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Confusion as to time. Mistakes are made in speaking and writing, as well as in the hours of the day and the days of the week. Imbecility and loss of every mental faculty. Perfect happiness and cheerfulness followed by gradual fading of spirituality, want of self-control. Frantic loquacity with elevated language, nicely chosen words, and rapid and continual change of subject-matter. Loquaciousness, with mocking jealousy, with frightful images, great tendency to mock, satire and ridiculous ideas. Nocturnal delirium with much talking, or with murmuring. Dementia and loss of consciousness.


There is another kind of loquacity belonging to Lachesis. The patient is impelled to talk continuously. It is found in another. state in which the patient is compelled to hurry in everything she does and wants everybody else to hurry, With that state of hurry is brought out the loquacity, and this is something far beyond comprehension, until you have once heard it.

There is no use attempting to describe it, it is so rapid, changing from one subject to another. Sentences are sometimes only half finished; she takes it for granted that you understand the balance and she will hurry an. Day and night she is wide awake, and with such sensitiveness to her surroundings that you, would naturally think, from what things she hears and how she is disturbed, by noise, that she can hear the flies walk upon the walls and the clock striking upon the distant steeple.

You do not get all these things in the text, you have to see them applied. But the things I give you that are brought out clinically are those things that have come from applying the symptoms of the remedy at the bedside to sick folks.

"Most extraordinary loquacity, making speeches in very select phrases but jumping off to most heterogeneous subjects."

"One word often leads into the midst of another story."

Irresistible laugh

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What about senior citizens. I know of a woman 79 years old that talks incessantly. Always monitone voice, yelling the name of another person across the room, but softly almost spasmodically. This woman suffers from restless leg syndrome, heart murmur from rhuematic fever as a child, and atrial stenosis of the heart and has severe dementia. Still recognizes family but will get loud, saying things "help me; momma says; or will catch onto a phrase and say it over and over in response to the quiet between conversation with someone. I thought her outbursts were similar to the spasm of the right leg. She raises the leg, shouts uuh, and jerks the leg like she is trying to shake it. She is feeble and can barely walk. She has bad behaviors with out the medications she is pinching, spitting and hitting and yelling "go to ..." especially if a nurses aid is trying to get her to move faster than she wants to move. The drugs make her sleepy except for the incessant talking.
Dr. Nabison, thank you for your post. These videos are so funny and a wonderful way to identify the Lachesis personality in infants.


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