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Nissan Communications Hosts a number of shows. 

On the fly, Julie Seibert, eco-organizer, who hosts "Reawaken Your Brilliance" asked me to be the guest speaker. Of course, I couldn't say, "no" to a friend. All of you out there, I hope my answers were okay. You know how I can get on that soapbox, or go off on a tangent, get distracted about something and forget the question. 


If you would like to listen to the archive, here it is. We had 1370 live listeners.
With gratitude to all those who showed up and supported us. 



It was a fast paced show with tons of information.

Reawaken Your Brilliance from the chat:

  • Dr Bob:  The Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia was forced to become allopathic in 1922 by the newly founded American Medical Association

  • Arnica is even accepted by MD's around the world- how come this herb works but MD's reject Homeopathy?

  • A Nobel Prize winning Physicist has proven that WATER can retain the MEMORY of a diluted homeopathic remedy even though there is NOT a single molecule of the original substance in it- this really bothers the skeptics.
  • Amnon: Can this 'memory' be a remedy?  Can someone take this water instead of the remedy itself?
  • Dr Bob : Thats exactly what you do take Amnon. You dilute the remedy in water and it acts directly on your immune system without a single molecule of the original material

  • Amnon2› This is for you Dr. Bob :-) But, can Debby just have a gallon of Arnica, and dispense it little by little to those who want Arnica?  Will it lose its value after a time?

  • Dr Bob: What are the most  common remedies and what are they used for?

  • Tylenol Jones› Any remedies to alleviate asthma?

  • Debby Bruck› Enter HWB12 Discount Code on Miranda Castro's Website for a 10% Discount

  • Dr Bob: Describe how long it takes to do a homeopathic interview and diagnosis. Homeopathy is the dominant form of medicine in India. Over 500 million people use it and there are over 300 thousand licensed practitioners. Maybe there is something they know and we havent figured out. There are some excellent basic books that a non-practitioner can use for acute problems- ie if you get an injury immediately take arnica. Doctors have been using Rhus Tox for 200 years for poison ivy relief. Skeptics will always dis homeopathy because it could kill their business. Follow the dollar. if you need surgery ----- get it. You cannot patent homeopathic remedies- they are ALL natural products.

  • Debby: Vote for NissanCommunications


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