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A female age 34 years,house wife, low built, low weight(32kgs), mother of 3 kids, looks under nourished, anemic, with exopthalmic eyes was brought to me on 7/5. She was diagnosed as Toxic Goiter by an endocrinologist. She was on treatment from my senior homoeopath since last 2 years but there was no significant improvement seen. She was 35kgs when she started the treatment, but over 2 years she lost 3kgs.


Her thyroid function tests were like this


November 2010 T3 230U, T4 19U TSH <0.01

February 2011 T3 332U, T4 18U, TSH <0.01

May 2011 T3 420U, T4 15U, TSH <0.01


I am presenting the history and the follow over all these months.



Presenting Complaints :


  1. Hyperthyroid, the patient's husband said,”Sir, my wife is hyperthyroid and is on homoeopathy treatment since last 3 years. First she was treated by a neighbor dr who then referred her to senior homoeopath, but even after 2 years of continuous treatment, there is no relief.”

    Me : “Why did u choose Homoeopathy?”

    Patient's husband,”The endocrinologist said she has to undergo operation, hence we started homoeopathy as my neighbor is a homoeopath.”

  2. Anxiety since 5 years.

  3. Panic attacks, because of which she was diagnosed as exopthalmic goitre since 5 years.

  4. Weakness since 3 years.

  5. Deafness both ears 6months.

  6. Neck swelling since 6 months.

  7. Cough since 2 weeks.


History of presenting illness :


  1. Anxiety and palpitations since last 5 years. Before 5 years she was perfectly normal anmd used to do all kinds of house hold activities. Early morning she used to get up and pray, make tea, food for the whole family (mother, father, husband, and 3 kids). She used to get anxiety in heart for no reasons. She used to feel as if there is something wrong and then she used to feel anxiety as if something bad happened or may happen. These anxiety kept on increasing and hampering her day to day activites. She is unable to do any work, as she feels anxious and starts trembling and cant finish the work. This anxiety is most in day time and while doing any work. It disappears while asleep. Not related to climatic changes or any emotion. She is not short tempered even when anxious. She keeps herself calm by reading some religious texts.

  2. As the anxiety went on increasing, she started getting fear. This fear initially started as fear after hearing loud noises, like kids banging the doors, any crackers exploding, if anyone calls her loudly, she gets fear and then she starts to tremble and shake wildly. Seeing her this states, she was taken to the family doctor, who asked them to do blood tests. After tests, he said that this lady has thyroid problem and they need to see the endocrinologist. The endo examined her and tested her again and said that this lady has hyperthyroidism and she needs an operation to remove the thyroid. The endo cant give nay medicines as the lady is too weak and anemic for anti-thyroid drugs. That’s when they took the help of homoeopath.

  3. As she took homoeopathy, her panic attacks were solved but her anxiety still remained. She was better but still was unable to her activities like before, but they were happy seeing the progress with homoeopathy. But her weakness and tiredness kept on increasing. Her appetite was diminishing and she was losing weight day by day. The weakness was most as the day progresses and at night she used to be very tired and weak. Because of this weakness, she developed indifference towards her parents and kids. She was unable to take care, but still she used to. During weakness, she was unable to hear anyone calling her. She used to feel as if she is in dream world walking around. There were no episodes of sweating or fainting.

  4. As the weakness was progressing, her ability to hear and differentiate between sounds was lessened. She said,”I am unable to differentiate sounds of any females like my mom. When she is calling I am unable to hear and differentiate. Also if any females talk to me, I am unable to hear them clearly.”
    The deafness is more in the right ear. While I am talking I saw her turning towards right to hear from left ear. There is itching of the ear. She feels like there is a plug of water in the ear. The noises are not clear but when spoken from near she can listen.

  5. Cough since 2 weeks. The cough is more at night and is dry. It comes recurrently and she feels breathless at times. Expectoration is less but mostly watery, stringy mucus comes after lots of coughing. There is a dry sensation during cough in throat.



Generals :


  1. Mental status : Patient is anxious, apprehensive, fearful, restless with trembling during these. She is mostly jolly, loves house work and taking care of her parents.

  2. Appetite : Has been reducing. She eats less and eating little fills her stomach. She likes sweets, meat, salt, sour and spicy foods.

  3. Thirst : She is usually thirstless but drinks lots of water. During weakness, she hardly feels to drink or eat anything. She like to drink warm water.

  4. Bowels : Normal, daily morning once.

  5. Bladder : passes adequate urine. No h/o UTI ever.

  6. Perspiration : She used to perspire while doing work initially but now the perspiration is less. No foul smell. Perspiration mostly used to be on face, and body.

