,

It's been awhile since I posted on here, I have been busy with my children and forming my own practice/LLC here in CO. But I had to comment on this, because this is another personal issue for me, and one I have had quite a lot of experience with. I, too, suffered from horrible tinnitus, severe sciatica pain, and a general septic-like condition which developed several months after having a root canal and gold crown placed in a molar. At first, I didn't even make the connection, it came on quite insidiously and I was young, strong and healthy (28); then a friend of mine loaned me a book called "It's All In Your Head", by Dr. Hal Huggins (a fellow Coloradan and dentist), which details the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings, root canals and other questionable dental practices. He was one of, if not the first, dentists in this country to start removing amalgam fillings from people's mouths. He caused such a stir in the ADA, that they yanked his license, so now he actually performs his "dental revisions", which can be very extensive and costly, in Canada. He has developed an entire protocol around the removal of these toxins from the body. He has a website, (or used to, it's been awhile since I was dealing with all of this), I think, or maybe just search his name if that doesn't work. Anyway, I was so horrified by what I read about the possible consequences of toxic dentistry, that I found a good holistic dentist (fortunately, there was one local, it can take some searching) and proceeded to have all of my amalgams replaced with composites. And although it broke my heart, as I was only (by the time the symptoms were really rolling,32 years old) and had cracked 2 back molars by biting into a bone fragment in a piece of hamburger (the molars were already well-weakened by the size (standard, really) of the amalgam fillings, since they have to remove so much of the tooth to place them in and keep them in--the fillings act like a wedge in the tooth--too much pressure in one small spot and CRACK!) and against ALL recommendations from several dentists, I had the root canal-treated tooth extracted. Within 30 seconds (I swear, I am not exaggerating this!) of having the grossly-infected tooth removed (and all root canal-treated teeth are infected, whether or not they hurt or cause noticeable symptoms) the sciatica pain had disappeared, and has never returned. The other symptoms have taken longer to fall off, I still have minor tinnitus and some "nervy" type pains in my foot. I have always been prone to these types of pains, I am pretty sure I am Nux constitutionally, although Silica has worked VERY well for me as well. When Rowan (my 6 year old daughter with excema and asthma) was born so severely affected with the sycotic miasm (she was accidentally conceived about 5 months after my revision, probably not long enough for an appropriate detox), I had to look at my health again, which while enormously improved, was obviously still not perfect. I still had the other molar in my mouth, I had never had it root canal-treated, only treated with Eugenol and refilled with composite, and it was one painful booger, esp in cold air or cold water, it couldn't even touch cold water without severe pain. So again, against all recommendations, I had that tooth removed as well, and Rowan stopped getting a rash on her face every time she nursed, and started to improve slowly. I don't know if it was infection in the tooth or the pain associated with it that caused so much of the problem. Each tooth has been mapped to certain acupuncture points and also is associated with certain glands and organs, so pain in a tooth will be referred to that organ(s) with which it is associated, and over time, that organ can become severely compromised. For me, it was my thyroid and parathyroid glands (because of the tooth positioning) that were affected, and also my kidneys and liver from having to detox so much bacterial and metal burden. The thyroid affect was noticeable in me becoming much colder (although I was somewhat chilly before the procedure, but that was probably due to the amalgams, as I am now a much warmer individual), more sluggish, having a constant body odor that persisted even after a shower or bath, and general deterioration of my health. My kidneys and liver have taken awhile to get back in order as well. I am a medical technologist with a specialty in microbiology, and I cultured my root canal-treated tooth after I had it extracted. It grew out 4 different strains of pathogenic, anaerobic bacteria as well as yeast. Hal Huggins, DDS and associates have ascertained that the toxins released in the metabolic processes of anaerobic bacteria which are entrapped in root canal-treated teeth are among the deadliest poisons known to man, think of Clostridium poisoning: tetanus and botulism, they have been compared to curare. The toxins have the power to deactivate all enzymatic energy-producing functions and many other important enzymes as well. We are NOTHING without our enzymes, ultimately, the gradual lack of production of or function of our enzymes results in death. There is a physician/dentist in Switzerland whose name escapes me, who has had great success healing people of CANCER by extracting their root canals and putting them through an extensive detox. I am highly suspicious that this oft-performed procedure (root canal) is what is responsible for the now-soaring rates of cancer (all types) in our modern society. I think that some individuals have a strong enough constitution that they can somewhat tolerate this systemic infection for awhile, or that the symptoms they produce are so obscure they appear to be unrelated, but they will not respond to treatment homeopathically, at least not completely, until the infection is removed. JT Kent talks about this in his lectures many years ago, that it is not appropriate to treat someone homeopathically when what is really needed, esp in the instance of bad, rotting teeth, is a surgeon to remove the tooth, or offending part. Where did we ever get the idea that we could leave something rotting in the body and not experience symptoms of disease?!! Anyway, this gets a little off topic regarding the amalgams, but it is closely related, and my point is: We need to look at every aspect of our dental health, exactly what have we let ignorant allopaths place in there? Homeopaths should know more than any other group how powerfully syphilitic the metals can be!!! And gold in the mouth is no prize either, gold is not unreactive it is very electric, in fact it is the "Master Electric" as a conductor, and it totally reverses my polarity, to the