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May be the most important point on miasms is their curability. Some authors like Henny Heyden-Mast write that latent Psora is the best option, whereas others, like David Little, argue to cure them all including susceptibility towards them should be the aim of treatment and IS possible.
I would appreciate to know your opinion form your practical experience, especially with regard to Psora which is so widespread and the most contagious of all (mere touch of skin being sufficient for an infection).

Thanks and best regards,

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David posted:"I was just reading this morning what you wrote about circumcission, and i will comment myself. I support what you wrote and the information you presented absolutely.............."
My reply: David can you add your comments to the circumcision blog please. Thanks for being brave enough to post on this 'taboo' subject.
Except psora ... the other miasms can be removed if the remedies are administered right. And psora? you keep it in the state of latency where it is not expressing a disease, psora dies with the body.

This annihilation of miasms is very simply accomplished by prescribing the remedy which is indicated in a state of the patient, in chronology. Susceptibility, predisposition, constitution, tendency , all are influenced by this miasm. The intercurrents do a very beautiful job when given on symptoms observed and chosen in the correct light.

The more we confuse ourselves classifying phenomenon of patient in to miasms and tendencies, we tend to get confused and the thread of essence is lost. What ever remedy is indicated in any given set of symptoms or state,will also check the miasm ... as these symptoms are arising from there. If a patient you are treating has asthma which is only in the night and remarkably ameliorated at sea, you have

1 ) The symptom with its specific qualification of being occurring only in the night
2 ) This whole phenomenon is absent when the patient is near a sea !

If you recall the alternation of remedies as Hahnemann said ... your remedy for (1) will cut down the manifestation of asthma and probably after a few reps. the asthma would have altogether subsided.

This is when you prescribe on (2) Which is this case is Medorrhinum. This would remove the underlying forces which anchor the asthma.

3 ) Now if there are any factors which specifically trigger an episode of asthma, you prescribe an intercurrent. Followed by remedy on basis of (1).

Chronic Diseases by Hahnemann is a much better and comprehensible work on the miasms than all the mumbo jumbo which is available these days on the book shelves.
Dear Ranga Sai, dear Members

Remedy selection:
In homeopathy all sensations , modalities, localities and concomitants are used to find the remedy similar to the disease-symptom picture.

In your case, we have asthma, which is < night and > at seaside.

So, the remedy needed here is One which has both modalities and also Asthma. such remedies are: Brom, Lyc, Nat-m. med?

Now we need more information to differentiate.

Alternation of remedies:
Read org.: 169.
Hahnemann advises not to alternate remedies without re asessing the situation after each remedy has done what it could do.

Say,-- in this example, Lyc would be the remedy and we give Lyc, then the following could be the outcome:

1) The asthma improves and subsides without a trace and no new symptoms come up. here we do not need to give any more medicine.
2) the asthma improves but does not subside. No new modalities, sensations, concomitants are present. Here we continue with Lycopodium
3)the asthma improves and new modalities are noticed, old ones have gone,-- maybe new concomitants too. Here we re-evaluate the case and find a remedy suitable for the now presenting disease-symptom-picture.
4) The asthma remains the same, but modalities /sensations / concomitants change. here we have to reevaluate and find better remedy.
5)The asthma is the same and the modalities are the same. Here we have to search for obstacles, question our remedy supplier, retake the case completely, just to get clarity.
6) the asthma is worse: retake the case.

How a worsening can be used to narrow down the next group of remedies is outlined in my blog: Remedy relationships.

Dear Katja,

Answer to the question of curability of miasm is dificult one. You cannot regard psora as simple contagious phenomenon. It is rather genetic predisposiion which makes persons susceptible to external offenders (biological,physical, chemical etc.). It is expressed in the form of "copying style","character and behavioral pattern"," tendencies and diathesis" etc. The fault lies in the immunogenetic apparatus of the economy. You must follow the genetic engineering procedure to cure such miasmatic maladies. YES HAHNEMANN'S HOMOEOPATHY IS GENETIC ENGINEERING TOOL. Each and every homoeopath should handle it carefully.This can be handled in step wise fashion in different layers. In each layer, we are to understand the predominant disposition and mental state of the patient. we are to understand the current of life or the vital flow of life. This will guide to understand the predominant mental disposition of a person in  a particular diseased state.


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