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A person who is not a patient, and is almost normal, can he be prescribed medicine to free him of any tendencies that he may have? If yes, then what will the basis of selection of medicne?

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Dear Dr. Subhas Sir,
I think here, there is no role of any medicine. Medicine directly or indirectly related to any disease. In this situation only ART OF LIVING helps the person.
Respected Sir,
I completely agree to the fact that the tendencies need to be destroyed from the patient, and as far as my knowledge goes it has to be done on the basis of the case taking.

1.You said that the patient is "almost normal", so this means we might get a symptom or two.

2. Then comes the importance of Past history where we can get some miasmatic stigmas, acute miasms and many more which you know better than me.

3. Then comes the Family History which I think will play the most important role in these type of cases to identify or recognise the tendencies/Diathesis/Heritances which actually we have to prevent.

4. Next we may even get other things like the Personal History, the look of the patient, the constitution, the generalities and so on to go on and treat a patient who might actually not be a real patient but to remove the tendencies..

This is my opinion, of what I have interpreted from Sections 83-104..
Dear subhas,
If at all person has got a tendency to produce a certain diseases or conditions, then he CANNOT be even called as a healthy one. Thats why we are intended always to say, "No man is perfectly healthy". Each and Every person in this world are imprinted with some miasm when they are born, which remains latent when we are in a SO CALLED Healthy state. When a triggering factor appears in his/her life situation, then this latent miasm gets activated into active miasm.This we know already by the miasmatic theory. The Concept of health should be understood interms of miasms.
Now You asked a question, if a normal person who is not a patient can be given medicine?
Now according to Our Miasmatic theory, Each and every person has Miasm. A normal person will also have his/her own miasm (Which is in a latent state). The answer to your question is, TILL HE HAS THIS LATENT MIASM, HE IS PRONE TO GET DISEASES. SO OUR WORK IS TO REMOVE THIS LATENT MIASM FROM THAT PERSON. But how to remove......? How to find out the latent Miasmatic state? and how to prescribe.....? I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR IT, but expecting others opinion to share before i express my view.....So Opinions about this are Welcome......
The basis of prescription will be "Constitutional".
Health is a condition or state of perfect harmony in all mental,emotional,physical and also at spiritual level where a person can achieve the higher purposes of his /her existence. A mere absence of any manifested tissue changes can not be regarded as a healthy state. Moreover diseases always begins at the dynamic level which gradually causes functional changes and ultimately results in organic or tissue changes.If a person having some general tendencies eg,tendency to take cold, tendency to haemorrhage,tendency to allergic manifestations, tendency to delayed wound healing,etc ,then he can not be regarded as a healthy person.He may appear as normal to any one of other branches of medicine but from homoeopathic point of view he/she is a sick person who needs proper care .Such a person appears apparently healthy because of absence of any active miasmatic state but the peculiar tendencies still present indicates the presence of latent miasmatic states lurking behind which can be again activated by any sort of exciting causes. THIS IS AN IDEAL CONDITION FOR ANTIMIASMATIC(especially antipsoric)CONSTITUTIONAL TREATMENT.


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