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Dr. Robert Bruck is an alumni distinguished professor of plant pathology, forestry, environmental science and environmental technology and management at North Carolina State University.

Dr. Bruck received an undergraduate degree from Buffalo State College of New York, his PhD from Syracuse University, Post Doctoral work at Cornell University, and has been teaching and doing research at North Carolina State University for 34 years.

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Dr Bruck is a recognized expert in the field of global warming, plant pathology and forestry and has been given numerous honors. His research on air pollution on forest ecosystems and his life-long career culminated with him being named the 1997 laureate of the North Carolina Award for Science by the governor.

He developed the Department of Environmental Technology at the University and presently teaches environmental science classes to over 3000 NC State students every year.  One of his courses is "Global Climate Change Health Effects." which touches upon the global effects of radiation from Fukushima daiichi into our oceans and atmosphere.


Most people call him a walking encyclopedia and he has been named by his students "Mr Planet" like a super hero. He has taken hundreds of students on travel experiences to South America to study the tropical ecosystems and instill a desire to learn about and protect our planet. 


Dr Bruck has hundreds of publications to his name, an award winning documentary, traveled the globe, testified before Congress concerning our environment, researched solar energy and sustainability, developed a distance education curriculum and journeyed with National Geographic to Mount Everest. He loves to climb mountains, read books, experiment in the kitchen making hot sauce and roasting coffee beans. His passionate lectures get rave reviews, challenges his students to be critical thinkers and advises many college students.  

  • Dr Bruck now says that Global Warming is a fact and more accepted than ever before by people on all sides of the fence. Technician Online


Please join us and ask questions, let's get the conversation moving.



