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November 26, 2012 - Sergei Boutenko - Vegetarian Diet To Heal Diabetes

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Surf the internet and you will find  Sergei Boutenko and read his life story.  Diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, his doctor recommended insulin right away. However, his mom, Victoria, did not want to go down that road.

Searching for an alternative, Sergei started eating a raw food diet and almost instantly felt relief from his diabetic symptoms. Inspired to make this his life path, he has remained healthy eating organic for many years and now shares with others what he has learned about diabetes free living. 


Sergei gives lectures around the world demonstrating how he eats wild edibles to stay healthy. Homeopathy World Community has been graced and honored to have Sergei as our guest on The Health Inn Show. 


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Send your friend the link to the "Health Inn" show and post this page on FaceBook because the more the merrier and we need to bring some wisdom into our lives.


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Rochelle potatoes are poison if well cooked
Rochelle My email said this was to do with Diabetes and a veggie diet so is it?
Dr Deepak India Welcome everyone
Saravanan Hello everyone
Dr Deepak India Sargei with us and we are setting the connections
Saravanan Hello Sergei!
Saravanan Really excited that to have this program on HWC
Kavitha Hello Every one
Gabriele Hello all of you
Debby Bruck hello everyone.
Debby Bruck We will meet out special guest.
Dr Deepak India just refresh your page now
Saravanan Glad to see you Sergei!
Kavitha Hi Sergei, your's is very interesting story, inspiring others to look for natural and alternative remedies for diabetis
Dr Deepak India Every metabolic diseases like hypothyroidism, diabetes, obesity, migraine etc.
Debby Bruck Dr Kavitha Kukunoor was diagnosed with gestational diabetes
Debby Bruck used homeopathic remedies, diet and exercise
Rochelle Ah - it has come online now
Dr Deepak India every homeopathic remedy need an exact history to cure diabetes
Gabriele exactly
Rochelle I am typw 2 - I also exercise most days with a  low carb/low GI diet and it is as if I have reversed it.
Debby Bruck hello Rochelle. Thanks for comments
Dr Deepak India good Rochelle it is true that we need a balance between input and output calories
Debby Bruck kettle bells
Rochelle I notice the difference when I am abroad and am not able to exercise like I usually do. My blood sugar starts to increase again
Rochelle I take no medication
Debby Bruck excellent Rochelle. At what age were you diagnosed.
Debby Bruck Hello Saravanan
Debby Bruck Hi Gabriele
Saravanan Hello Debby Bruck
Rochelle Age 56 after I returned from eating everything on sight in India during a fortnight clinical practice
Rochelle Type 2 is rife in my family
Dr Deepak India the 40 minutes walk is enough at any time
Kavitha My mother-in-law lowered her sugar levels from 400 to 100 by diet, excercise and meditation while she was on diabetic medication
Rochelle 6pm-8pm I am in the gym doing fun things like body combat, spin , pilates aerobic classes etc
Gabriele translater left above: Diabetes =http://www.gesundes-bewusstsei.../?p=209
Gabriele It's a link to my page
Debby Bruck 100% raw food. now some cooked sweet potatoes
Rochelle Yes Depak - when I am abroad and my blood sugar goes up I will walk very fast outside for 30+ minutes and it does the trick
Debby Bruck fruit for breakfast. fresh organic, ripe fruit is helpful when fiber is intact and juices does not spike blood sugar
Debby Bruck huge proponent of green smoothies. green leafy veggies in blender
Rochelle I also have fruit for breakfast and muesli (home made)
Saravanan exactly..Diabetics could take most fruits except Pine apple and Watermelon
Debby Bruck huge salad for lunch. wrap. quinoa.
Debby Bruck walnut pate, nori, sea veggies. fruits.
