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How We Start Treatment This Women What You See In This Movie?

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Hello Dr Aamir.

I think this is a depiction of a type of personality and relationship, not a famous movie. But, this is excellent and I'm sure members will have ideas. There are three people in this dynamic relationship of the family. Wife, husband and young daughter. It is quite interesting to read the responses on YouTube and how people relate in their own personal lives.


First, viewers have to agree on what is the reality of the situation being shown?

Is the man going into the store, shopping for the picnic, simply holding open door to be helpful and picking up dropped scarf? Is the man doing anything other than that in his expression and behavior?

Is the woman bringing into this scene her own imaginings of what she watched happen just now and also other events of the past? Was she correct or incorrect in her assessment of the situation? Does she truly have reason to be suspicious?

How does the daughter react to all of this? What about the man's expressions?


Thus, we can search rubrics for delusions, fears, and emotions. Okay. Discussion on a roll. Everyone jump in.

We can consider the following Rubrics for the lady:






and many more?

Certainly Lachesis is one possible remedy that would have to be considered in this situation.


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