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Questions and Answers

1. Sir, I am practicing homoeopathy in a very small village near Balaghat district (MP). I have under my care 6 patients of end stage renal disease who require dialysis frequently. Although I do administer symptomatic homoeopathic medicines, yet dialysis needs to be continued for all of them. For this the patients need to travel to the city. It’s a costly affair and very impractical for the patients. Is there a method where I may learn and do their dialysis at the village itself? Dr. Bharne (Lanji)  

Ans: Yes! Nowadays dialysis can be done at the patient’s home itself. The method is called Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD). It is a simple and domiciliary treatment. The patient need not go to the hospital and can continue with his/ her daily routine. There is no requirement of expensive equipment and trained medical manpower and is better tolerated by the patient especially diabetics, hypertensives and those suffering from Ischemic heart disease. There is better control of Blood pressure since there is greater removal of sodium. Also there is no blood loss, so the Hemoglobin concentration is maintained. There is a better preservation of residual renal function which plays a very important role in deciding the prescription of haemo or peritoneal dialysis. The dietary restriction of sodium and potassium is less as compared to haemodialysis. The only dreaded complication of CAPD is peritonitis. Well, you may learn the procedure from any Nephrologist and can conduct the same at your village.

2. In Allens Keynotes in the chapter of Acid Phos it is written, “Interstitial inflammation of bones, scrofulous, sycotic, syphilitic, mercurial; periosteum inflamed”. Please throw light. Dr. Arif Husain (Karachi, Pakistan)

Ans.  Sensation of pain in the bones as if they are scraped with a knife.

3. If Vital force is a force, can’t it be measured like other forces in the cosmos? Likewise Miasm is also a force (although corrupt) hence can’t it too be objectively measured? Dr. Nirupama (Houston, Texas)

Ans: Dear Dr. Nirupama, this question is of importance to the physicists or those scientists with a materialistic bent of mind. How does it matter to a homoeopath, whether or not Vital force or Miasm can or cannot be measured by any means? We should be interested in the expressions (functional or structural) of the vital force (deranged) upon the economy and the methods of rectifying the derangement by the selection of proper similimum and subsequent follow-up.

(n.) Any plant of the genus Digitalis. The common English foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) is a handsome perennial or biennial plant, whose leaves are used as a powerful medicine, both as a sedative and diuretic. See Digitalis.

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Any Eurasian plant belonging to the genus Digitalis,  of the figwort family, especially D. purpurea,  having drooping, tubular, purple orwhite flowers on tall spikes, and leaves that are the source ofdigitalis in medicine.
Origin: before 1000; Middle English foxes glove, Old English foxes glōfa.   


