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Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger), also known as stinking nightshade, is a plant of the family Solanaceae that originated in Eurasia, though it is now globally distributed.

This is also a remedy in acute mania with extreme excitation of the sensorium and abnormal impulses. Talcott says that Hyoscyamus "paints the mental town of its victim a brilliant and luminous red and stimulates him to sing in merriest and most vociferous tones the songs of Venus and Bacchus combined." The Hyoscyamus patient will perhaps imagine he is pursued by some demon or that some one is trying to take his life; and he runs away from an imaginary foe. He is talkative and, like Lachesis, constantly jumping from one subject to another. The face is only slightly flushed, not the violent congestion of Belladonna. He may see ghosts and demons, but the mania of Hyoscyamus is rather an acute non-inflammatory mania. Kali bromatum suits the acute mania of children where patient thinks he will be murdered or that people intend to strike him. Camphor has maniacal excitement, suicidal impulse. It is a splendid remedy in exhaustion psychoses with maniacal outbursts and vital powers at a low ebb. The Hyoscyamus patient acts silly and idiotic; is lascivious and lewd; throws the bed-clothes off and makes lewd and ridiculous gestures. Persists in stripping herself and uncovering the genitals. Nymphomania. It is a good remedy for the bad effects of extreme jealousy, fright, disappointed love, etc. moschata has occasional outbreaks of silly laughter and a delusion of having two heads. There is also a condition of depression found under Hyoscyamus with debility and prostration where questions are answered slowly or irrelevantly; there is a quick pulse, accumulation of sordes on the teeth, snoring breathing and dropping of the lower jaw. There is a great characteristic of the remedy usually present in these cases, namely, a constant picking at the bedclothes or objects in the air. There is also the great and characteristic symptoms of constant fear of being poisoned by the attendants, which Rhus also has. Cantharis. Here we have terrific outbursts of rage, the patient barks, and bites those around him. It is exceedingly destructive. Patient are filled with hallucinations and converse with people long dead. Such conditions are curable by Cantharis when reflex from sexual or bladder troubles. There is an overpowering sexual excitement with this remedy and the patients are desperate and excessive masturbators and manias with this symptom corresponds to it.

Salman Khan (Bollywood Hero) manic about throwing off clothes, abusive & making ugly gestures

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Dr. Nambison
Thank you for your posts. I think that in Hyoscyamus, there is more than just nudity, it also has the shameless desire to shock and desperate need for attention.
Gabrielle ~ Are there remedies that have desire for nudity without desire for attention and to shock others? I can think of rubric, "throws off covers" but what else to be in public without clothing?
HYOS has jealousy and shamelessness in nudity which was indicated in a patient I had. She did wonderfully with it. It is a great remedy like NUX-V sometimes


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