point that I have questioned whether or not the infection itself or the GOLD CROWN was the bigger culprit in my disease. Ultimately, the conclusion I have come to is that the entire procedure was so incredibly SUPPRESSIVE to my electricity, that I simply could not get the toxins out, I couldn't get my cells to spin in the right direction, so I accumulated a massive amount of cellular toxicity. Then, when I became pregnant shortly after all the work, when things were really starting to roll off, I passed a great deal of that load to my poor fetus, and Rowan grew and was born in the midst of all this toxic burden. My labor with her was horrible, 44 hours and ending in a section. She began exhibiting severe excema everywhere, really, at 3 months, although she had noticeable rashing on her face after nursing (blotches, hives, etc) at 3 days. It has been a long road for both of us, to say the least, and is ultimately what brought me to homeopathy. Rowan still doesn't have a cure, her food allergies are still severe, her asthma has been reduced but is still present with the appropriate triggers, and her excema is still present in patches, inside of elbows, back bend of legs, ankles, etc. Her improvement, though, in the past 6 years has been dramatic, and our life is now much more tolerable than when she was younger, esp as a baby, what a nightmare we had!!! So in a very long drawn out fashion, in telling my story again, I hope many of you will realize how important our dental health is to the rest of our body (as if any part could be separated from the rest, truly!). In fact, you should consider this in your cases that don't move or stall out, it can be a serious obstacle to cure, it certainly was for me. As an aside, and back to the amalgams again: I had always had pretty healthy teeth, my mom never took me to the dentist as a kid, but when I was a teenager, my step-father had begun working for the UMKC Dental School, and we got very-reduced dental care. We all went for a checkup and I had some minor cavities in my molars so I was lined up for fillings. They probably removed much more tooth than was necessary in order to place those stupid fillings, I had 7 total. In a few months after they were placed (looking back, at the time I had neither the experience or the wisdom to question the procedure, I was probably only 12 or 13) I began developing vaginal yeast infections constantly, practically with every cycle, such that I had a prn script for Monistat (before it was over-the-counter). This was miserable for me and very unexplainable, as I was not sexually active, had a normal diet, and didn't do any kind of douching or anything that would disturb my balance. This went on for many, many years and did not leave until I had the amalgams removed. My first few doses of remedy would cause a return of this symptom, so I had to be very careful in the beginning not to push too hard, or I would be miserable, although the return of the vaginitis was not so bothersome, so strong, as it had been in the past, and I didn't suppress with Monistat, just let it run through. I would never have been able to do that when I had them so badly, I was simply too miserable, and when I was a kid, there was no homeopath to help!!! There will always be people who try to make homeopathy look bad, and there will always be situations that happen that will cause homeopathy to be judged in a negative light, although generally misunderstood. It is the ignorance of a public that has been brainwashed by allopathy, big pharma, you name it, to mistrust all that is good, all that is natural, all that is SENSIBLE, that is homeopathy's greatest enemy and always has been. If people are given the (accurate) information about amalgams, root canals, crowns, etc and still choose not to act, then they have only themselves to blame when they stay sick. And I probably wouldn't continue to treat someone who doesn't take it seriously, because who wants to waste precious time and energy on a case that won't budge and can't because of the suppression happening in the mouth. And this also ties into what I talked about in the excema forum, regarding the bowel as being the modern "seat of disease" to use Burnett's term. It is due to the enormous toxicity in the mouth that the bowel becomes "seeded" with pathogens and cannot perform to its highest function, and it can be a very insidious process, such that your patient may not even realize that they started to express these symptoms after a dental procedure. The disease becomes widespread, but you have to treat the bowel especially. When you have this much pathogenesis, you cannot expect to cover it with one remedy, we have had the most success in rotating the various polychrests we respond well to with occasional doses of nosodes. And after all of this, still having issues. So we are going to explore a bowel nosode, because it seems like everything else is still just "dancing around" the true issue, the true seat of the disease, even Tuberculinum and Medorrhinum have not torn the gates down. And I have a feeling that the bowel nosodes are going to become very useful in these types of cases (such as my own and my daughter's). The dysbiosis that occurs in the bowel as a consequence of this type of poisoning is not easy to restore, those bugs can be very resistant and are often fungal elements, which is why we are seeing so much food allergy and allergy in general. It really is "All in Your Head", except it's not......guess what else is introduced into the body that is full of metals and other pathogens, even carcinogens? Yes, our lovely vaccines, which are hammered into babies beginning at 2 months of age. This is why there is so much widespread autism, hyperactivity, and "atopic syndromes", we have contaminated ourselves to the point where most of us are experiencing some form of chronic disease! We are messing with polarity when we introduce (non-homeopathic doses) metals into the body, it is suppression of the body's own "remedy" by the electrical properties of the metals themselves that cause the cells to load up and accumulate debris, then symptoms commence. Sorry to be so lengthy, but this is an important issue, and one which I think has been sorely overlooked by homeopaths. GET THE WORD OUT!!!
Thanks for posting this personal journey,I wish every homeopath would read this,Many just dont realize merc filling are such a problem.All their cases may have massive blocks if the merc fillings are NOT REMOVED FIRST. Thank You again for the lenthy post.
The mass poisoning of humanity: an exploration of human stupidity
by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger.

