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Resonance: The Secret Behind Homeopathy and Active Consciousness

Amy Lansky will be our guest on The Health Inn Show August 5, 2013

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Former NCH executive board member, Amy L. Lansky, PhD, author of the well-known introductory book to homeopathy, Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy will be our guest.

She will delve into a new area of study and expand our thinking. With her background as a computer scientist and passion as a homeopath and author, we will take a ride together as we investigate energy fields beyond the visible.

Let's talk about creating our own reality. This discussion may pertain to our understanding of homeopathy. I'm sure it will be exciting and you will want to invite your best friends.  

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We will learn about Amy's recent investigation into the Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within,"  and most likely hear some excerpts from her new publication. Drawing on parallels with synchronicity and scientifically studied aspects of mysterious fields, like the psi and morphic fields, Amy will show that it's just as Hahnemann said -- it's all about similarity in vibration. We encourage you to tune in and put the date on your calendar for provocative and mind-bending look at Lansky's latest work.

Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within
 is now one of the most exciting, far-ranging, and accessible books available on the topic of consciousness, spirituality, meditation, and the evolution of human awareness. Comprehensive, yet at the same time accessible and personal, this book invites you to not only learn about these mysterious subjects, but to develop the power of active consciousness for yourself. By including a series of exercises and experiments in meditation and self-inquiry, Active Consciousness provides an experience that will transform your life and help you evolve to a new level of awareness.


