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Memoir about the First Hungarian Homeopathy Day held at a famous Budapest site on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Hungarian Homeopathic Medical Association (MHOE).


An article by Dr. Ferenc Sasvári


Location: Budapest, Vajdahunyad Castle (Agricultural Museum).

Date: 2011 May 14. 11 AM - Budapest Time


The first Homeopathy Day of Hungary and the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Hungarian Homeopatic Medical Association (MHOE) was a single but not the last episode in history of homeopathy since the Hungarian Healthcare Scientific Board in 1990 decided not to ban Homeopathy in Hungary, anymore. In the next year (1991) the Hungarian Medical Homeopathic Association was founded.


The picturesque Castle, which is one of the many Budapest World Heritage sites gave the privacy of home to this event. There were different stages with various artistic performances. The professional part was opened by Dr. Klára Szentágotai. This day’s events will print themselves upon the memory as Dr. Szentágotai’s husband who is the Minister of National Resources and the responsible Minister for Healthcare of Hungary escorted her by. Moderator of the professional panel was Veterinary Dr. Árpád Mátray, who is a distinguished expert of the Hungarian Homeopathic Veterinary education. Founding members and all those who are with us since the very beginnings were invited as honored guests.


The first lecture was delivered by Márta Kóczián about the history of Homeopathy in 19th and 20th century Hungary. An interesting detail caught our ears about our famous national poet Mihály Vörösmarti who himself cured his relatives with Homeopathy and had his own homeopathic medicine cabinet. The next lecturer was Dr. Katalin Kürti, Honorary President and one of the Founding Members of the MHOE. She made a presentation speech about the important episodes of MHOE. One of the major chapters of this history was the International Homeopathy League Congress in 2000 held in the building of the Hungarian Academy Of Science. In 2006 the European Homeopathy Commission (ECH) accredited the training of MHOE during which our qualified colleagues received the first ECH Diplomas.


Mira Dorcsi followed the report of Dr. Kürti. She is the wife and widow of Professor Matthias Dorcsi, the Founder of the Viennese Homeopathic School. Mira Dorcsi spoke about the importance of tempers/constitutions. Right after Mira, Sigrid Kruse introduced few cases about the intensive care of children. During those cases Homeopathy was applied with sensation due to the lack of allopathic prospects or inability to do anything in order to help those children. There is a close collaboration, excellent professional relationship between Sigrid and Mira and other allopathic colleagues from Munich who cure the sick children as a part of an integrated process. The superiority of this cooperation involving Homeopaths and Allopaths for the sake of the sick children should be an example for everybody to follow.


There were short lectures for laymen given by our Doctor-Homeopaths. Among other things were basics and basic rules of Homeopathy, common diseases and its cures (injuries, sunstroke, etc).


Interesting lectures were presented by Dr. Orsolya Farkas and Dr. Ágnes Somkövi about the adaptation of Schlüsser salts. Our Veterinarians made reports about the implementation of Homeopathy in animal care, including possibilities and success stories. Doctors of our Association were available for the public for free of charge consultations at all hours during the event. Challenging the work of the Circle of Friends of Homeopathy, visitors were introduced its main tasks as well as the activity of the Homeopathic Layman Club. Little ones were kept in play by famous performers like, Kata Janza, Ági Szalóky, Réka Bölöni. Again, Miklós Galla and Réka Bölöni made laugh the „bigger ones”.


The first Hungarian Homeopathy Day ended at 6 PM. It was a heavy day but very successful for all parties. Thank you for the sponsors of the event.



Dr. Ferenc Sasvári

President, Circle of Friends of Homeopathy (HBK)

Member of the Hungarian Medical Homepathic Association (MHOE)




Pictures about the event


Main entrance of the Agricultural Museum:

MHOE Doctors offer free consultations to everybody:


The Atrium around the passageway where MHOE Doctors gave free consultations:


Dr. Ferenc Sasvári's lecture in the main building:


Homeopathic exhibition about the history of Homeopathy in Hungary 1:


Homeopathic exhibition about the history of Homeopathy in Hungary 2:


Homeopathic exhibition about the history of Homeopathy in Hungary 3:



Homeopathic exhibition about the history of Homeopathy in Hungary 4:



Homeopathic exhibition about the history of Homeopathy in Hungary 5:




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Wish I was there. Make it very inviting with all the photos.


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