Rochelle Pineapple is fine for me- everyone is different and you find out by testing tesing testing
Gabriele that all is compensation of the symptoms - necessary (in my opinion) is to be saned from diabetes..
Kavitha how much meat do you eat?
Rochelle I eat meat about once a week
Kavitha Got it
Kavitha thanks
Debby Bruck gabriele what do you mean?
Rochelle You do need protein to keep you filled up - nuts, tofu, lentils, beans are great low carb/low GI substitutea for meat
Gabriele it is nice to know, what I can eat (with diabetes). but my target must be to live without diabetes.
Gabriele my microphone does not work.
Dr Deepak India yes Rochelle
Debby Bruck <>
Saravanan Well, i got the details about Watermelon and Pineapple from Dr.Neal Barnard's program for reversing Diabetes
Saravanan The scientific program for reversing Diabetes
Rochelle I can get a low GI bread from a local baker but Burgen's bread from supoermarkets is also fine
Dr Deepak India every diabetic person have deficiency of Vit B12 and Vit C so we need to take these two vitamins regularly
Rochelle You should be able to get enough from your food
Saravanan Vit B12 deficiency and Vit D deficiency are more common nowadays
Rochelle especially in the quantities Seigei eats
Saravanan All other nutrients could be obtained from natural foods
Kavitha Also Zinc for replenishing nervous system
Rochelle I am self sufficient in salad in the summer - lambs lettuce I also have
Dr Deepak India yes kavitha Zn is essential
Gabriele Rochelle, there is the intrinsic factor who tells the brain, that there is Vit B 12 in the nutrition. The Problem: in the time of 45 round about the intrinsic factor stopps working partly. So it is not efficient to eat it.
Dr Wequar Your opinion on Bitter Gouard
Gabriele in this case you must inject it
Saravanan exactly Gabriele
Rochelle Are interesting- I have tried it in a tea
yvonne not everyone can use dandelion, some dont have stomach for it
Kavitha Bitter gourd, curry leaves good for diabetic in controlling their sugar levels
Rochelle #The latest I am trying is Guava leaf tea from a Chinese supermarket - very cheap
Rochelle My fasting blood sugar this morning was 92
Kavitha I will try to get Guava leaf tea -thanks Rochelle
Rochelle I haver also tried mulberry leaf tea but am not convenced with that for me
Gabriele Vit D you can get with 15 minutes sunshine on your arms daily. the pro-vitamine is in your body. If there is enough Calcium, it will work.
Saravanan Definitely Sunshine provides Vit D
Dr Deepak India Yes Ga 15-20 minutes of about 25% body expose to sun-shine is enough to maintain Vit D
Saravanan but some factors like chemical cosmetics, sunscreens and pollution hinder the fromation of Vit D
Gabriele but it is a fulltime job to work as diabetian. I think there are possibilities.
Gabriele to change
Rochelle I take  Carduus M everyday because the liver is invoved in diabetes
Kavitha Dr Sharma - Did you try cephalandra Q?
Gabriele the whole person is involved
Dr Wequar Cinnamon is also mentioned for sugar problem
Kavitha Yes, I make tea with cinnamon
Rochelle I take that on my cereal daily
Kavitha it is good for diabetics
Debby Bruck thank you Dr kavitha and Dr Wequar
Debby Bruck marvelous Rochelle
Dr Deepak India yes with spf more then 20 reduce 80% of absorption  of sun rays
Debby Bruck The Fiber Prescription
Debby Bruck Dr. Myron Winick
Rochelle I even it the skin of kiwi fruit etc
Rochelle Ican tolerate baby ones in their skin
Gabriele esp if you cook it in boiling water. Begin the cooking in cold water.
Rochelle Absolutely - everyone is different
Rochelle you find out by testing
Rochelle rice I spike , pasta I can tolerate a little
Rochelle Sweetners - xylitol is fine but Malititol spikes for me
DINOEGGER What is the story with SOUR SOP being a wonderful anti cancer fruit??
Rochelle One of the best tips I was given was to eat fruit with a meal not between meals
Kavitha but I learnt that never eat fruit with a meal
Saravanan Fruits are best taken on empty stomach..its not good to mix fruits with cooked fruits
