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Facial Analysis & Homeopathy with Grant Bentley March 19, 2012

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Listen to broadcast above, the following information is not a transcription, rather an editorial after doing the show.

Each week with Grant we talk about life's stresses and how we, as individuals, cope and handle the many small and large demands upon our energy and resources. We can also compare and investigate similar stresses upon communities, societies and nations.

We are presently undergoing many demands upon family members, leaders, and groups. We opened the show discussing a bit about the forces that have been attempting to squelch homeopathic funding (FINANCIAL), homeopathic education (SOCIAL), homeopathic practice (BUSINESS) and homeopathic free speech (GOVERNMENTAL.) Without listing all these aspects, homeopathy under fire in the U.K. has spread to attacks in Australia, Grant's home. 

Even though this can seem disheartening, I have a very positive outlook upon these events. 1) The enemy fights because it fears its losing the battle. It has to contend with the falsification of statistics, data and manipulated journal articles published without review of facts. 2) They fear loss of income and clientele as people swarm toward all things 'alternative' since skeptics live on both sides of the aisle. Sure, the mainstream "skeptics" say everything that does not fit their little box has 'no proof' which while their drugs continued to be pulled from the marketplace due to side-effects and adverse effects. In fact, I venture to guess that the majority of every nation's population would now call them self a "skeptic" towards the authorities in power. They have been lied to so many times, they don't trust anyone. You simply can't call "wolf" any longer. Hey, even Henny Penny figured out the sky isn't falling.

The Western model of medicine that fails to live up to all claims now falls and fails and people want CHOICES! Now, the governments, afraid of loses, since they have such close ties to pharmaceutical agencies, target the little players who have begun to look quite attractive to people who want to go back to self healing, self observation, natural cures and wisdom of the ages. They want to know how to boost the immune system and take control of their own health.

  • Archives of Internal Medicine  | A Harvard University study published May 9, 2012 indicates that more US doctors now tell patients to try yoga, tai chi, meditation, and deep breathing. More than 6.3 million Americans use mind-body therapies based on a referral from their physicians especially after regular treatments have failed, while 34.8 million try these therapies on their own without a referral. The World Health Organization reports that more than 70 percent of the world’s population uses alternative medicine.

  • Natural News Report An attempt to scare people away from homeopathy and continue to spread of lies will not work. How can homeopathy be "unethical" when they point 4 fingers at themselves and 1 at homeopaths. Remember, that when they come for you, they will come for all the rest next, the massage therapists, acupuncturists, reiki masters, iridology, reflexology, chiropractors, sound, movement and music healers, etc. It won't end with just the homeopaths. The mainstream media take up the call and help those with money to pay for this type of reporting.

  • Follow the money | The clarion call of any campaign of this nature boils down to dollars and cents, or shall I say "Euros?"  Governments squashed for funds to keep programs running look to eliminate whatever they can, especially the little guy, and when they get funded to keep certain programs going.  Government-run healthcare programs like National Health and Medical Research Council NHMRC have an agenda that does not include alternative health choices during hard times. Yes, they have been part of the system until now, but when influenced that may change. UNLESS the people become vocal and speak up for their rights.

  • If cost was truly a factor and not saving the skins of the pharmaceutical companies, then government would accommodate the alternative practices. If government truly CARED about the people they would implement more of these natural practices to reduce emotional, physical and mental stress.

    It has been estimated that cancer, diabetes, mental illness, heart disease and respiratory disease make up the world's highest cost of medical care, and without a doubt the mortality of millions. In the next 20 years these 5 diseases will cost costing $47 trillion worldwide to people, government and medical facilities. I don't know whether that covers the cost of lost efficiency of labor and business. So far traditional methods of chemotherapy, radiation and drugs have not brought down the cost of care,  nor erased these diseases, or improved the lives of those afflicted.

    Funds should be invested into preventative care, like improved nutrition, sanitation, clean water, better food preparation practices, sunshine for vitamin D3, eating omega-3 fatty oils, exercise programs, and stress reduction techniques, which could save multiple trillions of dollars.

  • So, you will hear many negative remarks and innuendos about homeopathy that you will have to discern, investigate for your self and refute. We have here on HWC pages about the Placebo Effect. Take time to read up and learn. Hey! I would take a placebo any day of the week instead of drugs if it worked. Allopaths use placebo. However, placebo simply does not explain the percentage of curative effects of homeopathic medicines.

  • You will hear them say that homeopathy is "dangerous" and that couldn't be further from the truth. They are talking about CRUDE DRUGS and people taking overdoses, or interactions with too many medications, or the wrong prescription or medications that have not been fully tested, or have been tested but full disclosure about effects not given, or if given, just read the label or listen to the commercial. Yup! This drug may KILL YOU but that's okay, it will clear up your acne or help you sleep.

  • Use your critical thinking skills and wonder who is giving you a message, what's behind it and why are they telling you to be afraid?

    • The Age Article

    • The statement that homeopathy is not efficacious was unfounded and untrue. In 2010 The British House of Commons science and technology committee determined homeopathy "no more efficacious than a placebo."

    • After the committee finished its evaluation of white papers and oral presentations, House of Commons concluded with continuing to fund homeopathy in the UK National Health Service, even though the report found its principles were ''theoretically weak'' and ''scientifically implausible."  Hopefully, the Australian government will come to its senses and realize free people can make their own decisions about health care and all the millions of people satisfied with homeopathy have a right to this care through the government programming, just as anyone else has a right to take chemotherapy or other harsh drugs to fight disease.

    • The authoritarian statements pin their rulings upon the concept that those taking homeopathy instead of 'drugs' will delay proper treatment. As most homeopaths know, a majority of those who have already undergone traditional methods of drugs, cauterization, surgery, etc. end up to the homeopath as a last resort.

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