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December 3, 2012 - Miranda Castro Teaches Us About Cell Salts

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Can't wait to talk with Miranda Castro about Cell Salt Combinations

What are they, anyway?

Why would someone want to make or use a combination remedy?

How can we understand there use?

What combinations do Brits use and recommend? 


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Miranda Castro | Miranda On FaceBook



Miranda Castro, a British-trained professional homeopath, has been in practice since 1983 and writing and teaching about homeopathy since 1988. Her love and passion for homeopathy has no end. She discovered classical homeopathy when her son was a year old and suffering from whooping cough, a disease now rising in incidence since massive vaccination programs have caused new strains of pertussis. 


Homeopaths around the world have heard of Miranda from her lectures, books, journal articles and development of remedy kits and now cell salts. You've probably given a family member or a friend her first book, "The Complete Homeopathy Handbook" (Macmillan/St. Martin's Press), which has sold over 250,000 copies and is reknowned for being the first and only book to bring classical homeopathy to the home prescriber.


Miranda's second book, "Homeopathy for Mother and Baby" (Macmillan/St. Martin's Press) is much loved for its wealth of practical advice and sweet comfort as well as its homeopathic guidance for parents, guardians and grandparents.


Miranda's third book, "A Homeopathic Guide to Stress" describes the great big landscape of stress (including physical and environmental stresses) with homeopathic solutions. As we know, all physicians and the general population agree we find 'stress' at the root of all dis-ease. Let's learn a few tips to reduce our stress level using homeopathy.


As a regular contributor to both professional homeopathic journals and popular publications dealing with complementary health matters and homeopathy, you have surely read one of the articles on influenza, colds, midwifery, tummy aches, injuries, trauma, pets and much more. 
Did you know Miranda has a background in acupuncture, iridology, healing, supervision and humanistic psychotherapy. She developed a program of supervision specifically to meet the emotional and more practical needs of the professional homeopath. This has been incorporated into the curriculum of several homeopathic teaching establishments in the UK and has formed a cornerstone for my homeopathy teaching.

On the basis of her writing and teaching she frequently teaches at schools and present papers at conferences, both in the UK and the USA. You must tune in to hear her provocative and entertaining talk. If you wish she can speak on her specialty on ethics, practice management and practitioner development at a future interview.
In 1994, Miranda moved from the beautiful but cold, wet and windy Pennines (in the North of England) to Santa Fe, New Mexico and decided to stay in the US. Then she moved to Seattle, Washington in 1995, where she taught homeopathy at Bastyr Naturopathic University for 5 years and had a private practice. During those years, she participated actively in North American Society of Homeopaths [NASH], helping to grow the organization from a handful of homeopaths in 1996 to many hundreds of practitioner and students members in 2003, and serving as Executive Director (1996-1998) and President (1998-2000).
From 2000 until 2002, Miranda worked with Kent Homeopathic Associates, creators of MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks, bringing her sales, marketing and teaching skills to the world's premier homeopathic software company.
From 2002 until 2006, Miranda was a leader in the Florida Health Freedom movement, as well as, teaching and presenting, plus consulting on and writing for "Homeopathy Today," (the magazine of the National Center for Homeopathy).
At the end of 2007, Miranda settled in Gainesville, Florida. You can contact and visit her there, where she practices, writes, teaches and tends to her chickens as well as planting a sub-tropical, edible garden. I don't think we can catch up to all she has accomplished and continues to contribute the the homeopathic community. I'm in awe! 



Biochemistry and Their Salts
Schultz Law  and Its Applications
Wonders of Biochemical Cell Salts
12 Tissue Salts in Homeopathy



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amalia lacayo yes, yes
Dr Deepak India Welcome everyone
Debby Bruck Welcome friends
Dr Deepak India Today we learn about cell salts with Miranda Castro
john board hello Deb
john board lovely spring like day up here in Toronto
Debby Bruck hello John, Kathy, amalia, Hakim, amnon, ...
Debby Bruck tell your friends to join us!
Dr Deepak India show begins now just refresh your page
kavitha Hello Everyone
Dr Deepak India hello Kavitha
fairy mom Hello all!
kavitha I am not able to hear Debby's voice
kavitha Is anything wrong at my end
kavitha Now I am all set
amalia lacayo Hi, Everyone!
Dr Wequar Good morning . Will Miranda be also with us?
Dr Deepak India yes Dr Weqar she is with us
Debby Bruck we're live!
Debby Bruck radionics practitioner directed to good homeopath
john board how do I get it as I am listening to Boutenko
Debby Bruck hello fairy mom
amalia lacayo go to home
Debby Bruck hello kavitha, donna
Dr Deepak India john just refresh your page
john board got it
kavitha Hi Debby, thanks for bringing Miranda to Health Inn show
kavitha I would also say search for all good homeopaths until we see improvement but never give up homeopathy
Debby Bruck Welcome Bob, Kanchan,
Dr Wequar Do you ever take Cinnamon for your diabetes?
kanchan its my pleasure to hear miranda
john board can the remedies be used for cancer
john board Like my lymphoma
john board It is a general question
Debby Bruck very good. :)
Dr Wequar Bitter gouard is said to be good
kavitha I read some place that Dr. Banerjee’s protocol for treating cancer cases and I remember something like giving Nat mur & Kali mur in lower potency 3X or 6X daily for 2-3 months as a supplement
kanchan can you take them as supplements?
Debby Bruck kavitha I believe you are still on the phone. You may speak
kanchan even when you are not pregnant
Debby Bruck thank you kanchan
kavitha Debby, my internet got disconnected for few minutes and then when I called again it was coming engage
john board in canada they sell a combination of all the salts would you agree with that idea
kavitha Debby, I dialed in
Debby Bruck okay Kavitha
john board u adjust dosage amounts in the salts.  In homeopathy I always use just one globule at a time.  Do you vary quantity of globules in homeopathy?
Debby Bruck our bodies have basic needs.
Debby Bruck Miranda is brilliant
john board i use aconite when I feel a cold coming on
amalia lacayo Debby, thnak you for your work. It was good to see Miranda and listen to her. Your awesome!
Donna Hessee This has renewed my interest in homeopathy! Thank you so much!
Debby Bruck hello donna! :)
kanchan you guys rock!
kanchan i feel grateful to be part of this community
fairy mom very informative, Thank you Debby & Miranda!
john board a well spent hour.  Thanks so much to both of yoiu
kavitha Thank you so much Miranda for sharing your knowledge. It was wonderful
kavitha Wow, Robert Bruck is coming on health inn on next show that sounds great
kavitha yes, we want Miranda to come back
fairy mom yes, we want more on cell salts...
kavitha Thank you again
Katharine Thank you.
kavitha Thanks to Debby & Amnon
john board just great to feel your energy.
Debby Bruck wonderful show!


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She is full of fun with her presentation, its going to be a great experience!


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