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I welcome input with a new case and the results seen after giving op 200C in a split dose.


This 18-year old male presents with sleep issues and autism - was vaccine-damaged as an infant (has been awarded damages from the vaccine court but I don't know the legalese).  He is on several prescription medications and there are multiple medical issues.


After a test dose of the op 200C (1/2 tsp from the stock bottle into 1/4C water), he slept through the night - very unusual and a very good sign, I thought.  But some behavioral issues have re-surfaced and the mother has to put up with being poked, hair being pulled, and there is more whining.  She hasn't given another split-dose in 3-4 days and the sleep got worse, then better, but the malicious behavior has remained.  Now she is leery about giving another split-dose, so I want to have some more clarity myself.


Of course, I saw the sleep improvement as a good indication.  At first, I saw the behavior as a return of old symptoms, but then I thought the potency might need to go deeper, since the symptoms haven't backed off.  Another thought might be that these symptoms might be more indicative of another remedy.  Mom says there aren't any other changes - physically or mentally.  I talked with him last week and I thought his mind was quicker, but today he seemed slower again.


Any suggestions?

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Have you thought about tautopathic treatment, ie. giving back the vaccination in potency, seeing as there's adirect aetiology?
Best wishes
Yes, but I've never done this before. It's been over 17 years since the vaccine was given. I understood that there was a timeline to work back to and he's had strep infections, too, so I thought he would need the streptococcinum, too. I would need a better understanding of how to proceed.

I'm more comfortable with the classical treatment but I do have a conflict about this response.

Thanks again,
Hi Ruth, This is Vickie from Idaho. I have been a BIG fan of the Luc DeShepper teleconference recordings on the Whole Health Now website. A short time ago I listened to an interview with Dr Luc about Autism, I don't know if it is on the Whole Health Now website yet. Dr Luc talked mostly about the pregnancy, the attitude of the mother, and the relationship between the parents, then he talked about the relavance of that to the behavior of the child. A great eye opener
Also, Dr Luc is holding an autism conference in New Mexico this summer too. email at
I don't know If you have the Radar program and if you do, see if you have Dr Luc's module in it and try it out. You may be able to find something about ailments from vaccine, never been well since vaccine, etc. in the repertory. or You can look in the "Free Notes" that come into the program with each update. Click on "View" at the top of the Radar main page and then on Free Notes and read through the list for anything labeled vaccine.
If you know what is common in Autism then you can spot what is particular in the patients behavior. That should help you find the similimum.
Thanks, Vickie, for your response and the remedy research suggestions. My question is more about case management and if the response to the first remedy points to needing a deeper potency or a different remedy. I was listening to a George Vithoulkas lecture I downloaded and he emphasized that the mental sphere was deeper than sleep is, so I think the potency wasn't deep enough (I used 200C because of a lot of physical issues that I didn't want to cause an aggravation). The sleep improved almost dramatically, but then he was teasing, poking his mother - things he hadn't being doing recently. It could have been a return of old symptoms, it seemed to go on for too long, so I think the remedy was too weak.
Hi Ruth, Did the mom tell you he used to tease and poke her when he was younger? What age was that? According to Hering's Law of Cure healing takes place " the reverse order from which it came..." A return of old symptoms is good, if you get a return of old symptoms you don't do anything. You wait another 30 days then check him again.
At the followup you figure out if his response to the remedy was curative response (he feels overall better even though he has a few physicals) or was it a curative reaction (he had some aggravations of existing symptoms, less intense, less duration) and some things are gone or better.
Do you think he might be a different remedy now? You know, remove the top layer and evaluate, is he back to when he was at ? years old (when he used to tease & poke mom)? What was his expression then?
Is this expression more mental emotional or an expression of joy the only way his vital force can express it right this level of dis-ease? Is your assessment of his vital force such that he could resonate with a higher potency..a potency that will not aggravate (you said earlier)? How high would you have to an LM potency? I know it's a lot to consider...higher potencies can be considered if the patient has been in the "state" for a long period of time (i.e.Never been well since).
Did we cover it all? Remedy Response, strength of the vital force, how long has the patient been in this state, what is the presenting picture of the whole being?
I love these conversations it makes me think. Thanks for sharing Ruth.
Yes, his poking was very much a repetition of old behavior that mom had experienced just a few years ago. That's why I thought this was a good response, except that I would have expected it to be more transient.
I started with the 200C potency because of the physical problems that I didn't want to aggravate, but I also had mom give it in a split dose, the way LM's are typically dosed, because of his heavy medication schedule. When I saw him, I thought his mind was clearer, and he had slept through the night right after the dose, which was very unusual. But mom was afraid that the remedy "made" the behavior come back so she didn't want to continue. I felt that words I would use to explain this would be foreign and not clear up the situation for someone in the allopathic mindset, but I did say I thought the strength needed to be adjusted.
I think his vital force is strong, but the overmedication for his lifetime is taking its toll. He is 17 years old, and his problems began at about 6 mo. old, with seizures after DTP vaccinations, but I hadn't heard of posology based just on length of time in a state.


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