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In clinical practice, miasms should include both cause and effect of disease. Dual aspect of miasms will explain our master's theory of chronic diseases.  Miasmatic trend (cause) and miasmatic state (effect). Further details will be discussed later on.

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Hi Dr Datta

Thanks for posting your comments.  You will be interested in miasms as a defence mechanism.  As with all life there is always a cause followed by an effect.  After the cause the defence mechanism of the individual is triggered and symptoms become the effect.  Continual symptoms lead to a diagnosis of disease.  The correct homeopathic remedy allows the defence mechanism to heal rather than hinder.  The Victorian College of Classical Homoeopathy has been researching the link between the miasms as defence mechanisms for more then ten years.  The only diagnostic is facial analysis as proposed by Allen and then Roberts.  Clinically we have verified the link between facial structure and the patients dominant miasm.  Patient outcomes with chronic disease are more consistent and effective when using facial analysis to diagnose the miasm (defence mechanism).  The Homoeopathic Facial Analysis method (HFA) is based on the work of Hahnemann, Boenninghausen, Kent, Allen and Roberts.  It embraces all the aspects of classical homoeopathy - totality of symptoms, single remedy, potentised remedy and the dominant miasm (defence mechanism). 


See a chart showing which aspects of classical homeopathy have been included in the HFA method


See cases using facial analysis as the miasmatic diagnostic


See essays on the HFA miasmatic method



Louise Barton

Training Manager

Victorian College of Classical Homoeopathy




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