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In the present day Homoeopathic World, Every Homoeopath or Most of the Homoepath is using DRY DOSES to administer their medicine. But Dr. Hahnemann has advised us to use the WATER DOSE method in 5th and 6th edition of Organon. He says no words without a logical reasoning confirmed by a great experience. Why do we still don't follow his last sayings? Quote your opinion on this discussion.

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Sir, Basically dry doses are administered in decimal and centesimal scale some times when the patient is not able to take dry, (psychological cases, hypochondriac people etc) then we must give the doses in water. As Dr Anand said, "water doses absorbed by the ample area of tongue and surroundings quickly compared to dry dose on tongue"  I have some query about the same because if we give medicines in dry form (medicated globules) into our patients mouth, it takes time to dissolve in the mouth. In that period of time, medicine acts on every area (nerve area) of the tongue. But, in water doses, water goes immediately in to the stomach because patient cannot hold it for some period of time in the mouth. Water doses are generally used in 50 millesimal scale where the doses are repeated and diluted to each dose. so it goes in the stomach and then they acts through blood as the medicine absorbed by stomach and intestinal mucosa.

wellcome sir. thanks
Dear chandrakant,
It is of no doubt that our medicine, whether centesimal or millesimal, it asts through nervous system. Our medicines are carried to the dynamic level only through the nerves. In water doses the doses are to be kept tin mouth for a shorter period of time and then has to be swallowed. but after that too the medicines are absorbed by our intestinal nerves. Only allopathis physiological doses of medicines are absorbed by the intestinal villi and mixed with blood and they do their chemical reaction. But in our medicines no chemical or physiological reaction occurs. Only dynamic changes in the dynamic plane occurs. that takes place at the level of nerves only.

Dear Dr.Chandrakant,
In Hahnemann's lesser writings there are some quotes regarding the dry doses. There he told about dry pellets which are being swallowed and their effect. What will happen if they are taken as dry? He says the medicinal substance will mix through the gastric and intestinal secretions and form into a bolus. By this action, the medicinal substance cannot be absorbed by the intestinal nerves and cannot be utilized by the body and ultimately we fail in our mission.

For referring this context I would recommend you to read "On power of small doses of belladonna in particular and other medicines in general" and a few other chapters in Hahnemann's lesser writings.

Dr. Nagarajan. You are right. I have read this article by Dr. Katajia.I am sending this article to all- § 289 Organon Fifth Edition
- Oral application
- Remedies are usually put into the mouth in the form of globules, liquids, tablets or powders, as the mouth and tongue are the most susceptible parts for medicinal impressions. They can either be taken as dry doses or in water solution.
- Hahnemann recommended the single unit dry dose in the fourth edition of the Organon, usually one, two or a few poppy seed size pills. The dose is not repeated as long as it is acting and the patient improving even in the slightest manner. Hahnemann wrote:
“Such a globule, placed dry upon the tongue, is one of the smallest doses for a moderate recent case of illness. Here but few nerves are touched by the medicine”.
- § 272 Organon Sixth Edition
- To apply medicines in water on 1,2 or 3 consecutive days was an exception, limited to acute and some chronic diseases in strong constitutions (vide § 127 Organon fourth edition).
- The general application of the water solution was introduced in the fifth edition of the Organon, in 1833, with the intention of minimizing the dose further and avoiding aggravations. It allowed for adjusting the dose to the patient’s susceptibility and sensitivity, and modifying the dose by means of prior successions, so that the vital force could accept them without resistance. The best selected homeopathic remedy can best extract the morbid disorder from the vital force and in chronic disease extinguish the same, only if applied in several different forms as written in § 247 Organon. Hahnemann wrote about the water solution:
“A similar globule, crushed with some sugar of milk and dissolved in a good deal of water (§ 247) and stirred well before every administration will produce a far more powerful medicine for the use of several days. Every dose, no matter how minute, touches, on the contrary, many nerves”.
- § 272 Organon Sixth Edition
- The water solution makes the remedy much stronger as it touches many more nerves. Yet the dose can be made considerably less strong than the dry pellet as only a part of the solution of the dissolved globule can be applied. The diminution of the dose essential for homeopathic use, will also be promoted by diminishing its volume.
- Initially Hahnemann prepared the liquid dose in the way that the solution was always prepared anew, with one globule before its repetition. In this way the patient was taking multiple doses of the remedy.
- With the introduction of the plussing-method the solution is prepared only once, which is taken then in divided or split doses over a period of time. This keeps the dose very small and allows one to modify the dose before its repetition. It is rarely necessary to use more than one globule to prepare the solution as Hahnemann writes in § 248 Organon sixth edition.
- With the introduction of the water solution Hahnemann also changed his instructions regarding the repetition of the dose. He advised that any striking progressive improvement precludes the repetition of the remedy as cure is already taking place at a maximum rate. In these cases a single dose is applied and the remedy only repeated when amelioration ceases. However, in only slowly improving cases he recommended to “repeat the remedy at suitable intervals if necessary” to speed the cure. The adjunct “IF NECESSARY” implies the individualization of the dose and precludes their mechanical application and repetition to avoid aggravations and accessory symptoms. He also points out that only EXPERIENCE can teach the most suitable intervals for each individual.
- With the application of the water solution in split and modified doses, the period can be diminished to one-half, one-quarter, and even still less, if all conditions prescribed in § 246 Organon fifth and sixth edition are met. The fifth edition refers to the application of centesimal potencies whereas the sixth edition refers to LM (or Q) potencies.
- Centesimal potencies can be given dry or in water solution, but should be given in water solution due to the superiority of this application method. If applied dry the homeopath has to follow the instructions given in the fourth edition of the Organon. Then the dose has only to be repeated if the action of the remedy ceases completely and the patient does not improve anymore in the slightest manner. Here the homeopath has to wait out the aggravation after the application of the remedy, then to wait for any improvement, and then for the relapse to repeat the remedy. LM potencies, which Hahnemann introduced around the year 1840, are to be given in water as a matter of principle.
- The globule or liquid should be put into a clean mouth. Globules are best dissolved under the tongue. Although the stomach is also receptive for the action of medicines, they should preferably not be swallowed but dissolved in the mouth, as its lining membrane is more susceptible to medicinal impressions.
- No foods or drinks should be taken 15 minutes before and after, and the patient should not brush his teeth or smoke shortly before and after. However, experience shows that medicines also act if taken together with food. But the risk of interference with the action of homeopathic remedies is less when given in water solution, especially LM’s. Drinking immediately after the oral intake of the remedy should be avoided by all means as the increased fluid may alter the dose.

Dear Nagarajan, Mr. Emoto and his team experiment with water samples exposed to music, words spoken, words typed and taped to the glass containers, photographs and long-distance thought messages. Some of the photographs are amazing and all of them show a response from the water.

Emoto's this experiment show us when our dynamic homeopathic medicinal drop dissolve in water change their Crystal dynamically and improve their dynamic power this water are produce frequently dynamic energy in patient body due this cause it is work more strong out of dry doses.

You can visit more information about this experiment from this link. Emoto


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