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In his book "Notes on the miasms" Dr.P.S.Ortega claims that "for genuine harmony to reign between two persons, their relationship should be established on miasmatic coincidences, continuities or discontinuities".

He designates the miasms by numbers: 1 for psora, 2 for sycosis and 3 for syphilis.

Arguing that any relationship between people is realized tropism, he concludes, that it is logical that, "in the miasmatic realm, we are linked to those who correspond to us, and this correspondence will also be a function of miasmatic characteristics". He goes on saying that, "a psoric-sycotic-syphilitic subject (or 1-2-3) will, in theory, be perfectly complemented by another person represented miasmatically by the numbers 3-2-1, so that the characetristic modes of expression of the one can be fused with those of the other by virtue of continuity, of interlacting, within the overall need of analogy." A 1-2-3 subject merges perfectly with a 3-2-1 by fusion,the expression of their characetristic qualities forimng a sort of circle of complementarity and sucession whose outcome is a persistent harmonic movement.

Ortega proclaims the inevitability of a relationship between persons who have a facile and appropriate biological interconnection, and imagines each individual as a series of three links of which the first and last - being live elements - are ready to bind and adhere to others which are analogous. Thus, they pass through time and space seeking a ready and well-suited lodging withing the perpetual movement of life.

Being sceptical by myself - not about the approach in general but his opinion about when there is best compatibility - I would appreciate to hear other homeopath opinions about his perception.

Another point to discuss is his opinion that "while the best homeopathic treatment can attenuate the miasmatic burden, the mixture remains in the same form, in a more or less equivalent proportion. Only when the proportions are close to one another, then treatment can transform the second miasm into the dominant one and thus change the whole aspect of the patient."

This statement obviously includes the opinion that miasms aren't curable - contrary to other homeopath opinions.

What do you think, and what is your practical experience ?

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Good link Louise. Thanks for it. Certainly agree that miasmatic prescribing should be the base for all homeopaths. The other interpretations are sadly made probably out of the interest of practitioners to have easier way to deal with diseases. Concept of miasms does make prescribing easier but one has to delve deep into the science, which is not the case with so-called patent medication. But when it comes to cure, there is absolutely no alternative to miasmatic prescribing. Rather we can say that only in miasmatic prescribing, we apply homeopathy homeopathically to the patient.

Best regards

the origin, the the existence and the relation of miasm with the patient must be cleared.

on what basis the miasm is classified into three psora,sycosis and syphlis?

if the origin of is miasm external it is curable and removable but if it is internal/ genetic characteristic/ it can only be corrected and can't be removed.



Dear Dr Farooquee

You make a good point about the conflict between "clearing, cure and genetic charactistics".  This is where my college (VCCH commenced their research project ten years ago.  What was a miasm, how could it be used clinically and how could it be removed?  Using Hahnemann's trio model of psora, sycosis and syphilis we discovered through clinical research with patients that there is corresponding facial structure to these three groups.  In time we came to understand that the three groups are not disease based but are an accurate way of determining the defence mechanism of the patient.  Once we validated the facial features we began using them as an objective diagnosis.  For example a psoric patient would have dominant psoric features and would do well on a psoric remedy NO MATTER what their pathology.  This meant that the pathology was the end result of the process not the beginning.  The miasm as a defence mechanism can never be removed - only its influence modified to allow the patient to return to a state of health.


As a flow chart this chronic disease (not acute contagious) miasmatic model looks like this


  • Patient is born with weak areas of the body - usually a genetic characteristic - eg weak lungs. 
  • Patient encounters stress - usually in childhood but can commence in teens or later
  • Patient's defence mechanism (miasm) kicks in and attempts to keep the body in balance
  • If stress is too great or goes on too long the defence mechanism fails and disease commences
  • As the lungs (in this example) are the weak point they will suffer the most
  • Homeopath takes totality of case (symptoms with emphasis on generals and causative factors)
  • The case is repertorised and usually 5 - 20 remedies will show as having potential for the case
  • The patient's face is analysed - the structure will display the miasm of the patient
  • The 5-20 remedies have been allocated (as per Hahnemann and further clinical testing) to one miasm each - that is their defence mechanism matches that of the miasm
  • If the patient with weak lungs is psoric (as judged solely by their facial structure and NOT their pathology) the top psoric remedy from the repertorisation is chosen
  • Using this methodology 80%+ patients get 50%-90% improvement within 4 remedy choices (two months) - many of them within one or two remedy choices.  Continued treatment leads to 80%+ improvement
  • Lungs will always be a weak area and will succumb again in times of stress but correct homeopathic remedy (totality and miasm) will allow the defence mechanism to retain homeostatic balance in the body with health as the outcome


As a result of our clinical research project  we can definitively say

Miasms are real

Miasms are defence mechanisms

Each patient belongs to the one miasm for life

The miasm cannot be removed - but it can be put in balance

When the miasm is in balance the pathology goes away

Stress (in all its forms - biological, physical, emotional) will be the causative factor

The homeopathic process - totality, causative factor and miasm = successful remedies

and finally

Miasms do not exist in layers


If you have any further questions please let me know


Louise Barton


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