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Monday September 24, 2012

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Dr. Robert Bruck is an alumni distinguished professor of plant pathology, forestry, environmental science and environmental technology and management at North Carolina State University. 

Dr. Bruck received an undergraduate degree from Buffalo State College of New York, his PhD from Syracuse University, Post Doctoral work at Cornell University, and has been teaching and doing research at North Carolina State University for 33 years.   

Dr Bruck is a recognized expert in the field of global warming, plant pathology and forestry and has been given numerous honors. His research on air pollution on forest ecosystems and his life-long career culminated with him being named the 1997 laureate of the North Carolina Award for Science by the governor. 

He developed the Department of Environmental Technology at the University and presently teaches environmental science classes to over 3000 NC State students every year.  One of his courses is "Toxins in the Environment." which is the topic of todays show.


Most people call him a walking encyclopedia and he has been named by his students "Mr Planet" like a super hero. He has taken hundreds of students on travel experiences to South America to study the tropical ecosystems and instill a desire to learn about and protect our planet. 


Dr Bruck has hundreds of publications to his name, an award winning documentary, traveled the globe, testified before Congress concerning our environment, researched solar energy and sustainability, developed a distance education curriculum and journeyed with National Geographic to Mount Everest. He loves to climb mountains, read books, experiment in the kitchen making hot sauce and roasting coffee beans. His passionate lectures get rave reviews, challenges his students to be critical thinkers and advises many college students.  


Please join us and ask any question you like! I'm sure he'll have an answer.


ALMONDS | 35-40% of all almonds tested as recently as 2008 by the USDA were found to contain residues of piperonyl butoxide, a known reproductive disruptor, and chlorpyrifos, a known neurotoxin and hormone disruptor.  [What's On My Food]

Raw organic almonds are the main protein source for raw vegans in its most popular form
If the Almond Board follows through with the pasteurization of almonds it will lose millions of dollars in revenues as raw vegan food distributors will begin importing almonds from France, Australia and other places where almond are still allowed to grow naturally.

  • Almond Pasteurization from The Food Safety System
  • Petition for Raw Almonds 2007
  • USDA Attempts to Protect Us From Raw Almonds
  • Over 68% of Almonds in the US are treated with carcinogenic PPO to pasteurize them; and they do not contain any label indicating this treatment.
  • The other method of pasteurization, steam heat, oxidizes the omega 3 fatty acids and may the almonds rancid, plus produce free radicals, essentially turning a most nutritious health food into a toxin to the body.
  • Raw almonds contain manganese, iron, potassium fiber copper, vitamin B2, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin E, plist monounsaturated fatty acids.
  • The USDA never went through an open forum to gather public comments, which may have been illegal
  • Your option to purchase imported raw almonds that do not undergo the pasteurization or irradiation process hurts our local farmers, but takes your health into account.


[Chemicals on the packaging]

[Kashi Cereal] 


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