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Monday May 21 | Role of Vitamins and Micro-nutrients in Postoperative Case

Monday May 21 | Role of Vitamins and Micro-nutrients in Postoperative Case

Dr Deepak Sharma will impart his experience from surgical residency.

Thank you to all viewers for another most successful broadcast. We had over 1200 live viewers. Contact Debby if you have any ideas, suggestions or would like to participate in this event.

contact Debby or
 Dr Deepak Sharma if you have a special story you would like to tell.



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Who of us has lived an entire life without a cut that needed mending, a broken bone, a hospital stay, an emergency room visit or surgery? 


Someone please tell what this quote means to you? Is this a joke or sarcasm or do we find some truth in this anonymous statement about four types of care-givers? Luckily, the author does not mention the nurse or mother.

  • A physician is someone who knows everything and does nothing.
    A surgeon is someone who does everything and knows nothing.

    A psychiatrist is someone who knows nothing and does nothing.

    A pathologist is someone who knows everything and does everything too late.


Truly we could use more physicians following the golden rule for not causing any physical, emotional or financial and unwanted pain as stated by ‘FRCS’ in The Times, quoted by Reginald Pound in Harley Street (1967) .

  • "A surgeon should give as little pain as possible while he is treating the patient, and no pain at all when he charges his fee.

We learn from our personal experiences. First, as a child what impacts our lives, the people in our lives and stirs some motivations and perhaps a career in medicine or specialty field. When we see the artistic and skillful work of a surgeon who sews someone back together to make them whole, or removes a diseased part so that person may live.  But, greater than that the person who learns from their adult experience and has a take home message, one to err on the side of caution and patience when time allows. An English proverb says it best, "The best surgeon is one that hath been hacked himself." Thus, he understands the trauma physical, mental and emotional. The surgeon recognizes the aftermath of a surgery and what risks imposed and benefits remain.

  • Credit: In Dwight Edwards Marvin, The Antiquity of Proverbs (192), 238.


The Scope of Surgery



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