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WHO warns against homeopathy use **People with conditions such as HIV, TB and malaria should not use homeopathic treatments, the World Health Organization warns.a href=""> >

Such typical rhetoric--------------------- so what's new?

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If you look at the previous comments of WHO:
WHO report, which states that most of the studies published in the last 40 years have shown homeopathic remedies to be superior to placebo and "equivalent to conventional medicines in the treatment of illnesses, in both humans and animals".

The World Health Organisation states that Homoeopathy is the second most used medical system internationally, with over $1 Billon in expenditures for such therapy.
Lawrence M.Tierney, Jr. et al, “Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment”, USA: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 2004 (1701-03; 43Ed)

Pity WHO, your nexus with Pharma company has brought you to such a low.
Excellent article. Has this been sent to WHO?
its a lovely article .. it has to be sent to the WHO
Dear Gina - Is there a reason you want this in the "professional Homeopaths" section rather than in the News Media: BBC NEWS category?
The fact that homeopathy is under attack is obvious, the big pharmas are under threat and this is a very healthy sign for homeopathy...
who is paid compny of alopathic system of medicine what are scintific ground to not to use homoeopathic medicine they never tell so do not be misguided by them and do our duty with full of application of homoeopathic principls

Now it is time to give cured  significant cases to establish Homoeopathy. Please all the members, I request to give at least one case of T.B or Malaria which was cured only by Homoeopathy. 


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