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Dear All,

As I already noted to Dr. Bidani in my short response on his post, there is a new "trend" all around to mislead the people about the use of homeopathic remedies. These days when Homeopathy is facing serious threats, it's more than evident that those who want to erase it from the Earth will do everything to disparage it. I would like to highlight that I'm not bearing a purpose to peck at anybody. I just speak out as we must act this way. There is more than 20 years of practical experience behind me in using homeopathic remedies. During this time, there was only less than 5 cases when I personally used not only homeopathic remedies. Me always have a very strict tracking of the people to whom I introduced homeopathy and about their amelioration as well.

Dear Homeopaths and those who are using homeopathy in their healing practices, here are topics, which should be better clarified:

1 - The basic introduction of homeopathy.

In Hungary, one of the major homeopathic remedies producing company (its Hungarian Representation) printed on their advertisements/throwaways the well known and in the commercials, red at lively pace Warning i.e. "Consult your MD about the possible side-effects...". Well, there is a regulation in Hungary that this Warning must be printed on the throwaways. Now, it came out that these people use the Proving as side-effects of homeopathy, which is simply not true.

2 - The intake of the homeopathic remedies.

In the following I have no doubts!! THE HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES MUST BE TAKEN IN: 30 MINUTES BEFORE MEAL or 1 HOUR/60 MINUTES AFTER MEAL. I can tell that in these 2 decades, this worked out pretty well!!!

3 - Leave at least 10 minutes between 2 intakes. Especially, if you need to take more than 1 kind of remedy.

10 minutes is enough and convenient as the time is precious for everybody. It can be difficult to organize your daily routines if you take more homeopathic remedies and it is necessary to repeat 2 or 3 times a day. Write a note and keep it with you. It is also wise to use alarm to remind the intake time. PS: ...and please, remember the 2nd paragraph.

4 - How to dissolve the homeopathic globules in water?

Do NOT use metallic spoons, do NOT use metallic accessories to which the homeopathic globules can touch. Try not to touch the globules with your hands/skin but if you can't avoid it as the globules are very small and you need to mete out more than 1 or 2 and need to put back some, wash you hands carefully.

5 - How to store Homeopathic remedies?

USE clear dark glass cup or stone cup and for storage see the appropriate packing of some Homeopathic Remedies producers. Homeopathic remedies are photosensitive.

6 - Menthol as an ingredient used by the cosmetic/health-care and food producing companies is at least doubled.

Those people who are using homeopathy will be more vulnerable when they stand near somebody who chews bubble gum with menthol, or talking with somebody who used tooth paste with menthol and rinsed with menthol mouth-wash.

7 - Camphor is another problem but not only for those who use homeopathic remedies.

Camphor kills the red blood cells. This is even scientifically proven. In Hungary, there is an advertisement of health-care cream that contains camphor. That product, which has another name, is banned in another country where it was developed because the authorities realized its high danger rate. In Hungary, the authorities seems that don't do anything against this death-care product. I know, everything could be explained, especially today and with involvement of smart people but the fact is fact. So, please, avoid camphor.

8 - Caffeine is NOT good for homeopathic remedies' healing effects, and for the people who live out of tropic regions.
(see my blog: 
Basics in Homeopathy and Dr. Imran Niazi Butt's photo:  Side Effects of Caffeine)

From the point of view of Homeopathy, caffeine creates a wall round the positive electrons generated by the positive/healing interference of the homeopathic remedy.

Please, feel free to add comments to this discussion.

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Replies to This Discussion

Dear Viktor,
I'm surprised to view your response to Dr Bindani's Post. I'm quite junior to you but still i think, with due apology that, you are getting prejudiced. Am i wrong? I consider Homoeopathy as a great sea of knowledge.In my view different scientific approaches are merely explanatory tools which homoeopathy may use. Homoeopathic rules can be proved through different authorities. It may include Chemistry, Physics, Literature and even spiritualism. The masters of different fields have the right to try to understand Homoeopathy according to their own perspective. But, certainly, they can never deceive history. They can never be able to snatch the credit from Hahnemanne.
Dear Sajjad,

You think so?! No, of course. Apologies from you and anybody else who are thinking that I am prejudiced.
...the "...he presented a new method for detecting viral infections which bore close parallels to the basic tenets of homeopathy..." is the main line on what I reacted.
There is a big conflict between the let me call it this way "Alternative or Holistic" approach of healing and the scientific approach of different fields, including the Medicine. Monsieur Montagnier made an attempt to approximate his research results to homeopathy but introduced the process as a new modus operandi. He simply approached his field of research with homeopathic outlook and that's not new just unknown yet. There are at least dozen experts who have the same idea about that but are not in the position or they are shy to come out with it.
Thank you for your honesty.
Dear Viktor,
Thanks for your encouraging words and polite attitude. Anyhow, the confusion is still there. If Montagnier is offering a new Modus Operandi and contrary to "at least dozen experts who have the same idea about that but are not in the position or they are shy to come out with it", he is offering bravely and is not shy. Why should we doubt his intentions and not encourage him and other personalities like him?


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