  7. Menses : She has 3 kids all full term normally delivered. She has ahd normal cycles with bleeding lasting 5-7days, normal blood. But since last 6months, the menses are delayed, scanty and lasts only 2-3 days. H/O white discharges more after menses. Leg cramps during white discharges. The discharge is mostly watery, no itching or burning or stains.



Past history : She gets fever, cough and colds recurrently, about 3-4 times a year or more. H/O ear discharge in childhood which was treated with ayurveda. H/O allergic rhinitis which was treated by homoeopathy 12 years back.


Treatment history has already been discussed.


Clinical examination :


  1. Hair, brown, long are equally distributed across scalp, no dandruf or itching.

  2. Eyes : Grey colored pupils with small eyes.

  3. Nose : Nasal blockade both nostrils, no discharge, smell is normal.

  4. Ears : Auricles are normal. Right ear tympanic membrane looks red, tensed and pulled in.

  5. Lips : red thin lips. No ulceration.

  6. Throat :
    Tongue : Red, margins have teeth impressions, papillae are equally distributed. No ulcers.
    Cheeks : Teeth impressions, no ulcers.
    Throat : Looks congested, tonsils are normal, no ulceration.
    External throat : Right sided small thyriod nodule, diffusely enlarged, not visible from far looks but only on careful examination. Moves with deglutition. No tenderness. No glands anywhere else. No engorged veins.

  7. Body : Low build 32kgs, 146cm, thin, anemic. No jaundice.


7/5 : Bryonia 30 3 doses was given with full relief of cough.


15/5 : After careful analysis I gave the similimum in LM 1 then LM 3.
Please work around and lets see what u all feel the remedy should be.

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Replies to This Discussion

Cured cases like this one make us more confident and the realm of cures which Homoeopathy can produce is expanded to a higher degree..thanks for the case Dr Tahir..


16/7 : There is improvement in the weakness. She feels healthy now and does all the activities. There is reduction in anxiety and palpitations. She got good flow this month. But the deafness remains. LM 5 followed by Sac lac.

4/8 : She got fever with right sided throat pain since 5 days. I had asked her to take sac lac but there was no improvement. On examination, her right sided tonsil was congested, red, painful with sweating. Fever was of low grade with sweating. Merc-bin-iod 30 3 doses were given with complete relief in 5 days.
She was supposed to do her thyroid function tests but I deferred as she was having fever and active infection. Continued sac lac.

19/8 : Patient is active, no anxiety, she is able to hear better. No tremors now a days. Complete relief from palpitations.

T3 256U, T4 17.8U, TSH 0.1 Hb – 11gms.

Sac lac was given and was asked to report if any significant problems only.

12/9 : The patient's husband gave me a call,”Doctor, she was so well after your treatment, I think u changed the medicine last time, now she is getting panicky for little things and is very restless just moving around here and there.” Me,”Dont worry, give the medicine is 4th bottle which has never been used and do the thyroid function tests once again and get her to me.”

13/9 : He called up again,”Doctor, yesterday after that medicine she was better and she slept after a very long time. But she has not recovered fully. Should I take her to the nearby homoeopath?” Me,”See dear friend, u have trusted me and taken treatment for her cure and God is curing her much to our expectations. Just have patience and she will be ok in another day or so, then u get the tests done and come to me. Better dont take her to any other doctor, but if u insist, then I can say only one thing that she is after all your wife and u have every right to do whatever is good for her.”

14/9 : Both came and I saw them but just to test their patience called them after 2 hours of waiting and I found both of them were very relaxed and calm talking to the other people who were coming by.

Me : “So at-last u arrived. From your talks I felt like u were too worried and were suppose to take your wife to another doctor. And u (to the lady) looks like u feared the rat out of your husband.” Both laughed full heartedly.

She : “He took me to the nearby doctor (allopath) and he saw me and said this case can only be managed by an endocrinologist, hence take to the …. hospital and get her checked up. Then he took me to the homoeopath who, after going through all your prescriptions advised us to wait till morning and see u only.



T3 162U, T4 18U, TSH 0.1.


The person who tested her blood said to her that u are the first person whose tests have become negative after any treatment and that she is lucky.


With smiles I gave few more doses of complementery along with sac lac.


Homoeopathy cures, the treatment lasts life long, if desired so.


Thank u for reading my case!


Thanks for this wonderful cure... The blood values too are improving, and in course of time further decrease of T3 T4 is expected and an increase in TSH too..What is your opinion in this regard Dr Tahir? May God bless u with more cures in seemingly incurable cases.. You are doing a great job, keep it up !

Thank you for sharing in such detail, did you do any other mode of healing?

Almost 60 views shows that such cases are difficult to cure. Here if u read the few paragraphs of Allen's keynotes on TUBER, u will understand this case so easily. I wanted to post this case in cured cases forum, but felt this is right place.

TUB in LM was given with total relief and last Ars-iod was given to complete the cure.


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