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The 2nd World Homeopathy Day in Hungary
2012 April 14

Family Day and Fair organized by the
Hungarian Homeopathic Medical Association (MHOE)

Interview with Dr. Ferenc Sasvári (President of the Circle of Friends of Homeopathy / HBK) about the long waited event that will be held on the 14th day of April.

Homeo Sapiens: Why do you think that this event is important and why does The Circle of Friends of Homeopathy support it?

Dr. Ferenc Sasvári: I personally sympathize with this worldwide and forward-looking event. Since the idea is very similar to our Circle’s spirituality, everybody supports it. I believe that professional information, introduction and explanation are really essential and that this charitable work is a kind of scientific knowledge acquisition or sharing.

Homeo Sapiens: This day is taken place all around the world but what is apropos of it?

Dr. Ferenc Sasvári: Yes, it’s a tradition in countries, like India and Pakistan, or Germany but we know that this day is a celebration in a number of Latin American nations as well. The inspiration of the World Homeopathy Day is a tribute to Samuel Hahnemann’s birth (10 April 1755 - 2 July 1843) who is the father of Homeopathy and the celebration of Homeopathy itself. The celebrations are held on his birthday or on the days close to that date. There are places where the events last for an entire week. Among those events there are various programs, homeopathic consultations and even conferences connected to Homeopathy as well. (The Editor: Hahnemann was a Doctor-scientist who lived in the 18th Century. He conceived the basics of Homeopathy and introduced it as an alternative healing therapy.)

Homeo Sapiens: Who do the event organizers aim to educate and through what kind of programs do they attract the people?

Dr. Ferenc Sasvári: In Hungary, the aim is to educate the laymen. They are the majority of the population and we primarily want to address them through their problems in their own language. The doctors who are connected with homeopathy for longer time are also welcome at the event. We can say that the event is a sort of attract-mode episode when we combine the professional program with family day. There will be discourses about Schüssler salts, allergies, and traveler’s illness. Besides those discussions, there will be separate programs for families with toddlers and children. Representatives of dental care and animal care will also introduce their experiences in application of Homeopathy in their specialty fields.

Homeo Sapiens: Will this ’Celebration’ be taking place in Hungary for the first time?

Dr. Ferenc Sasvári: No, this will be the second occasion. Last year, when the Hungarian Homeopathic Medical Association celebrated its 20th anniversary, was the first time. The scene of the celebration was in the Vajdahunyad Castle where the organizers celebrated the Association, Hahnemann and globally the Homeopathic therapy.

Homeo Sapiens: As an epilogue, what can you append to your words?

Dr. Ferenc Sasvári: The more people that attend the celebration and events, the more news about homeopathy we can spread. People must get detailed knowledge about this increasing non-conventional cure directly from the best professionals. I must emphasize the importance of the appropriate promotion. homeopathy must find its place not only within the professional environments but in the limelight of publicity.

Homeo Sapiens: Thank you for the conversation! We encourage all those readers who are curious about the events of the World Homeopathy Day to visit the mentioned Associations’ websites. Celebration in Budapest

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