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I wonder if anyone has had success treating African hive beetle? We have a huge infestation in nearly all hive in all Australia. I am trialing Staph 6x on 6 hives at present and hope to have results soon. I would love to hear the results of any other treatments as this beetle has become a big problem for the bee keepers.

The small hive beetle, Aethina tumida, has spread across continents doing massive damage at a rapid pace from its native sub-Saharan Africa, where it is only an occasional pest.  The beetle is under investigation due to the economic and biological implications.

UF/IFAS honey bee expert Jamie Ellis is assisted by doctoral student Eddie Atkinson as they explain fascinating facts about honey bee colonies infested with small hive beetles (Aethina tumida). Bees restrict these pest beetles in "prison." Beetles trick their bee captors into feeding them. Also covers ways you may detect small hive beetles in the bee colony.

Produced byUF/IFAS Entomology and Nematology Department

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perhaps Kaviraj would help.

I will try puls 6x next week on another 4 hives  I will spray 2 hives outside with the solution and 2 hives inside with the solution..and wait 2 weeks with a control and lets see the results

Hello Carol. How did you make your remedy selections? Do keep us informed of trial results. Take photos, too. Thank you for sharing.

Puls is THE hive and herd remedy. It will do a lot for hive coordination and making it work like a unit - more compact, better able to resist predators too. Staphysagria sounds like it could be good.

Keep us posted please!


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