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Homeopathy is evolved and developed around natural law of cure that is 'Similia Similibus Curentur.

The earliest reference to this natural law is found in Shrimad Bhagwatam Mahapuranam, one of the most pious, celebrated and widely studied ancient Hindu scriptures written thousands of years before Christ. It reads as- 'Does the drug that deranges health of human being not remove the same disease when used as a medicine? {(Shrimad Bahgvatam Mahapuranum (Vol.1, 33)}. Keeping in view the tradition in those times, question is answered in form of another question.

In the recorded history of mankind we find that before Samuel Hahnemann, Hippocrates, the father of conventional medicine, spoke about the natural law of cure and later Paracelsus subscribed to the existence of ‘doctrine of signatures’ supporting the idea that drug reveals its sphere of action through its colour, taste, appearance and place of growth. It was believed that healing properties had been supposedly inscribed by God into the plants and which could be conveniently identified and interpreted by physicians. The ‘Doctrine of Signatures’ was highly developed during the European Renaissance.

How far Hippocrates and Paracelsus employed this natural law of cure in practice is, however, not fully known. But it was Hahnemann who evolved a rational system of medicine based on the natural law of cure, which is known as Homeopathy.

Notwithstanding the sardonic comments on Homeopathy, many new researches in the conventional (or orthodox) medicine are validating natural law of cure and principles of Homeopathy.

An accidental discovery validates 'Similia Similibus Curentur,
The story started in 1994 and is still continuing with revalidation of law of similia many times over. Only the scientists who are engaged in these researches do not realize (or feigning) the implications of their findings.

The story concerns a 24 year old Louis Viljoen who sustained serious brain injury in 1994 when a truck hit him near Johannesburg in Southern Africa. Louis went into deep coma. After treatment in various hospitals without any tangible response, he was transferred to a rehabilitation center. His mother Sienie says that 'his eyes were open but there was nothing there, I visited him every day for five years and we would speak to him but there was no recognition, no communication, nothing'. Louis had periodic spasms in his arm suggesting that there was some discomfort inside. The ward sister suggested that family GP may be requested to prescribe a sedative. Dr. Wally Nel, the family GP prescribed Stilnox (brand name for zolpidem in Southern Africa). The pill was crushed and given in a soft drink.

After about 25 minutes Louis made a sound 'mmm', which he had never done in five years . Then he turned his head in the direction his mother was sitting. His mother asked 'Louis, can you hear me?' And he said, 'Yes.' She said, 'Say hello, Louis', and he said, Hello, mummy. Louis had been on daily dose of Stilnox action for seven years when his story along with many others' was published in Guardian, UK in September 2006 (copy attached).

Another remarkable observation has been that Zolpidem brought about improvements in functions governed by different parts of the brain, which were affected by the damage to the brain. Even CT scan conducted on Louis before and after he was given Stilnox, showed significant changes.

Following publication of Louis's story in SA Newspapers, Zolpidem was used to treat other patients in Coma or persistent vegetative state (PVS) in three continents with almost similar results.

In June 2006, BBC and ABC broadcast a the news 'Sleeping pills wake up patients in coma'. It was followed by publication of the story of Sleeping pill in various medical journals. One title proclaimed the happening a ‘medical miracle of all times’. The headlines in Newspapers stated “Sleeping pills wake up patients in coma”, 'Pill reverses vegetative state', “Reborn” 'Sleep Medication awakens coma patients” etc.

They are amazed and call the happening a miracle, but Homeopaths are not. We call it application of 'Similia Similibus Curentur' into practice.

Its Silver Jubilee year of Louis' partial recovery, which flagged off research studies in SA and UK. The latest is Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute in US is seeking voluteers for study of Zolpidem in Coma. We will be eagerly awaiting the results.


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Dear Dr Singh,

I saw your reference to the Bhagavad Purana 1/5/33, which is at the first place in all books that i publish.
In the Bhagwad itself it is said that in this age people shall get light from this Purana.
The light of the law of similars is of all times and its inclusion in the spotless Purana deserves an article of its own.In it more references to its effects from other Vedic writings, such as brahma-bhuta prasannatma, nah socati na kaksati. (BG 2nd chapter) and episodes from Mahabharata, such as Bhima's poisoning and the snake bite and the talks between Brighu and Raja Bharadwaja.

I am working on that, to show the depth of reach of the law of similars and to explain its higher prupose.
Thanks. I am enlightened.


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