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Good link on how we can follow up on news references ....
Here I chose Homeopathy.......seems to be that news about homeopathy are going down - we, (us homeopaths) have to do better and turn this around and also to make sure it is MORE of positive news!!

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I wonder whether this is real or whether this is simply propaganda.

Sorry, i have to laugh!

They simply give us the amounts of times THEY put us in the search engines. That says of course little or nothing. If i take for instance myself, then i come to the conclusion this is humbug and little else.

Let me explain.

A month or two ago, my name turned up 5.200 references in connection with homoeopathy. Two weeks later, that had climbed to 11.500. Yet this was all about agrohomoeopathy, which is not yet a threat to any vested interests.

However, all my articles about homoeopathy for people were not even mentioned! Yet if they had, those entries had to climb by at least another couple of 1000.

They simply refuse to mention them.

None of my articles critical of the skeptics could be found in their lists. No articles i wrote about the trends in homoeopathy will ever be mentioned. Neither will yours.


Don't believe me? Google your name and add the word homoeopathy.

Before the skeptics 10:23 campaign kicked off, they mentioned none of our articles here on HWC for instance, let alone anything else i had written on other websites. Over the years, that are hundreds of entries. At hpathy for instance i posted well over 2000 entries.

Louise McLean made us aware that they simply do not mention us. As soon as we added our ten23 tags, we went up on the search engines and Alex Heffron's spoof site of the 10:23 campaign is ABOVE the one by the skeptics.

So the little graph they show us on their Google-trends website should be taken not only with a pinch of salt, but at least an entire kilo.

We are going down?

There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics.

Really????? - Uups I never thought of it this way (maybe I´m naive - always try to believe all is good and RIGHT)

I didn´t think google were handpicking, thought it was plainly automatic information shown.

Anyhow - we keep on promoting our Homeopathy with passion :D
They have to show us going down. Otherwise these stooges would have to admit we are going UP!

Now that would put a big dent in the 10:23 campaign and would show it for the failure it is, notwithstanding all the negative publicity that has been generated by those other stooges for Big Pharma - the mainstream media.

Surveys taken here in the UK discovered that the public finds Colquhoun and co a bunch of bullies, and their campaign a silly stunt.

When asked, people said they were not influenced negatively by the skeptic's obsession with homoeopathy. So who gives a hoot about Google?
Mind you, this is not only so on Google. Yahoo and AOL also do not show the real trends. On both those search engines my entries are but 2.500 or less, showing simply more bias.

The fact is, Big Pharma, which generates a lot of their advert revenue, simply demand they slant their searches in favour of Big Pharma and leave out homoeopathy. If you knew how much Google and co make of Big Pharma, you would see that they cannot afford to anger them and lose most of that revenue.

Manipulation of the facts is also big business and thus Google and co comply. The Google founders are not in it to truly provide you with the truth, but to fill their pockets.

The bottom line is money and nothing else. If Google and co would truly reflect the truth, they would go down on the stock-exchange and their "value" would sink like a stone.
Because Big Pharma would refuse to give them advert space and they would not generate that much revenue.

We shuld not be fooled by either MSM or Google and co about the reality about homoeopathy, which is that people turn away from Big Pharma in droves, because of the side effects and the false propaganda and turn to homoeopathy in ever-increasing numbers.

A little reflection on the 10:23 campaign shows you this.
If homoeopathy was really going down, why launch a campaign against it? They would have nothing to worry about!

The campaign itself is PROOF we are going UP! They are losing more and more money to us. This is worrying to them and so they have started a campaign to discredit us by innuendo, slander, and manipulation of the facts.

Notwithstanding the fact that 9 out of 10 adverts on TV are promoting Big Pharma drugs, their sales are going down. All due to people turning to homoeopathy.


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