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Seniya Stoilova Astrology and Homeopathy Benefits Stammering Children March 4, 2013

Please put this event on your calendar. Send us some questions to ask Sunny Seniya Stoilova during the show. This interactive event welcomes your comments. Chat. Call in. 


Sunny Seniya Stoilova Astrology and Homeopathy Benefits For Stammering Children  


The Health Inn for Monday March 4, 2013

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Part of the Sunlight project. Many years using Holistic methods of Healing and Education. 


Introduction: “Holistic Astrology & The Healing Art Of Homeopathy”

Sunny Seniya introduces herself to the community:

“I am a nature loving person and have always been interested in what is beyond the seen.  Seeking alternative natural healing methods and therapies, how they are connected and benefit our wellness our wellbeing. So, I choose to live the challenge and walk on my path consciously teaching and sharing while learning from my personal and professional experience.


The holistic point of view that applies to Astrology and the healing art of Homeopathy is part of my Body-Mind-Spirit journey."


Seniya Stoilova (Sunlight) was born and grew up in the beautiful Balkan Country Bulgaria.

Your guessed correctly that she speaks Bulgarian, English as a second language and also Russian.


As far back as she can remember, Seniya has always been interested in stars, constellations, the cosmos and nature wonders. Curious and eager to get deeply into the core of any mystery, or find the cause that leads to dis-balancing of harmony in any aspect of life, dis-eases etc., she studied holistic astrology for over 12 years, got her university degree in early childhood pedagogy and music at the Pedagogical University St. Neofit Rilski – Blagoevgrad, specialized in speech therapy at the Sofia University St. Kliment Ochridski. To top that off, she graduated from The London College of Classical Homeopathy.  


Seniya started learning astrology to better understand her self and life's wonders, while walking on own life journey. She extended her love of life to family and friends, and to her personal and professional growth as a Classical Homeopath.


She has always been interested in Astronomy and has learned Holistic Astrology for over 12 years.  Her interests in music, nature, life wonders, ability to communicate with children was in asset working as a kindergarten and music teacher in Sofia, Bulgaria and as Waldorf preschool teacher at The Kaslo Periwinkle Children’s Centre, BC, Canada,



As a graduate at The London College of Classical Homeopathy since 1999, she has been practising in Sofia and in Canada where she became a member of Homeopathic Medical Counsel of Canada, Toronto, and has had her own practice registered as "Sunlight Wellbeing."


The knowledge of holistic astrology has been in asset in many cases of homeopathy.  The advantage of this method, helps the homeopath get deeply into the core reason causing any particular dis-ease manifested or not on a physical level.  


Seniya has lectured and supervised students in classical homeopathy at Sofia’s branch of International College of Homeopathy in London, England. She has been teaching First Aid in Homeopathy courses at the Selkirk College, Kalso, BC and Sofia, as well via Skype in person.


Seniya works with animals and plants, trees, adults with aphasia, children having speech and learning difficulties, emotional & behavioral challenges, ADHD, Stammering & Stuttering, Dyslexia & Dysgraphia as a homeopath using holistic astrology.
She has published articles in Bio-dynamic agriculture and Homeopathy and articles regarding the Swine Flu Shot propaganda and immunisations’ short and long term side effects.

"Believe it or not, homeopathy works, and no man-made law can stop that purifying healing energy", says Seniya.


When sharing her personal life journey, Seniya considers, as well, "That there are no incurable illnesses, only incurable people."


She is a director of Sunlight Wellbeing Association registered in 2012 as a non-profit organisation to promote worldwide alternative methods and therapies for healing and education.

She was a participant in the proving of Ignis Alcoholis in 1999 at the London College of Classical Homeopathy and in the proving of a remedy made of orchid, An Elephant Ear, at Niagara Falls School of Homeopathy, Canada in 2006.