Debby Bruck Concept of resonance. All these fields are the same or related.
Dr Kulbhushan D Hi Gisa thankyou
Gisa :)
Debby Bruck Hi Kavitha. (HUGS)
ELLA hi; just wanted to say this is very interesting and fascinating . :)
Debby Bruck How we have the power of active consciousness. Our trajectory through 3-D space and time.
Gisa not we "have" but we ARE
Debby Bruck MORPHIC FIELD Rupreck sheldrake a href=">">>;
Debby Bruck A field exerts a force upon a field.
mary Yes Gisa
Debby Bruck what if consciousness is a field. When receive thoughts, we are affected by this field like magnets or gravity
Debby Bruck Morphic field. Similar or related things, i.e. members of same species thru property of resonance.
Debby Bruck Animals of same species pick up on others in the morphic field.
Debby Bruck WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE TAMPER WITH GMO and mix species???
kavitha I think my birds talk through morphic field
Debby Bruck If evolution is purely random that wouldn't occur. No interchange between physical bodies.
Gisa we disturb the field, we are
Debby Bruck Yes, Kavi
Cathy My thoughts exactly, Debby.  GMO is evil at its best. . . . .
Nancy gahles Hi to Amy! Got a message through my morphic field that she was on this show! Had to tunei in.
Debby Bruck Non living items -- crystal formation also have morphic fields
Debby Bruck The first time it is difficult, but become easier to generate over time
kavitha Wow, Nancy good to see you here through morphic field
Debby Bruck A morphic field make it easier for future growth
Debby Bruck For humanity and collective unconscious. We are all connected
phyllis It was noted in the 50's the worms were communicating over long distance.  Something was done to a worm in one lab was cut in half and the worm in the other lab reacted to that severing.
Debby Bruck Tuned in to human channel. All those related, LOVED ONES most connected
Gisa exactly, we are one
Dr Deepak India morphic field has no limits it comes anywhere anytime in any form
Debby Bruck We, our thoughts, are not in our brains. They are stored IN THE CLOUD!!!
Debby Bruck Our private channel in the morphic field.
mary loved that Debby...IN THE CLOUD
Dr Deepak India YES and these clouds going here and there
Gisa the brain is a substation, to combine the thoughts with the "rest" of the body
Debby Bruck Studies with DNA, lots of genome they don't understand.
Gisa see the DNA as a dairy
Debby Bruck our physical bodies are RECEIVERS for tuning in information from morphic field.
Debby Bruck The TV is tuning in and like radio waves.
phyllis Cellular memory is how the body creates symptoms that we use in homeopathy to be the connection to the correct remedy for the individual to use to continue to heal itself.
mary Consciousness PRECEDES Matter
Debby Bruck correlation between activity inside set, but not generating the information
Amnon If you are seeing Debby with clouds you may be watching last weeks show.  Amy is talking right now.
phyllis Junk DNA is the miasm.  The allopaths don't understand any of that.
Debby Bruck brain is machine for receiving informatino and even how the body works.
Debby Bruck We don't understand how it happens. Not all in the genes (machinery)
Gisa so I said: a substation
Nancy gahles Our brains and nervous system and chakras do store information from all fields.
mary Love that Genes are just receiving...therefore vibrational genetics as consciousness precedes matter
Gisa often the same invention happens on diffrent points of world
phyllis You notice that something happens in your world and then there are others who are thinking or doing the same thing.
Amnon (NSA, I didn't really invent such a thing :-)
Cathy This is fascinating.
Debby Bruck Hello Nancy! Carrie, Marilyn
mary Iphone uses CLOUD to store your info! As above so below!
Debby Bruck psychic phenomena -- CARRIE
phyllis I think that most of know that you didn't invent a Perpetual motion machine, Amnon. 
Debby Bruck Carrie is the host of Psychic Cafe each Sunday night on this channel
Debby Bruck Institute of Noetic Scientists -- LOVE EXPERIMENT
Carrie the Psyc Hello Everyone...........
Debby Bruck take connected couples. Put them in different chambers that are shielded.
Gisa course
Suziani hi Carrie
Debby Bruck Hook up electrodes. Shine lights in their eyes, play noises. the other couple will respond. Phenomena.
phyllis I understand that you are doing something the Nicola Tesla and others have already done.. Possibly the way that those huge stones were moved to construct the Pyramids.
Debby Bruck LOVE EXPeriment in control and non - control. One spouse had cancer.
Debby Bruck Trained them in meditation; communicate their good intentions. Randomly signaled...
mary the pyramids are energetically connected around the world
Gisa phyllis, totally right.
Nancy gahles I believe that we can and do consciously create our experiences and even our matter, that is, our physical bodies. I know for sure that by our thoughts we can change the structure of our bodies. Like Jesus did..and Hahnemann, by raising the frequencies of matter, vibrate it at a higher rate and change the structure....therefore the diseases or whatever is stuck on whatever plane.
Debby Bruck in that moment... the receivers did not know when. Their bodies started to synchronized.
Debby Bruck More significant when person is connected thru the morphic field.
Debby Bruck more SIMILAR
Debby Bruck Random event generators. ??
Carrie the Psyc Hey Suz your a busy women here on our shows wow
Debby Bruck Electronic, pneumatic and mechanical. not generated by the computer.
Debby Bruck Sporting events, music concerts -- the audience is on the same wavelength. they became more coherent
Debby Bruck 50 REG would pick up on world events.
Suziani Carrie... I have an insane curiosity about everything... never want to stop learning
Debby Bruck are the people around the world resonating together.
Debby Bruck during negative events ie. Princess Di and 911
Carrie the Psyc omg i know this your amazing..........
Debby Bruck Did this for 13 years. Two hours before twin towers we all had a collective precognition of this event.
marilyn1 Global coherent project
Debby Bruck Thanks marilyn
Debby Bruck Psi Field.
marilyn1 my pleasure Deb
Debby Bruck Which marilyn is this?
marilyn1 tshannon
Debby Bruck People were shown images of benign things like a spoon; or horrific like violence, ***, stimulating images.
marilyn1 I meant shannon
Debby Bruck (HUGS)
Suziani Hi Marilyn!
marilyn1 xxxoxoxoxo
marilyn1 Hey there Suxiani busy lady
Debby Bruck the body responds. Testing to see if people could know before hand. the computer randomly would choose the next image.
Gisa this is a path, which works in both direction: Only that becomes reality, what you let into your mind.
Debby Bruck People would react appropriately before they saw the image.
