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Hahnemann suggested in § 284 Organon (footnote) to treat women during their (first) pregnancy with Sulphur to cure the almost always present psora in order to protect the offsprings. Being the predominant miasm at Hahnmeann's time, it is comprehensable that the indicated remedy should cover the psoric miasm. Moreover, Sulphur may have been often indicated due to prevalent suppression.

Nowadays, some homeopath extend this "eugenic treatment" and apply several nosodes and remedies like Tub, Med, Carc, Sulp etc. routinously during pregnancy with the aim to influence existing or latent hereditary predispositions positively.

Yet, this approach seems to fail the necessary individualization and does not consider that it must be the symptoms alone by which the disease demands and can point to the appropriate medicine for its relief - their totality must be the principal or the only thing whereby the disease can make discernable what remedy it requires.

I would love to hear other homeopath opinion and experience on this subject.

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Maybe one can ssume that personal chahrachteristics can be used as symptoms or better spoken as signs. signs are what the physician can see or feel or hear, or let's say perceive about a patient or on a patient.

A symptom is what the patient refers to the doctor. He feels he has the heart on a string, he sees ghosts, he is afraid of not healing, or maybe he's afraid of dogs, or stuff like that. Also more clear symptoms like feeling pain, itch, burns or anything referred.

I don't know how things are in Europe, and especially in northern Europe, but I am latin american, and remeber that America (by the way America is a continent that begins in the Aleutian Islands and ends in Tierra del Fuego, not a north-american country), I was saying America is a melting pot of all the races, so we have very strange racial mixtures where color of the skin, eyes and type of hair (and so many other charachterisitcs) do not match with those specified for each constitution.

Anyway, I'm a veterinarian so I rely on signs a lot. Symptoms are rare and hard to see, but sometimes they manifest clearly.

Being american is great fun, no matter if you are United Statian, Canadian, Mexican, Cuban, Argentinian or whatever. Constitutions in America do not match. Repertorizing is a challange, but here symptoms will come in your help. Especially psychic charachteristics are very useful, because they do match the constitutions.

Greetings from Mexico.
Thanks for your comments Nacho ! just no smileys here....

Yes, even Kent pointed out that the true basis for a homeopathic remedy is the collection of signs and symptoms, which must be morbid - and that it is a fatal error to confuse what is natural and what is morbid. He even wrote that he has been convinced for long that it is bad practice to allow the make up of a patient to suggest a remedy !

But now the question arises - which personal characteristics are natural and which are morbid ? Is everything with a negative trait necessarily morbid ? I would appreciate to hear other homeopath opinions ...

Katja ... con un cordial saludo desde Alemania !
I understood that we were talking about the mother-offspring interaction. MAybe this could identify a non regular situation that could be treated with homeopathy. Nothing to do with strange politics. I am a recalcitrant anti-racist. I am proud of being a descendant of a mixture of races from indigenous americans to africans, jews, prussians, finns and God knows what else.

Cheers, Prost, Santé, Saldu!
eat, drink, be merry.

Dear All:


 just to clarify that the footnote to paragraph 284 in the Organon must not be understood as a mechanized system to treat psora during pregnancy, let me quote an extract from the CD page 138. (it also cites the benefits of treating psora during pregnancy)...Best Regards


"Pregnancy in all its stages offers so little obstruction to the antipsoric treatment, that this treatment is often most necessary and useful in that condition. [**] Most necessary because the chronic ailments then are more developed. In this state of woman, which is quite a natural one, the symptoms of the internal psora are often manifested most plainly [***] on account of the increased sensitiveness of the female body and spirit while in this state; the antipsoric medicine therefore acts more definitely and perceptibly during pregnancy, which gives the hint to the physician to make the doses in these as small and in as highly potentized attenuations as possible, and to make his selections in the most homœopathic manner.".


[*] In such a morbid state of the menses nothing can be done in the cure of chronic diseases without the intermediate use of Nux vomica, which here specially reduces to order the disharmony arising in the functions of the nerves from so disorderly a flow of the menses, and so quiets this excessive sensitiveness and irritability, which put an insurmountable obstacle in the way of the curative action of the antipsoric remedies.

[**] In what more certain way could, e.g., the return of miscarriage, which is almost exclusively due to psora, be prevented, and, indeed, be lastingly prevented, than through a judicious antipsoric treatment before or at least during Pregnancy? In what more reliable way could the states of the womb, which are not infrequently dangerous, and sometimes fatal even in a proper presentation of the fœtus and in a natural labor, be removed in advance than by a timely antipsoric treatment during pregnancy? Even the improper presentation of the child has, if not always, still very often its only cause in the psoric sickness of the mother, and the hydrocephalus and other bodily defects of the child have surely this cause! Only the antipsoric treatment of the sickly wife if not before, at least during pregnancy, can remove in advance the mother's inability for suckling, as also in suckling prevent the frequent sore breasts, the soreness of the nipples, the frequent inclination to erysipelatous inflammations of the breasts and their abscesses, as well the hæmorrhages of the uterus during suckling.

[***] Nevertheless, the entire opposite frequently takes place, so that the wife who before pregnancy was always sickly, and uninterruptedly complaining, feels in unusual good health during every pregnancy and only during this state. And with such cases this time of pregnancy may very well be made use of for antipsoric treatment, which in such a case is directed against the symptoms of the morbid state before pregnancy, so far as this can be remembered.



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