As human beings, we're the only species stupid enough to actually poison ourselves.

As part of modern living, we create a wide variety of chemical toxins that go into the ecosystem through rivers and streams, the air, the soil and so on. Not only that, we actually synthesize toxic chemicals and then inject them directly into the food supply -- knowing full well that they are poisonous and are major contributors to the epidemic rates of chronic disease we are experiencing today.

What are these chemicals I'm talking about? Well, you're about to get a whirlwind tour of humanity's toxic chemicals. And if you look at toxic chemicals, you have to start in the realm of dentistry, because in no other profession (save medicine) will you find the use of so many toxic chemicals that are deliberately prescribed to patients or injected into their bodies. We're talking about, of course, mercury fillings.

Dr. Poison Mercury, DDS

When we talk about mercury fillings, you have to keep in mind that mercury is simply one of the most toxic substances you can put into the human body, aside from radioactive substances.

Right now, today, dentists all across the country and around the world are taking this highly toxic metal and literally putting it into the teeth of human beings. Those teeth are then used to chew food, and as a person chews; they effectively grind away the surfaces of these mercury fillings. These fillings release gas mercury vapor and mercury particles, which people then breathe into their lungs, or digest in their stomachs.

Now, I can understand that maybe 50 years ago, the dental industry was too ignorant to realize that it was advocating this toxic metal and putting it into patients' mouths. The industrial revolution is full of examples of companies that used lots of toxic substances and therapies, thinking they were good for you. Recall the X-rays and radiation of the first half of the twentieth century, people thought that radiation was great for you. Manufacturers were equating radiation with energy and thinking that if you consumed radiation pills, you would be more energetic. These were actually sold and sponsored by physicians and doctors, it was a mainstay of the medical industry in those days.

Later, we had the lead issue with industrial companies like DuPont, which has an interesting history in the manufacture and distribution of lead. People were convinced lead was great for everything. They put it into the gasoline, and leaded gasoline was born. We later found out that lead causes nervous system disorders and that it's very unhealthy to have lead emissions in the air. We ended up getting rid of lead paint, and banning the use of lead in foods and cosmetics.

But for some reason, today dentists still think mercury is perfectly good for you.

It's like they're living in the Dark Ages. Gee, why don't they have you swallow radiation pills at the same time they're putting mercury fillings in your mouth? That way you can be energized and have fillings, too!

Some of the greatest quackery in the world right now takes place in dentists' offices; and dentists strongly deny the problems associated with mercury toxicity and mercury fillings.

