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We continue the series answering questions from listeners.

We anxiously await Wednesday's so we can learn from Dr Aadil.

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I have listened to one of your shows at the blog talk radio. I am quite impressed. Although I am not qualified in the system of Homoeopathy, yet I have been reading the books of homoeopathy since a long time. I have also read and keep on reading the Repertory of Dr. Kent of America. As you too must be aware, in the Repertory of Dr. Kent, there is a rubric “Conscious of Womb.”

In which conditions does one have that sort of sensation? Ms. Chiyoko (Nara, Japan) Ans – Well Ms. Chiyoko, many females suffer from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. In this condition the uterus is bulky with profuse bleeding from the vagina. It is also frequently accompanied by a constant sensation of heaviness of the lower abdomen with or without sore pain. This is the time when the patient says that she has a swelling of the uterus and we refer it to “conscious of Womb.”

Pelvic inflammation. 

sepia as if a mass would pass out of vagina.

caulophyllum, lilium, murex

Sir, a male patient aged 2 months has been diagnosed to have “Epidermatolysis Bullosa” since 25 days. The parents say that it started after DPT vaccination. The Pediatrician does not agree.  Kindly reply if we can help this patient in any way?


Dr. Prema  (Bhopal) Ans – Epidermolysis Bullosa is a rare congenital skin disorder of an autosomal dominant inheritance and characterized by serous bullae that heal without scarring. The severe variety of the above i.e. Epidermolysis Bullosa Dystrophica is characterized by atrophy of blistered areas, severe scarring, extensive denudation, and separation or cleavage of the basal cell plasma membranes from the basement membrane and nail changes. It is most often present at birth or in early infancy and occurs in both autosomal dominant and recessive forms. Since it’s a congenital disorder, we cannot cure it but in depending upon the symptoms, palliation can be done.

Ailments after vaccinations. DPT - diptheria, polio, typhoid

Skin layer and epidemis has 5 layers of covering. 

Cutting off the epidermis. In this disease, once the epidermis is cut or exfoliation, undergoes transformation. Rare congenital disorder. Autosomal dominant. Characterized by serus buli, heals without scarring. 

epidermis is 5 layers, basal layer. 

Cannot be cured since genetic disease. In cases that manifests after vaccination, then can help with thuja, silicea or other remedies for ailments after vaccination. 

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