Saravanan sorry
Saravanan cooked food
Rochelle Yes Kanitha - but not for a diabetic
Dr Wequar I follow small meals few times a day and it works
Dr Deepak India i agree Kavita and Saravanan
Rochelle For a diabetic fruit between meals will spike
DINOEGGER what are diabetics to do???
Amnon Good question :-)
Dr Wequar Best adjunct is a walk every day
Rochelle Eat fruit with a meal
Saravanan It should not be so
Rochelle for diabetics
Saravanan I have seen Patients enjoying fruits who are on a diabetes reversal diet
Kavitha So Rochelle for diabetics they need to eat fruit with meal but does it not add more sugar?
DINOEGGER what is the diabetes reversal diet in brief???
Rochelle It doesn't matter because it is being digested with protein and fat
Saravanan Please check
Rochelle both of which helps it go through the system more slowly
Saravanan Please refer Dr.Neal barnard's program for reversing diabetes
Saravanan to know about the reversal diet
DINOEGGER saravanan cannot read your link its yellow??
Dr Wequar Humans did not appreciate and Maana was taken away and so we have supermarkets   Joke
Gabriele you can click it (the link)
Saravanan please check sharan-indi dot org
Rochelle Stick to a low carb/low Glycaemic Index diet - it is what has worked for me and many others
Saravanan and pcrm dot org
DINOEGGER thank you!
Saravanan :)
Debby Bruck thank you Saravanan
Rochelle After 6 years my blood sugars have just got lower
Debby Bruck thank you Rochelle
Saravanan My pleasure Debby Bruck..i would like to complement Sergei's way of Reversing Diabetes with scientific data
Saravanan at the end of this program
Dr Wequar Stevia/
Gabriele yes, good (stevia)
Rochelle Agreed about the whole fruit  Sergei
DINOEGGER stevia leaves a nasty aftertaste -- yuch !
Rochelle You know by testing your blood sugar Debby
Dr Wequar Yes i agree
Rochelle That's why I use Xylitol
Debby Bruck blueberries regenerate pancreas
Rochelle also good for your teeth
DINOEGGER is Xylitol OK for diabetic??
Rochelle Any berries are low GI
Rochelle Yes Xylitol is fine
Gabriele regenerating the pancreas also phaseolus (lower potency)
Rochelle in moderation like anything
DINOEGGER blueberries be the bestest!!!
Rochelle I make my own oatcakes (crackers)
Rochelle Atkins diet is excellent for diabetics
DINOEGGER can we have another show on this topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Debby Bruck aryuveda.
Dr Deepak India Ayurveda
DINOEGGER Atkins works great but people call you NUTS!! for doing it 
yvonne Sergei thank you for the free download on iphone for green smothies
Rochelle so what!!  Durkin diet is another which is OK as well
yvonne but its a game i suppose
Kavitha Thank you Sergei for sharing your experiences
Rochelle I have made durkin muffins
Dr Deepak India yes yvonne its is a game
yvonne oh too bad thanks Dr Sharma
Rochelle thanks Debby
Saravanan Diabetes could be reversed with low fat vegan diet as Sergei suggests
Saravanan thanks Sergei
DINOEGGER GREAT SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saravanan Take care everyone
Saravanan :)
Dr Deepak India Thank you dino
Dr Deepak India Good day everyone
Debby Bruck Thanks all of our friends!
Debby Bruck share the archive <3
Saravanan Thank you Debby and Dr.Deepak
Saravanan Special thanks to Sergei
Dr Deepak India welcome

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Its scientifically proven that a low fat  whole plant based diet can reverse Diabetes! Being a health advisor at SHARAN, the pioneer organization in India offering Nutritional disease reversal program, i have witnessed many people reversing Diabetes and other health issues.

Fantastic news, Saravanan. It's going to be a fantastic program with Sergei telling his life story and how he  fixes his meals today to stay healthy. Please join us.

Yes Debby Bruck! I am looking forward to join my friend Sergei's program! I love his way of making healthy green smoothies! :)

your welcome dear Saravanan we feel happy if you join us 


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