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Hering`s law of cure is well known to all classical practitioners of Homoeopathy as -

“The Cure progresses from inside to outside; above to downwards; more important organ to less important organ and in reverse order of appearance. “

Emphasizing that a Law means that it does not vary, Andre Saine in his lecture “Hering`s law – a misconception? “  brings into limelight the contrariness of this Law in Psychosomatic diseases.

Defining Psychosomatic disease as disease that starts from the psyche and that afterwards, later, expresses it self on the physical level.  He questions the validity of this law in this disease , as when a cure takes place  the disease from the physical plane should be
transferred to Psychic level ( as per 
reverse order of appearance of symptoms) but in doing so, the disease
will move from Physical plane to Mental plane. So, it moves from lesser
important level of physicals to most important level of Mind. (This will contradict
“from more important organ to less important organ).

All are requested to express their views on this. 

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Replies to This Discussion

Firstly, it is my opinion that the mental state DOES NOT supercede the physical state at all, ie mental symptoms are not more important nor have more weightage than physical symptoms. While this is not the opinion of many contemporary practitioners, whose methodologies revolve around treating delusions and sensations, it was the opinion of Hahnemann, his direct followers and many of the "old masters".

All dis-ease is psychosomatic, it is due to a splitting of the mind and the body. While the mind is easily deceived, because it is a formulation of consciousness based on perceived experiences, the body is not. The body/heart is much more aligned with the spirit, it always knows what is truth and what is fiction. The mind/psyche/ego is always the "culprit" that misleads the rest of the organism into dis-ease. When the body and mind are in perfect alignment, no dis-ease is possible, but this hardly ever occurs because the ego is constantly trying to assert itself as the "master" of the body, which it is not. When this happens, the body is "shocked", because its truthful intuition is being ignored in the face of logic, a pure mental faculty. While humans are blessed with a beautiful mind with which we may accomplish much, it is also our greatest enemy, and the cause of duality in our "universe".

That being said, I feel like Hering's Law is still valid. The dis-ease is not "moving" from a higher plane to a lower one, it is ALL an expression, a reflection of the SAME mistunement, which is occurring on multiple levels, manifesting itself in the weakest areas first. The body is the temple in which our soul is housed, not our mind, therefore it (the body) is strong, and very resistant to being torn down by the sometimes vileness of the mind. In its primal wisdom, it will attempt to sacrifice its least important tissues and organs first, preserving life as best as it can, and it will succeed at this unless the "shocking" continues to such a degree that it can no longer withstand the assault. Suppression, in whatever form, only hinders the body in its attempts to throw the pathology as closely to the surface as it can. If left untreated, the body will eventually restore itself to health, it is always moving in this centrifugal fashion. Does not the entire universe spin?!!

When we successfully apply a homeopathic remedy, we are providing a mirror of illumination to the mind and body which reveals to it where it has gone astray, (if we lacked consciousness, a property of the mind, this would never even be necessary) and it starts to spin again in the appropriate direction, releasing its accumulated cellular toxicity. The dis-ease then moves from the physical plane back into the mental plane, because the mental plane is where the distortion began in the first place (as you mentioned). But this is because ultimately, the mind is LESS important than the body! Otherwise, how do we all make it through the sleep phase when the conscious mind is "turned off" and rise fully restored to face the next day? What a blessing from spirit that we are allowed this break each day!!!

The brain and central nervous system are inarguably our most important devices without which life would be impossible, BUT DO THEY TRULY HOUSE THE MIND, CONSCIOUSNESS OR THE MENTAL STATE? I think not. I think pinpointing the "mind" is much more difficult. I think our conscious mind arises from a collection of stored experiences which are housed in various places in the body, and that it largely misinterprets these experiences based on what is common acceptance by a culture in any given time frame. Thus, the expulsion from the Garden of Eden and the other myths. As I said before, we need a BRAIN to survive, but not necessarily a MIND. Therefore, Hering's Law of Cure stands, because in a true cure, the dis-ease moves from the body back into the mind, where it began and where, ultimately, as Human Beings, we are weakest, AND the least important, whether we want to accept it or not. Case in point....why am I sitting here in front of my computer engaged in what is pure mental masturbation, while my children are clamoring at my feet to come and play with them, have some fun?!! We should all stop taking life so seriously all of the time and enjoy our physical selves MORE. That is when true healing occurs and illumination HAPPENS, when we least expect it and are not thinking about it. And those bursts of insight you can actually TRUST, because they come from the source, from the soul, and not the poor interpreter that is our mind.

In Love and Laughter,
Hello "Dr. Dushyant kamal" congratulation for that you have a ignited mind, geat gift of god. your question is logically correct. symptoms should be removed from most important organ to less important organ, or in other word, in the reverse order of their appearance. as per rule, you should be noted following thing.
1. According to Homoeopathic concept of disease, disease always produce in mind. every physical disease has its route in mind. it is a sin process(abnormal thought) which produce susceptibility for disease first in mind. mechanical disease, such like disease produce from external injury as injury, burn as such type of disease not including in this.
2. Homoeopathic theory concerning selection of medicine always emphasis us to select your medicine basis on mental symptoms. but very few doctor follow this rule.

Now I give the answer of yor quarry.

a patient suffering from psychic disease and his disease spreading from mental plant to physical plane. now the result obtained by you depend upon the selection of medicine. if you have select your medicine basis only on physical trouble of the patient. then ofcourse disease will be transfer from physical plane to mental plane,(not according to hering law of cure) but if you select your medicine on basic illnes, primary disease that is on the mental plane in other word if you select your medicine depending on mental symptoms as per rule of homoeopathic concept of disease, the symptoms of disease disappear very soon, including both physical as well as mental plane and the cure become ensure.


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