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Dr Monica punj on June 23, 2009
hi tihana. In order to grasp homeopthy, not only 'healing or art' are importnt,each n evry word in organan,is sacred like bible n has deep seated meaning.homeopathy if given randomly on one or two symts is medicine,but if ptient is closely observed n his synmts matched with remedy in all aspects,u can say like identical twins then only it is an art.n u have to learnTHIS art,of matching patient picture with remedy pic.n when such a remedy works it not only removes symts but heals like god,with a feather touch,so homepath is not a practioner but a healing artist.such short description for only two endless. .

tihana buterin on May 21, 2009 at 8:39am
I am reading Organon in german language (older one) and I wanted to share one thing, that is about the language Hahnemann is using: he is not saying "medicine" but Art of Healing (Heilkunst), and not Practitioner, but "Healing Artist" (Heilkünstler).... and I think those terms are important to understand homeopathy. Of course homeopathy is a science and medicine, but also a very speical art and so simple described in this words

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi on May 19, 2009
Hi Tihana
You're right . Organon of Medicine in really a fascinating book .

It's the most important subject in teaching-learning
Homeopathy .

It is unsafe to think high effectiveness of homeopathics like , feeling well ,joyfulness ,self confidence ,placebo effect .How can we think lowering of blood sugare a placebo effect ? .

tihana buterin on May 17, 2009 at 2:35pm
I have just started to read Organon and I can´t imagine somebody is pracising homeopathy without reading this fascinating book.

It is really a blessing to have this work based on practical philosophy, lot of experiments and experience.

What disturbs me for example is that some allopathic doctors are privileged to become homeopaths quick and add it to their allopathic diplomma, they can get more patients and money, but they still think homeopathy is placebo. They are not really with heart into this matter.

But for somebody who is with full heart into homeopathy it is simply natural to read, study and practice with Organon.

DR. SUBHAS SINGH on May 14, 2009 at 12:04pm
Putting it differently, is it possible to practice

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi on May 13, 2009
Hi Dear colleagues
The more we study and understand the Organon of medicine ,the better we can act as a responsible homeopath .
Noori ,

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Without the understanding of the Organon, the Art of Healing is a sham. Everyone who calls himself a homoeopath should study this book all his life. I read it through twice a year and in between i always study it. I discover new insights each time i contemplate the import and purport of the aphorisms. THe Art of Healing demands we first understand that, for it to work, it must originate in charity. Empathy and sympathy are its pillars and care is its roof. Inside it has room for all the sick of the earth.
Looking forward to learning more with you, Kaviraj, Noori and all the others who will focus on The Organon.


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