Suziani now there is a thought... lol.. suxiani...never thought of that one
mary Like that Gisa
Gisa means: perhaps 9/11 only happens for us because we let it in
Debby Bruck Distance and Time do not make a difference
Debby Bruck Does not matter when it will happen or where
mary consciousness is beyond time and space
Debby Bruck Enhance this active consciousness within us
Debby Bruck change our trajectory!!!
Gisa Time and space are not part of the 3 dimensional universe. Both is a step more.
mary paradigm shifts!
Cathy On several occasions I have known of a major event before it happened.  Every time. this proved to help me deal better with the "shock" when I learned of each event.
Gisa like neutrons: they do not stay in 3-dimensions. Are part of another step. So they can be at each time at each place.
Debby Bruck WHAT IS A FIELD? A region throughout which a force may be exerted. Things can exert a force upon a field, and a field can exert a force upon things. E.g., gravitational field / gravity;               magnetic field / magnetism;   consciousness field / consciousness
Gisa quantum physics.
Debby Bruck The state you are in will determine where you will go. what you achieve. Be in the goal's vibration.
mary the way to achieve it is to be it
Debby Bruck Shallow versus Deep
Debby Bruck Are you awake? Are you REALLY awake?
Debby Bruck Are we just a body, a machine?
Debby Bruck Hello Karuns and Maja
Suziani Twenty years ago... I wrote a book as FICTION... and as the years went by... not only did things I wrote of happen... eerily... but it turned out that what I had written... unknown to me consciously... turned out to have really happened.
Gisa we have a body to be here. without body, we are
Debby Bruck Yes -- good Suzi
Debby Bruck It is our RESPONSE that makes a difference
Debby Bruck We are creating change in the field around us.
mary we ARE the field
Debby Bruck :-)
Debby Bruck If our goal is to spread the idea of homeopathy.
Debby Bruck Do that at a deeper level and make it easier!!!
Suziani I felt the entire time I was writing the book.. that someone else was writing it...  it was definitely coming from somerwhere else... and I knew it.
Gisa what is consciousness? Only to be aware? Or only to think about? If we are consciousness, we are the field, the resonance, the communicator and the creator, too
Maja we are elements of field. every change in the field make infulence on us. every change in us make infulence on whole field.
Debby Bruck Coincidence is a mechanism a way that things happen in this deeper field.
ELLA yes the oscillatory motion , that you keep yourself in specially at a deep consciousness that is directed by the source which is the heart will determent the state of harmony you can create. it creats what is intended with your believe of harmony
mary :) Gisa
Debby Bruck Objects, dreams, emotions have a similar vibratory state. They occur at the same time and place
Debby Bruck Carl JUNG came up with patient's dream with symbolism of scarab
Seniya paralel worlds
Gisa 4 % are thinking part of consciousness, the other 96 % are powerful - and not the thinking part.
Debby Bruck state of vibration of her issue. the archetypical meaning of scarab of mythic FIELD OF MEANING that was symbolic of state. Very similar beetle rapped on window and it flew in.
Debby Bruck The physical, the dream and woman's mental state.
Debby Bruck Christopher Whitmont - homeopath and student of Jung
Nancy gahles Just shows that we are, indeed, in control of our selves!  As I say in my book title, "The Power of $elfCare!
Debby Bruck Psychi and Substance
Gisa interesting author
Debby Bruck Hello Nancy! (HUGS)
Gisa ineresting book
Gisa was my first after Kent
Debby Bruck “..with mental and physical symptoms synchronistically, not causally, related, one may substitute for another and appear to be able to cancel it.  Thus we get a first glimpse of an understanding how illness and ‘similar’ drug energy, as synchronistic entities of the same ‘field’ sharing a functional likeness, may perhaps substitute for another and thereby functionally cancel each other.” (Whitmont
Dr Deepak India Phillip and Belly is also a good book
Gisa PHillip Bailey
Debby Bruck The substance has a similar vibration as the diseased state. When take similimum strengthens and amplifies the resonance.
Dr Deepak India yes
Gisa australian homeopath
Debby Bruck NEXT THEORY: Remedy is is artificial disease replaces the disease in vital force.
Debby Bruck Goes in and does something to affect the vital force.
Debby Bruck IMPOSSIBLE CURE Book is a negative attractor in the body. Fixates the body in this state. If you give the remedy -- an attractor that is similar to disease state.
Debby Bruck It tricks the body and latches onto the body.
Dr Deepak India this is very important that how we understand the consciousness of the sick
Gisa right.
Debby Bruck THEORY OF ACTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. A mathematician!
Debby Bruck We are in 3D space and time. Many possible futures we can move into. Even 4 or 5 dimensional space. many parallel realities. Are we going to continue this disease or start healilng.
Debby Bruck Body makes a choice -- will the remedy replace the disease with similar/artificial disease. Snap it away and FREE THE BODY OF THE DISEASE
Gisa each material, animal, plant, element... is a story. Speaks about its being. Also the illness: it's a story about something understood wrong and no solution. We must find the similimum story to heal
Debby Bruck A world beyond CAUSE AND EFFECT
Debby Bruck similar vibration. We have energy body.
Debby Bruck Thank you Gabby
mary delusion of remedy = fixed idea and snapping the person out of it
Gisa :)
Debby Bruck We are in a vibratory state we might not normally have access. No TIME AND SPACE
Debby Bruck effects random machines.
Debby Bruck unlikey coincidences that bring you to what you are working on.
Seniya Way to go
Debby Bruck increase the chance you will follow trajectory to bring you to goal state
Nancy gahles Gotta go! Send my regards to Amy
mary Gisa do you have a website?
ELLA yes as long there is possible ways to draw different dimensions that you see internally at a stable psychic harmony you can connect to that dimension easily.
Gisa a href=">">>; Translater online left above
mary Tks
Gisa :)
Gisa You can find me at facebook as Gabriele Sielmann
mary k
Gisa Sohar
Debby Bruck Relationship to other esoteric models, with a focus on the human energy bodies -- e.g., Gurdjieff, Rudolf Steiner, Kabbalah.
Debby Bruck Resonate with patient better if you are in meditative state and intuition to select the correct remedy

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"Reining in your senses is the sign of growing in wisdom".

This will be an enlightening interview. Looking forward to it. 


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