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May be the most important point on miasms is their curability. Some authors like Henny Heyden-Mast write that latent Psora is the best option, whereas others, like David Little, argue to cure them all including susceptibility towards them should be the aim of treatment and IS possible.
I would appreciate to know your opinion form your practical experience, especially with regard to Psora which is so widespread and the most contagious of all (mere touch of skin being sufficient for an infection).

Thanks and best regards,

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are maisms curable? i cant anwers that question but since when we as homeopath take maisms as a disease? it just a clue/syntoms to help us to find the right Rx.may be i a bit stupid here but i just dont understand why we need to treat the maisms. peace n salaman.
Dear Katja,
Miasms are curable, But Not all at one time.
since the individual has many miasmatic layers the eradication of miasm with correct homoeopathy treatment can be done layer by layer, so the few miasmatic layers can be removed from a single individual on his life time. If this removal happens to a couples before marriage then their successive generation may have less number of miasmatic layers which could be more easier for a Hahnemannian homoeopath to do their job (removing the fundamental cause).

Miasms can be curable in a progressive treatment for generation by generation. Provided the mass suppression criteria like Vaccinations should be avoided, since vaccinations are the prominent source for origin of new miasms.
Hi Charu,
I agree, that's what I've learned too (in theory). But when asking homeopath whether they have ever seen an individual free of all miasms I get the usual answer "not as of yet". Kent already wrote that the homeopath aim should be to eradicate all miasms. But is it that one generation does not suffice nowadays to eradicate them ? Or is this ideal just not to accomplish ? Such a person must be free of all symptoms and is not susceptible to disease.

Best regards,
Miasm are curable but we have to go very curiously while treating miasms as they can confuse the beginner,
Hi Guillermo,

I agree with you on the difficult treatment of one-sided diseases. Fortunately Hahnemann also gave us the instruction's how to approach them in § 177ff. In these one-sided diseases the centrifugal action of anti-miasmatic remedies will remove the layers of suppression, but with the increasing problem of suppression the treatment of miasms gets more and more difficult.
Whereas Hahnemann mentioned at that time that most of the one-sided diseases can be attributed to the medical observer's want of discernment and that there are only very few diseases, which, after the most careful initial examination, present but only a few symptoms, nowadays more and more one-sided diseases go on the account of the latter.

So my question to all practicing homeopath remains: Have you ever cured a patient of all miasms ? How many patients have you freed from all miasms ? Are you, being a homeopath yourself, free from miasms ?

Thanks for all the contributions so far !!!

Hi Katja Good topic for Discussion as Miasmatic principles are some of the most important aspect of classical prescribing and not being well informed on this subject will do great harm to patients. Miasm are predisposed from 7 generations,the best way to deal with these are as the layers present themself. To create a balanced miasm is possible. I am not talking about deleting a miasm altogether. A patient can have all the miasms in a state of turmoil,an active state-this can be balanced with the proper anti miasmatic protocal for each individual.As a person enters life(before fetal stage at conception) the predisposed miasms are already imprinted. As the fetus grows-more imprints (layers) As this baby is born and grows-more miasmatic imprints (trauma/vaccines other iatrogenics).
Yes these can be balanced- I have seen some strainge cases of patient-fetal reocurrant symptoms as they take the journey backwards in time via use of constitutional anti miasmatic remedies. Truly amazing!
Gina, what is a balanced miasm ? Would cure not be the first choice, or at least a dormant miasm ?
A balanced miasm=the opposite of an imbalanced miasm,think about it.
When you come to psora-one cannot remove it only balance it,cure the defects of psora symptoms that may cause trouble in a patient.
A dormant miasm is not exactly a balanced miasm,its just NOT in its active stage.
A predisposed Miasm is a inherited factor (can also be called Dormant)
Another Example is; if a patient has a sypl. predisposed miasm (not active) this may lay dormant for the patients entire lifetime,no symptoms to the casual observer,only apperent to a classical homeopath with expierence in detecting miasms via casetaking.With some(sypl miasmic states) an event may trigger its awakening such as an STD,then this becomes an active stage,if not prescribed the proper antimiasmatic remedy no cure.
Those without a syphl predisposed miasm will not react to an STD.
The vital force hangs on to these imprints,miasmatic imprints that is.
Homeopathy is the only medicine powerfull enough to reach into these complex DNA markings.(only if prescribed by the similimum principles of classical homeopathy certainly NOT by using combination remedies).
Hi Katja, and everyone

I don't think you can ever give a remedy for a person's miasm process directly. What I see is that as you pick a remedy for the person's state and as they get better and feel better the miasm disharmony improves. The miasm is effected always only indirectly as a consequence of the person feeling better.

I think that miasm and Psora is a separation of the person from themselves, from who we are. From what I have seen the right Homoeopathic remedy brings the person right back to themselves and so the miasm, is naturally less and less. But you don't actually treat a miasm, you always just find the right remedy for the patient.


Dear David-You cannot remove the miasm from the actual person himself,the two go hand in hand,Its the DNA /pathological/physical/mental and emotional makeup=Miasms.Everyone has these miasmatic imprints,weather you are aware of it or not.Scientist that study genetics,epigenetics are in tune with miasmatic predisposition they just dont name it as that.
hi david-If I may add Miasms are an energetic understanding of disease that transcends our commonly held assumption that all illness is explicable in purely physical terms.

George Vitoulkas, the author of The Science of Homeopathy, states that "disease is a result of a morbific stimulus which resonates with a particular level of susceptibility of the organism."

In other words, the disease and the creature are vibrationally linked. A miasm, in light of this definition, is a weakness in the creature’s Vital Force which allows an opening to form, letting in the morbific stimulus. "The miasm is part of the being,"
Hi Gina

Its good to talk to you. I was just reading this morning what you wrote about circumcission, and i will comment myself. I support what you wrote and the information you presented absolutely.
I agree with what you wrote as George Vithoulkas saying that a miasm is a part of a person's being. You can learn so much from him, I just enjoy reading all his work.
When you said that scientists etc. are in tune with miasmic dispositions and they know them by another name, what is their understanding of miasm dispositions and what do they call them that you have heard of.
I personally think that miasms are easy to understand once you realise that miasms are all about the way the person 'separated' from themselves, from who they are, as with each miasm we see a specific kind of separation and also very similar attitudes and even behaviour in common with people who are within the same miasmic processes.




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