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In homoeopathy, the concept of drug proving is one of the cardinal principles which Dr. Hahnemann found and insisted upon. He said, "Substances whose pure true effects on the human body is not known cannot be rationally used as a medicine . . . to cure the diseases!"

The modern development of homoeopathy has lead to many advancements in understanding the patient, and prescription, etc. but in some methodologies, they prescribe those medicines which are unproven. I am having a doubt about how far it is acceptable. Please post your opinions on this view.

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In my opinion if you need to give an unproven medicine then the best is to make a small proving of the remedy and see whether the symptoms correspond to the case under consideration.
I think you are using "unproven medicine instead of partially proved medicine. unproved medicine can not be use, because they have not any therapeutic indication, semi-proved medicine or half proved medicine can be used on available indication,(symptoms) it is justifiable. often we increase our clinical experience, finding some outstanding result, which is called clinical experience, or clinical symptoms.
There are many unproven medicines "grandfathered in" to our existing materia medica.

The old "eclectic school" used herbal materia medica symptoms as-if they were "proving" symptoms.

We have many indications for homeopathic medicines which are clinical / anecdotal only.

We have many accepted "provings" which were not proved with potentized medicines (gross poisonings.)

Many if not most homeopaths today lack the linguistic nuance of much of our older literature, much of which should probably be thoroughly footnoted or revised so that the average homeopath might have a clue as to what is "bilious humor" , "telluric influence," etc.

It would be great to prove any unproven medicine which are already in our materia medica, then we would perhaps have firmer ground to stand upon when pointing fingers at the various and plentiful hopeful "great experimenters" who, unable to discover amongst the present +/- 2,000 medicines, seek some novelty cure (often isopathic rather than homeopathic)

warm wishes,
david hartley
Dear Nagarajan,

In this context few basic ideas has to be incorporated for the selection of the remedy:
1. any unproven medicines qualities can be known from the sources from which the medicine has been obtained from.
2. after knowing the source and the relevant details, a drug picture can be erected based on the "law of signatures"
3. then verify with the information on the internet about the substamce and its usage in different fields and further strengthen the picture based on logic
4. then apply the drug picture to the disease picture based on the law of similars.

The unproven drugs are very rarely used. I would like to recall the word of my Materia Medica teacher Dr. Sudir PK, "RARER THE MEDICINE, RARE THE CURE".
Also there are lot of proven drugs from which we can base our choice confidently and it is always feasible.

I strongly disagree with use of "doctrine of signatures" with regard to unproven medicines.

DOS is useful as a mnemonic, but excepting the case of one who is a very enlightened being, such as those whom the spirit of plants speaks directly to .. DOS is useless in "drug picture" of unproven drug.

Please see my previous post about unproven drugs. We have MANY in our regular materia medica, which are widely used, every day. This is far from an ideal situation, but it is true.
It would be nice to learn the physicals and concomitants upon which you selected Euonymous, so that we could all learn from your experience. Thank you.


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