Of course, I don't mean all dentists, some dentists are slowly coming around to this issue. In fact, these selected dentists are leading the change; they are pioneering dentists, just as those in the world of medicine that are trying to change conventional medicine.(called BIOLOGICAL DENTISTS)

These few dentists that are trying to make changes and get mercury fillings banned deserve tremendous credit for taking the lead and standing up and fighting against the dogma of their own industry to protect their patients. There's no doubt in my mind that within a few years, mercury fillings will be banned and they will join the ranks of lead paint, asbestos insulation, leaded gasoline and radiation pills. They will go into the historical annals of bad medicine, and some day future generations will think we were absolutely crazy to be putting mercury in people's mouths.
Mercury Symptomatology
*(information sources)
ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder (Medical Science)
Agglutinin formation (Medical Science Publications)
Allergy (Dental Handbooks)
ALS - Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Medical Journals)
Alzheimer's (Dental Science)
Anger (Dental Handbooks)
Anorexia (Medical Journals)
Anxiety (Dental Handbooks)
Astenovegetative syndrome (Medical Science Publications)
Asthenia (Medical Science Publications)
Asthenic-vegative syndrome (Medical Science Publications)
Ataxia (Dental Handbooks)
Autism (Vaccine Journals)
Bad Temper (Dental Handbooks)
Blisters (Dental Handbooks)
Bloating (Dental Handbooks)
Blood Pressure Problems (Dental Handbooks)
Bloodstream (Medical Science Publications)
Blurred vision (Environment Newspapers and Dental Handbooks)
Bone marrow (Medical Science Publications)
Bones (Medical Science Publications)
Breakdown (Medical Science Publications)
Cancer (Medical Journal)
Cardiac effecters (Medical Science Publications)
Cardiovascular self-regulation (Medical Science Publications)
Cardiovascular system (Medical Science Publications)
Cerebella ataxia (Medical Journals)
Chemical depression of work function (Medical Science Publications)
Chest Pains (Dental Handbooks)
Chronic fatigue syndrome (Dental Handbooks)
Chronic inflamation (Dental Handbooks)
Chylamydia trachomatis (Medical Journals)
Circulatory changes (Medical Science Publications)
Circulatory systems (Dental Handbooks)
CNS Central nervous system (Medical Science Publications)
Concentration loss (Dental Handbooks)
Constipation (Dental Handbooks)
Cortex (Medical Science Publications)
Cortical excitation (Medical Science Publications)
Cortical neurosis (Medical Science Publications)
Cytomegalovirus (Medical Journal)
Decision making difficulty (Dental Journal)
Depression (Dental Handbooks)
Depression in functional body (Medical Science Publications)
Dermographism (Medical Science Publications)
Diahhrea (Dental Handbooks)
Digital tremor (Medical Science Publications)
Diminished working ability (Medical Science Publications)
Dizziness (Dental Handbooks)
Ears ringing (Dental Handbooks)
Emotional disruption (Medical Science Publications)
Energy loss (Dental Handbooks)
Enlarged glands (Medical Science Publications)
Enzymatic protein function (Medical Science Publications)
Fatigue Medical (Science Publications)
Feet cold (Dental Handbooks)
Fever (Medical Journals)
Fibromyalgia (Dental Handbooks)
Fine tremors (Medical Science Publications)
Food allergies (Dental Handbooks)
Frequent urination (Dental Handbooks)
Functional disturbances (Medical Science Publications)
Functional shifts (Medical Science Publications)
Galvanic response (Medical Science Publications)
Gnarled limbs (Environment Newspapers)
Gum Problems (Dental Handbooks)
Hands cold (Dental Handbooks)
Hard pulse (Dental Handbooks)
Headache (Medical Journals and Dental Handbooks)
Headaches (Medical Science Publications)
Herpes I (Medical Journal)
Herpes II (Medical Journal)
Hormonal protein function (Medical Science Publications)
Hypersensitivity (Dental Handbooks)
Hyperthermia (Medical Science Publications)
Hypoxia (Medical Science Publications)
Idiopathic autism (Vaccine Journals)
Immune system (Dental Journals)
Immuneological protein function (Medical Science Publications)
Infection (Medical Science Publications)
Infectious diseases (Medical Science Publications)
Influenza (Medical Science Publications)
Insomnia (Medical Journals)
Intestinal disturbance (Medical Science Publications and Dental Handbooks)
Intoxication (Medical Science Publications)
Introvert (Dental Handbooks)
Irregular heartbeat (Dental Handbooks)
Irritability (Medical Journals)
Jaw inflamed (Dental Handbooks)
Joint pain (Dental Handbooks)
Kidneys (Medical Science Publications)
Less muscular capacity (Medical Science Publications)
lichen leukoplakia (Dental Handbooks)
Liver (Medical Science Publications)
Low blood pressure (Dental Science Publications)
Lower muscular capacity (Medical Science Publications)
Lumbago (Dental Handbooks)
Malaise (Medical Journals)
Memory (Dental Handbooks)
Memory loss (Medical Science Publications)
Mercurial syndrome (Medical Journals)
Mercury etiology (Medical Science Publications)
Metabolic changes (Medical Science Publications)
Metal taste (Dental Handbooks)
Micromercurialism (Medical Science Publications)
Moderate hypochromic anemia (Medical Science Publications)
Monotypic functional shifts (Medical Science Publications)
Mood (Dental Handbooks)
Morphological disorders (Medical Science Publications)
Muscle pain (Dental Handbooks)
Muscular insufficiency (Medical Science Publications)
Nervous heart (Dental Handbooks)
Nervous systems (Dental Handbooks)
Neurological symptoms (Medical Science Publications)
Numbness (Dental Handbooks)
Olfactory analyzer (Medical Science Publications)
Optic thalami (Medical Science Publications)
Paralysis (Dental Handbooks)
Phlebitis (Dental Handbooks)
Physiology toward pathology (Medical Science Publications)
Plasma (Dental Journals)
Positive electrical charge (Medical Science Publications)
Protein metabolism (Medical Science Publications)
Psychic (Dental Handbooks)
Red dermographism (Medical Science Publications)
Reflex insufficiency (Medical Science Publications)
Rheumatoid arthritis (Dental Handbooks)
Sensitivity (Dental Handbooks)
Sinusitis (Medical Science Publications and Dental Handbooks)
Spasms (Dental Handbooks)
Spleen (Medical Science Publications)
Stiffness (Dental Handbooks)
Stomach disturbance (Dental Handbooks)
Stress (Medical Science Publications)
Subcortical ganglia (Medical Science Publications)
Suicidal (Dental Handbooks)
Tachycardia (Dental Handbooks)
Teeth ache (Dental Handbooks)
Tremors (Medical Science Publications)
Temperature response (Medical Science Publications)
Thyroid metabolism (Medical Science Publications and Dental Handbooks)
Thyroid uptake of radioactive iodine (Medical Science Publications)
Ticks (Dental Handbooks)
Tired (Dental Handbooks)
Toxic action (Medical Science Publications)
Urine (Dental Journals)
Vascular disorders (Medical Science Publications)
Vascular permeability (Medical Science Publications)
Vegetative dystonia (Medical Science Publications)
Vegetative nervous system (Medical Science Publications)
Vegetative neurosis (Medical Science Publications)
Vertigo (Dental Handbooks)
Week pulse (Dental Handbooks)
DENTAL AMALGAM MERCURY -facts for those of you who are not aware of how toxic these silver mercury fillings are. public(and homeopaths) appears to be generally unaware that considerable scientific evidence supports that mercury is the metal causing the most widespread adverse health effects to the public, and amalgam fillings have been well documented to be the number one source of exposure of mercury to most people, with exposure levels often exceeding Government health guidelines and levels documented to cause adverse health effects.

