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The Homeopathic Aggravation
The phenomenon of the homeopathic aggravation is quite interesting. It rather resembles the “healing crisis” some other forms of alternative medicine describe. It is not uncommonly observed after a correct remedy has been prescribed and typically consists of a brief intensification of the presenting symptoms of the patient. Usually, when a patient is in the midst of such an aggravation, something about his or her condition is different from the usual periods of exacerbation: the patient will feel vaguely better in general and better able to cope with the more severe symptoms, or some aspect of the physical symptoms will be altered. (For example, if fever always accompanied increased sinus pain in the past, it will be lacking during the aggravation, or the pain will be less despite high fever, etc.)

Patience is Required During the Healing Response
While one remains vigilant and circumspect during an aggravation in case the worsening is circumstantial and not remedy related, generally such occurrences are cause for an optimistic prognosis in a case. Their occurrence, perhaps paradoxically to some, signal a strengthening of the defense mechanism of the individual with attendant increased symptom intensity. The phenomenon is rather akin to the substitution of a similar brief intense illness for a long, drawn-out one.

George Guess, MD

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Replies to This Discussion

Dear Doctor,
Homoeopathic aggravation should be evaluated form the angle of 12 observations which a Doctor need to know after the prescription ----aggravtion could be disease aggravation, drug aggravation, this needs a careful study.
Dear Dr Vashisht ~ Can you tell us the 12 observations?
Homeopathic aggravation is essentially a phenomenon which results when the remedy is similar but the potency too low for the corresponding state of the patient.
Thank you for this observation. When you see an aggravation in a patient what do you do?
In a homeopathic aggravation ? You need not do anything. Wait and watch.
you may refer Par. 156 & 157 of Organon for more details.
This is the observation of Hahnemann, written in par 158 and 159 of Organon.
In my observation i never had any homeopathic aggravations !!

And if you seem to observe homeopathic aggravations with higher potencies, probably you need to prescribe much higher then what you would have ...
Dear Sir
Thanks for your inputs.
I don't think i am efficient , but the art of homeopathy is.

The smaller dose = little quantity of material drug substance = increase in the scale of potency.
That's what the paragraphs 157, 158 and 159 say.
That is the reason why Hahnemann worked on the LM scale which was way higher than the centesimal. Because the smaller the dose of medicine, the safer it was to administer. The smallness did not mean small quantity of the carrier( globule / liquid) but smallness of the drug substance in the medicine.

The above article that you cited above by Rudi Verspoor will help understand this fact at greater depth.
Hope this clarifies you.
Look forward to answering any other queries that you might have.

Dear Sir

Before i proceed any further to explain
Kindly let me know the following

What is a material dose ?
Why is it called a material dose ?
Why did Hahnemann arrive at the notion of potentizing his remedies in the first place ?


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