Some chat notes. (10:39:52):Welcome to the HWC Homeopathy Radio Chat Room. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:40:26): Group gang rape in New Delhi, India HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:41:19): Last show of 2012 with Dr Aadil. Talking about Dr BK Bose and Dr Earnest A Farrington. We begin with Master Homeopath tributes. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:41:27): Then we talk about Digitalis The Wonder Drug. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:41:31): Thanks for visiting. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:42:24): We also have some listener questions that Dr Aadil will answer. Please leave your comments and questions here. :) HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:43:48): Dr. Bijoy Kumar Bose (1879 – 1977), one of the greatest, who was also known as the “Indian Kent” due to his ability for accurate mental repertorisation. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:44:12): He moved to AMERICA. Michigan. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:44:41): He was a student of Dr. J.T. Kent in U.S. He was the backbone of the Calcutta Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:45:00): Ah! homeopathy not recognized in India at the time. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:45:41): Bose sounds like a rebel. LOL Goes ahead with idealism despite no homeopathy there. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:51:13): Dr Earnest Farrington. Philadelphia, PA. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:27:59): Thanks to listeners. Tell others to join us. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:28:32): Various types of heart failures. 4 chambers. Atria upper. Ventricle lower. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:28:57): Right sided heart failure. ie. chronic obstructive airway disease. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:30:14): Left sided heart failure. #asthma Heart Failure. #strophanthus Acute heart failure is different. #aconite HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:31:18): cardiomyopathy digitalis. hypertension the heart works too much and fails. Entire system charged. breathlessness, excess sweating, excess heat, etc. digitalis does not work. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:31:31): Low output failure. Digitalis. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:32:58): Digitalis stretches the muscle and releases it to beat with greater force. This drug requires great amount of time, like gelsemium, the symptoms develop slowly. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:33:22): Digitalis for heart failure. symptoms develop slowly and the action of the drug ALSO are slow acting. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:33:45): Think of aconite and hepar sulph for initial use of homeopathic remedies for flu that come on suddenly. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:34:19): Congestive cardiac failure: breathlessness and edema predominant. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:36:17): The dose may be proper but tolerance to drug may be less and still have symptoms of toxicity. Or exposure to the drug digitalis. If develops low potassium and magnesium. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:36:31): Diuretic therapy may have toxicity to Digitalis. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:37:49): How do you know if patient is getting toxic? Confusion, vomiting, palpitation, irregular pulse, visual changes, blind spots, yellow green halos, rings of lights around object and many more symptoms. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:38:30): Digitalis is a diuretic ; if increased urine output. then digitalis toxicity. Breathing effort when lying down. Excessive nocturia. SWELLING that increases. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:40:14): Digitalis Trial Study Milestone. In common use many decades. Efficacy in treating heart failure. Whether digitalis is still a wonder drug. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:40:59): Digoxin and digitalis does NOT increase mortality. Does reduce hospitalization. Women had 4% increase in cardiovascular deaths compared to placebo. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:41:22): Third observation. may increase risk of death in heart patients. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:41:41): Far more effective treatments ie beta blockers, ace inhibitors. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:42:08): Using digoxin in women before other treatments may be bad choice. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:46:24): DIG TRIAL. Use the drug as a protocol only. Toxicity results. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:47:37): AS IF HEART STOOD STILL indicates homeopathic digitalis. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:47:54): mild cyanosis, skin cold to touch, sensation suffocation. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:48:46): First Antimonium tart, carbo veg in patient with blue, cold, suffocation. Basic anxious of future, Worse sitting, after meals, worse music. Better empty stomach and open air. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:48:56): Contra-indicated DURING myocardial infarction. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:49:14): Addressing to physicians. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:50:16): Arrythmias - supra ventrical tacacardia increased heart rate. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:50:49): PVC premature ventricle contraction. LUB-DUB if LUB-LUB-LUB-DUB is PVC HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:51:11): slow pulse. AV Block. Atrial fibrilation. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:51:29): Ventricle tacacardia when heart beats more than 150 beats per minutes. V-TAC HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:51:56): Slides available on HWC website. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:52:24): Night constriction. Fullness of heart. Dropsy. Hypertrophy, infiltration of heart, etc. are all RUBRICS in the Repertory. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:52:37): Digitalis can be used in symptoms of heart failure. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:53:21): Compare closely related drugs. Arsenicum album, Antimonium tart, Carbo veg. MUST DIFFERENTIATE based upon individual symptoms. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:53:27): ARS has BURNING! HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:53:54): pressure on sternum. burning. says she will die. Anxious. before mechanical ventilation. :) HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:54:27): Drug of choice sudden heart failure. highest potency given every 15 to 20 minutes. Only professional homeopaths/physicians have this high potency. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:54:53): Arsenicum acts first. Then new homeopathic remedy needed. PHOS one dose. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:55:01): similar to digitalis case. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:55:15): Antimonium tart. State of patient is OPPOSITE OF ARS. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:55:32): exhausted. sleepy. thirstless. COATING ON TONGUE is deep. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:56:05): mild cyanosis. listen to bubbling sounds in lungs, swelling above and below eyes, edema. Worse stuffy room. HATES AIR or oxygen mask. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:56:14): gradual progressive failure. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:57:16): CARBO VEG - dull, AIR HUNGER, BREATHLESS. cold, clammy limbs. DO NOT COVER. desires FAN, AIR. No clothing around neck. FLATULENCE and feels better. BP low. CRAVES OXYGEN. Weaning off mechanical ventilation. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:57:40): stop as soon as improvement. Then KALI CARB. Do not continue with CARB VEG. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:58:17): Cardia failure homeopathic remedies. CHINA. Suffocative attack worse walking. sensitive. IRRITABLE. ABUSES Caretakers. INSULTS others. Digitalis does same. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:58:47): in times of agony CURSING And swearing. Dull look, pale, waxy face. HARD PULSE> HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:58:53): irregular pulse. HWC Homeopathy Radio293 says to (12:38:28): Thanks for listening and sharing HWC Homeopathy Radio293 says to (12:39:36): next show tomorrow with Alan Phillips

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