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have a question about a case I am working on. Not sure which direction to take with it.

after taking the remedy, client had a strong aggravation which tapered off after a few days and then started nasal drainage at the back of the throat causing rawness   coughing up sputum (nasal drainage has been a past symptom of his) then  another revisited symptom nausea in the morning and a new symptom  apthae on the tongue.  the original presenting symptoms never went away but are slightly milder than they were when he first came to see me: they were burning headache with pressure behind the eyes brought on after a frightful  incident where the client (a fire fighter) had to walk into a burning structure thinking to himself I am going to die.  He was pulled out with heat exhaustion and the after effects were a horrible burning headache, pressure behind the eyes and sinus inflammation, vision disturbances. I gave him Bell 30C to be taken 3X in 12 hour intervals.  I now wonder whether to  change and give him Aconite (for the perhaps shock left untreated) or to continue with the Bell.

After looking at Kent's 12 observations I am still wondering whether to let the remedy still act although it is doing so very slowly  for now he is left with the original symptoms but slightly milder with drainage, or to change the potency, or to change the remedy.

Your thoughts?

Thank you for your time.


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Hi, Katalin.

I would give aconite 30ch. Good luck. Let me know how it works.
Both Bell. and Acon. are acute remedies. It appears that there is a deeper underlying emotional/mental state/disturbance present. It would be good to find out its nature and the sensation associated with it. The initial complaint is but the doorway for this deeper state. I would go back to the drawing board and re-take the case fully, mainly to explore the "frightful incident" as well as the other present physical symptoms and their sensations.
Best of luck!
Claudia Patton PDHom(UK)
Thank you all for your suggestions. I shall take it all under consideration. I am so grateful for this wonderful community. It is good to know that there is support when we need it.



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