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I am pretty sure I have a client requiring a mould remedy.
I have Franz Vermeulen's Fungi book available to me and am leaning towards one of the aspergillus.
Does anyone have cases where they have given aspergillus successfully or other moulds that worked?
my thank you in advance,

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Send a message to Melissa Burch.
In my humble oppinion if i may add a reply;
The Practicioner needs to have the patient remove the causefactors first
This might include-removal of moldy walls/carpets/clothing/ceiling
This also includes addressing the patients susseptibility factor,often i see patients sensitivity to mold is caused by a breakdown of their immune system. How does this happen? By use of antibiotics/steriods and other allopathic prescriptions-trauma-stress is another causefactor for the immune to breakdown.
My point here in saying this; To give a remedy for mould cases does not address the onset/maintaining factors-all must be addressed before any remedy will cure
Gina, I know a lady in her late 50's that has diabetes and has been exposed to mold at her place of work. She is not under my care, she is a friend and the other day she told me she is having a lot of symptoms and they seem to be in every system in her body. Heart palpitations and circulation issues (coldness), varicosities in legs, neuralgias in feet; kidney pain in lower back, muscle spasms everywhere, feet, calves, back muscles; she has osteoporosis so takes calcium complex but after taking it a week or so her muscles begin to stiffen up(secondary issue).
Some history that shows she is sensitive to molds;She moved out of an apartment 5 years ago and found a whole bunch of mold in the closet..then she said "my husband has remarked that I seem weak, and tired and like I have no joy." She had lived in that apartment for 4 years. He said she seemed to be better after they moved. Now with the exposure at work she is slowing down, and even has lymph issues, pitting edema entire body.
What should I tell her -- quit her job? How does a person get the mold out of their body? Do they need to get a lot of sunshine and do deep breathing and see a Homeopath? I am very concerned about her health.


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