Press Release

‹Amnon› OK.
‹Dr Deepak India› Hello everyone
‹Debby Bruck ❉› We will get started in about 8 minutes; at that time refresh page.
‹Amnon› Hello.
‹Dr Deepak India› I will be on chat today because of very poor connection
‹Gabriele› Hello, nice to see you all -
‹Gabriele› I had no time to read anything. What's the topic of today?
‹Gabriele› Please
‹Dr Deepak India› Hello Gab today topic is on Tragedy of Fukushima  by Dr Robert Bruck
‹Frank› Welcome all of you.
‹Dr Deepak India› Good Morning everyone
‹Kavitha› Hello Dr Bruck, Debby, Dr Sharma, Amnon and every one
‹Gabriele› thx
‹Debby Bruck ❉› We are live.
‹Gabriele› so I think
‹Gabriele› SMILE
‹Debby Bruck ❉› hahahahah. Keep breathing
‹Amnon› Sorry, yes we are live.
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Hello Frank, Kavi, Gabby, Deepak
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Welcome Katherine
‹Katharine› Hi Debby!
‹Debby Bruck ❉› WHO comprehensive health assessment report.  For general population the risks are small. No observable increase in cancer rates...
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Contradictions to the science.
‹Debby Bruck ❉› We find a conflict politically to the science
‹Debby Bruck ❉› iodine, cesium, strontium and radiation
‹Debby Bruck ❉› 2500 TIMES ABOVE the ambient amount in oceans in fish and sea life.
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Any questions? Anyone want to call in?
‹Debby Bruck ❉› comments?
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Hi Maja
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Cesium 137 half life over 50 years contaminating the water.
‹Maja› Hi
‹Debby Bruck ❉› The problem is not so much the gas; it is the leakage underneath the core.
‹Kavitha› Debby, it is so scary to hear the truth about radio active substances, toxins, damage to the nature
‹Debby Bruck ❉› measuring radiation
‹Debby Bruck ❉› It is scary. It is true. It is really. No one is being told.
‹Dr Deepak India› Radiation toxicity is increasing day by day.
‹Debby Bruck ❉› More foods contaminated
‹Gabriele› Did you ever prepare a card about the radiation after Tchernobyl?
‹Debby Bruck ❉› What card Gabby?
‹Gabriele› we had a similar situation after Tchernobyl. So I have a little experience with this radiation. Is there any card about that of this time?
‹Seniya› Hello everyone.
‹Yvonne› hello
‹Yvonne› What kind of radiation remedies can we come across?
‹Gabriele› we can take our mind to clean the food.
‹Seniya› Cadmium-sulph
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Thank you Seniya. I will mention some remedies
‹Seniya› Gabriele, we had similar in Bulgaria with Tchernobyl, remember the salad in the garden that grew gigantic
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Thank you Gabby
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Yes.
‹Seniya› Thank you Debby.
‹Gabriele› I have healed my garden this way - because there are not enough remedies to heal the world. And not enough knowledge about. The phenomena is new. No experiences with homeopathy
‹Seniya› That's right, and our food is our medicine, so we keep doing as much as we can with homeopathy as well
‹Frank› I was a medical student in 1986, and in Medical University told us, do not panic it is not so severe. but we didn't believe it.
‹Gabriele› and with more
‹Gabriele› I had a cancer, and I've healed
‹Debby Bruck ❉› YEAH! GABBY. Me too. But. When the environment is contaminated what to do?
‹Dr Deepak India› Carcinosin may help
‹Debby Bruck ❉› The government always says don't worry.
‹Seniya› I was working with group of children at that time and was told do not panic, but to avoid going out
‹Gabriele› not to be the victim but to be the actor in using the quantum-possibilities we ALL hae
‹Gabriele› have
‹Seniya› That's right, Gabby,
‹Debby Bruck ❉› mutations
‹Yvonne› hugs to u Gabriele
‹Gabriele› if you build an internet, using quantum physics, what's about to heal the world with exactly this technology?
‹Gabriele› don't see you too small !!! We can SMILE
‹Kavitha› yes
‹Frank› I use nes mihealth,, and Peter Fraser developed a program especially against radiation. If you know NES therapy maybe you know it.
‹Amnon› Just put the whole kit into a glass and add water SMILE
‹Frank› If you saw the Living Matrix movie you know what Nes therapy is.
‹Gabriele› something like this I mean.
‹Gabriele› @Frank
‹Kavitha› Gabriele & Debby you both are great and very inspiring as Cancer survivors
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Very good Amnon. This is a standing joke
‹Seniya› Sea salt is an interesting remedy as well
‹Frank› I agree with you Kavitha, they are!!
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Very good Seniya
‹Gabriele› I used quantum physics similar to Frank I think.
‹Gabriele› but without any engine
‹Debby Bruck ❉› What do you do Gab with this quantum physics?
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Well, next week Kate Birch will talk about THE FIELD
‹Gabriele› exactly, the "field"
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Tritium rare element converted from water
‹Gabriele› or similar to the Apocrypha (Thomas gospel)
‹Seniya› Yes
‹Debby Bruck ❉› breast milk has increase of radiation
‹Seniya› I remember the provers had very interesting experience -
‹Gabriele› my wasn't increased
‹Gabriele› I got my child that year of Tchernobyl
‹Frank› diospyros khaki can be a remedy too
‹Debby Bruck ❉› you did?
‹Gabriele› i did
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Your child is fine?
‹Gabriele› best
‹Debby Bruck ❉› We need you on the show to talk of your experience
‹Gabriele› then you risk a lot of quantum physics SMILE
‹Seniya› Thanks Frank
‹Frank› welcome Seniya
‹Gabriele› and what you FEEL
‹Gabriele› it isn't please, quantum is proved as far as possible (for us)
‹Seniya› Absolutely
‹Kavitha› Yes, we are looking for Gabriele on Health Inn show
‹Gabriele› don't think like Newton as long as we speak about radiation (as machine to make pictures as well as streaming through the world)
‹Gabriele› we'll get it - as you stand my bad English
‹Gabriele› SMILE
‹Debby Bruck ❉› SMILE
‹Seniya› What if a homeopathic remedy made of ocean water is given back , so the waves do the rest
‹Gabriele› Caution, caution, caution. We are talking about developing not panic. At the same time we think about hundreds of years of followings!
‹Debby Bruck ❉› How does it work Seniya?
‹Debby Bruck ❉› Hi Yvonne
‹Debby Bruck ❉› How to reprogram our brains to think NON-Material?
‹Seniya› The waves should potentize it and it will be helping as similar cures similar, but the pollution nd contamination is p
‹Seniya› an issue or keeps the contamination
‹Seniya› or the problem. Nature shows us best examples like Eincorn,
‹Kavitha› Thank you so much Dr Bruck for wonderful show
‹Frank› Thank you Dr. Bruck!
‹Gabriele› The critical mass to change something, you can calculate: The thousandth part of the population. The square root thereof. Written with translators. 7,000,000,000: 1.000 = 2.646 = square root of the result . that's enough to change the world. That's possible I think
‹Seniya› Thank you very much Dr. Bruck, Debby, Amnon, all you
‹Seniya› thank you for been part of this amazing show. Sunlight Regards
‹Gabriele› thanx to you all
‹Frank› Blessings all of you!!
‹Seniya› Thank you


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