New Studies Find High Mercury and Adverse Effects of Dental Amalgam:

1. Mercury is the most toxic substance that people commonly are exposed to. The U.S. EPA drinking water standard is 2 parts per billion. Mercury is in the top 3 of toxic exposures affecting large numbers of people. (1,4)

2. Dental amalgam is an unstable mixture of 50% liquid mercury with other toxic metals including copper, silver, tin. Since mercury is a gas at room temperature it vaporizes continuously from the amalgam mixture resulting in high levels of mercury in the oral air and saliva, as can be easily measured. Since amalgam is also a mixture of metals in an electrolyte(saliva) this results in galvanic currents that pump mercury and other toxic metals into the gums and oral mucosa, from which it is carried throughout the body by the blood and nerves. (24,27)

3. Dental Amalgam Fillings are the Largest Source of Mercury in Most People who have amalgam fillings (2-22) and Daily Mercury Exposure from Amalgam Commonly Exceeds Government Health Standards for Inorganic Mercury(vapor). (4-10,19-21)

4. Medical tests show that those with several amalgam fillings have on average 10 times more mercury in feces and saliva than those without amalgam, and after amalgam replacement levels of mercury in feces and saliva decline approx. 90%, while mercury level in urine declines 75% on average. (19,13-15)

5. Elemental and inorganic mercury are methylated in the body to methyl mercury by bacteria, yeasts, etc. so that amalgam fillings are the largest source of methyl mercury in many people who have amalgams (17,18,13-15)

6. Mercury from amalgam is passed on to fetuses and infants through mother’s blood and milk, and Mother’s dental amalgam fillings are the largest source of mercury in most fetuses and infants prior to mercury containing vaccinations (12,26,21). One flu vaccination (or other vaccination that contains 25 micrograms of mercury thimerosal) exceeds the Canadian health standard for daily mercury exposure to an infant by a factor of 250 and for a child by a factor of 100(20).

