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Every Homoepathic Doctor do know that miasm is an essential part of Homoeopathic prescription. But, the definition, method of clinical application, presenting symptomatology and the like are continuing to be a matter of conflict and confusion.


Identification of the predominant miasm is by the presence of a specific group of symptoms. If we are selecting a simillimum on the basis of symptom totality, then the medicine coming up might be one in which that miasm is predominant. Then, what is meant by a miasmatic prescription ?


Where exactly in Hahnemann's writings we can read about the Clinical application of Miasm ?

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Sir,I believe that for understanding the Miasm we have to initially understand the pathology of the disease.I mean to say that knowledge of the disease is very important.We should know the progress of the disease properly.
before going in detail in the subject it is necessary to come on a logical definition of miasm.

dr ea farooquee
Dear Dr Hassan,

I agree with you - understanding miasms deeply is essential for the cure of many chronic diseases.

The points suggested by Dr.Rajan Sankaran are all the same as said by Dr.Hahnemann, except for one point " It has a corresponding nosode". I too disagree with it.

dr saji and dr hassan

is it not possible to define miasm in simple language and in logical way?


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