Debby Bruck Seniya was speech therapist doing project with stammering children, esp those taking drugs
Debby Bruck We don't have a cause for stuttering, yet some appear when their is fear, during time period when developing speech
Debby Bruck Hello Fairy Mom
fairy mom Hello Debby!
Debby Bruck :-)
Debby Bruck Each new client comes to Seniya for lengthy traditional classical case intake
Debby Bruck Then she does the astrological chart
Debby Bruck body mind spirit. matter of choice.
Debby Bruck hello Leslie !
Debby Bruck made the astral wheel - chart, Talking about the future.
Dr Deepak India Many times patients was feeling better with out any medication may be the effects of stars
Debby Bruck could be Dr Deepak.
Debby Bruck causticum
Debby Bruck FEAR. Rubric.
Kavitha Yes, Seniya we are greatful and thankful to Debby for creating HWC for us
Dr Deepak India Debby have a great energy and her stars are shining day by day  we all are very thank ful for making a platform HWC 
Mardy I agree!
Debby Bruck Saturn cycles every 7 years
judygreeno Agree! She always glows, somehow even more radiant today!
Dr Deepak India from where we can learn about astrology
Kavitha She is always positive, energetic and generous
Debby Bruck mercury is communications. We always hear RETROGRADE. pain, unsolved. not transformative.
Debby Bruck the complete slide show with charts will be up on website.
Debby Bruck scorpion moon.
Debby Bruck new moon. don't feel like starting something new. listen to inner voice.
Dr Deepak India Cluster headaches are worse on full moon
Debby Bruck mercury means good time to review old project. !!
Debby Bruck nothing to fear. time to learn.
Debby Bruck if we have knowledge and not frightened. use these influences for benefit.
Maryann why do you think that is Dr. Deepak?
Amnon Hello Leslie
Dr Deepak India Its an periodical headaches and worsen by negativity and on full moon lot of negative thoughts in mind 
Debby Bruck hello Monique
Dr Deepak India this i am hear by one of my patient who is an astrologer
Maryann thank you. very interesting.
Maryann maybe she means the chart helps her narrow down and pick between remedies if there is a question about which one to pick.
Dr Deepak India we need another show with Seniya in which she learn more about astrology first
Debby Bruck we will have another BlogTalkRadio with more explanation of CHARTS
Dr Deepak India may be astrology will help us to know better that the individual is suffring with incurable disease or not
Debby Bruck thank you Dr Deepak
Maryann Good point Dr Deepak
Mardy I can see how having the astrology chart and approaching cause/effect 'explanation' to the mother and child/patient team is supportive. And since the chart is objective, not subjective, it's reinforcement. "Confirming" as Seniya just said.
Debby Bruck thank you Mandy
Maryann thank you so much seniya. I will visit your website.
Debby Bruck The King's Speech
Rochelle Brilliant film!!
Debby Bruck hello Rochelle.
Kavitha Very interesting to understand Astrology and the co-relation to homeopathy. Thank you so much Seniya for sharing this with us
Dr Deepak India on the side i am just talked with my pateint who is an astrologer and he told that some the skin disease is depend on the stars
Dr Deepak India Thank you Kavitha for being with us
Mardy Sure! I'm an OT since 1996/7 and got into astrology personally at the same time, so this has been fascinating to hear a ST that also integrates natural medicines plus brings in the 'spirit' aspect (integrates). And The King's Speech is a fabulous movie, glad Seniya suggested it.
Cathy Thank you Seniya, Debby, and everyone.  I will be looking more into this.  Thank you for the websites and everything.
Debby Bruck thank you. please email me if you want more information
Maryann yes, thank you Debby and Dr. Deepak for hosting.
Dr Deepak India Thank you Maryann
Cathy Yes, thank you, Dr. Deepak.
Rochelle Had a patient in so sorry for missing most of it
Dr Deepak India Thanks Cathy
Dr Deepak India It will be available on HWC website dear Rochelle
Rochelle OK - thanks
Kavitha Also Thanks to Debby, Dr Sharma & Amnon.
fairy mom Thanks everyone!
Dr Deepak India Thank you Debby and Amnon


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