7. Dental amalgam is the largest source of mercury in most children who have amalgam fillings other than from vaccines, and mercury level is directly proportional to the number of mercury fillings(11,21). Developmental effects on infants occur at low levels of mercury exposure and many thousands are known to be affected. (25,26,12)

8. Mercury vapor from amalgam is the most dangerous form of mercury, most rapidly crossing blood-brain barrier and mother’s placenta, and causing adverse developmental effects at lower levels than other forms. (28,26,21,29)

9. In addition to the high mercury volatility and galvanic currents between mixed metals in the mouth, electromagnetic fields (EMF) from appliances such as computer monitors cause currents in the metals which carry mercury into the body. (24,21)

10. Mercury in those with amalgam fillings or dental workers accumulates to much higher levels in the major body organs like the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys that receive a lot of blood than in those without amalgam. Mercury blocks or damages metabolic or hormonal processes in all organs at very low levels of exposure. (16,21,22)

11. Chronic adverse health effects from amalgam are common in adults. Mercury is extremely cytotoxic, neurotoxic, immunotoxic, endocrine disrupting, inflammatory, and a reproductive toxin. Mercury commonly causes chronic neurological, immune and autoimmune, cardiovascular, hormonal, oral, and reproductive conditions.


12. Those who replace amalgam fillings and reduce body mercury levels commonly recover or see significant improvement, as documented by peer-reviewed studies and thousands of clinical cases histories. (23,31,21)

more at
That's a very impressive list of symptoms and journals. I wonder how we are all still alive?
There are even more Debby,just did NOT list the details.
I find it odd that many homeopathic practicioners do not see the need to discuss or address this with their patients. Think about all the acute casetaking done in a few short minutes,Is the subject of mercury fillings talked about? I would think NOT. This causes some incurable symptoms wouldn't you think? Unless mercury filling are totally removed.
Because 90% of the Dental MD community denies the facts of mercury being toxic this subject gets swept under the rug.Patients go on thinking "its nothing serious everyone does it"..................If its that harmfull someone would do something to stop it's use? So one might think! It is NOT addressed because health insurance covers silver mercury fillings,no one wants to pay out of pocket for the non-toxic fillings.
I have patients that are dentists that flat out deny Mercury as a toxin!
We are covering only one means of Mercury exposure on this thread of course there are other ways to be exposed:
1-dental fillings
2-Vaccines (specially FLUE VACCINES!)
3-eating fish (specially dolfin/tuna)
Manipulation by the FDA and CDC on the subject of Mercury. Please have a good laugh-
metal "amalgam" containing roughly 50% elemental mercury and 50% other metals . Amalgam is one of the most commonly used dental fillings, and is considered to be a safe, sound, and effective treatment for tooth decay. Mercury Amalgam has been the most widely used tooth filling material for decades. It remains popular because it is strong, lasting and low-cost. Dental amalgams are considered medical devices and are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Safety of Dental Amalgam Fillings

The mercury found in amalgam fillings has raised some safety concerns over the years. Mercury Amalgam can release small amounts of mercury vapor over time, and patients can absorb these vapors by inhaling or ingesting them.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is little scientific evidence that the health of the vast majority of people with dental amalgam is compromised, nor that removing amalgam fillings has a beneficial effect on health. A 2004 review of the scientific literature conducted for the U.S. Public Health Service found "insufficient evidence of a link between dental mercury and health problems............................................

There you go,These are the people that are supposed to protect us from toxins! These are the same idiots that promote allopathic drugs! My point here-
Many of you on this HWC site are homeopaths and also Allopaths,Thinking allopathy can work together with homeopathy,saying We do not need such disagreements,the two can be practiced hand in hand........NOT! The use of Mercury is a good example of the slimy propaganda by big pharma with the blatant obstruction of facts by the FDA,CDC.
You go, girl!

and how does the mercury react with EMF from cell phones? There is some documentation (sorry don't have the reference) that different metals in the mouth interact. I would add there is an interaction between metals in/on a person according to how sensitive they are. I am referring to gold and mercury in the mouth and perhaps a titanium hip replacement, or pins and plates for fractures... So would we give Aurum and Merc.??plus Titanium??



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