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Mike Andrews Autism Spectrum Homeopathy Interview 13 October 2014

On October 13, 2014 The Health Inn will present Mike Andrews informing us about Autism Spectrum and the success, research and obstacles when using homeopathy and homeopathic remedies. 



Mike Andrews DSH RSHom graduated from Misha Norland's School of Homeopathy (UK) in 1990. He has taught at many UK homeopathic colleges: London College of Classical Homeopathy, Purton House School of Homeopathy and on the BSc (Hons) Health Sciences: Homeopathy module at the University of Westminster. He has been in full-time homeopathic practice since 1990 and has been a Registered Member of the Society of Homeopaths since 1994. He practiced in West Sussex for many years, but now works in London and Ludlow, Shropshire. He also offers consultations via Skype. Over more than twenty four years in practice, he has worked with many children and their parents, giving him a good practical understanding of child development. He has worked with children with diagnoses of dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, Asperger's and Autism. Mike has been a director of the UK Society of Homeopaths since 2010. Mike has had articles published in The Homeopath and Similia.

Mike will talk about his overview of research by homeopaths worldwide, and conversations with homeopaths from around the globe, as discussed in his recently published book Homeopathy and Autism Spectrum Disorder: a Guide for Practitioners and Families. He will refer to the clinical experiences of homeopaths worldwide working with ASD and the clinical outcomes that homeopaths are achieving in practice. He will explain the homeopathic approach to working with Autism and Asperger's so as to make this treatment approach more understandable to parents, teachers and other health care professionals. He will discuss how homeopathy can further enhance the effect of nutritional and dietary approaches. Throughout the talk he will share his own experience working with these children in his practice

What we will learn:
A Guide For Practitioners and Families
Homeopathy can be an effective way to manage behavior, improve physical health problems and enhance overall wellbeing in people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • The Purpose Of this Book and How it was developed
  • Case Boy Age 5 Remedy based upon emotional/physicals
  • Use of numerous remedies for each case
  • Discussion of Evidence-Based Medicine, Homeopathy and Clinical Trials
  • Expectations of Treatment UK
  • Expectations of Treatment USA
  • Brazil Research Pilot Study
  • Treating All Age Groups
  • Expectations of Treatment Israel
  • Expectations of Treatment Japan
  • Expectations of Treatment Australia
  • Expectations of Treatment India
  • The Work Of Carol Boyce
  • Homeopathy and Diet
  • Case Boy Age 7
  • Selecting A Homeopath
  • The Part of Parent and Care-Giver
  • Obstacles To Recovery
  • Obstacles To Treatment Success
  • Learn About The Autism Book
  • Case Boy Age 10
  • Spandan Holistic Multidisciplinary Clinic
  • Nehru Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital


‹Cathy› I recently visited with parents who are big into the GAPS diet- have seen remarkable improvement with this. Had to carefully explain things to them, that a good diet is very important to good health. But there's much more to take into consideration as well.
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Dr Raja
‹Gisa› Hello all together
‹Rajalakshmi› I have been involved in research on the homeopathic treatment of autism and have published papers titled, Role of Homeopathy in the Management of Autism and New Dimensions on  in the treatrment of Autism in ISPUB
‹Debby Bruck› We're setting up the studio now.
‹Debby Bruck› You may call in and speak with Mike! He says you are in the book.
‹Debby Bruck› He says you are using Classical Homeopathy
‹Rajalakshmi› I would just like to listen to him speak
‹Amnon› We are almost there. 
‹Phyllis Georgic› Amnon, okay.. Thanks
‹Debby Bruck› Okay. If you have any contributions, you may type in the chat and I will relate to him.
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Phyllis
‹Phyllis Georgic› Hi Debby
‹Amnon› Well hey Phyllis, long time no see
‹Phyllis Georgic› Always busy... Doing many things at once always. 
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Phyllis. We are meditating before the show begins. BREATHE....
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Rachel
‹Phyllis Georgic› Today washing clothing and have three infant kittens I have been raising for several weeks due to their mother becoming injured and unable to care for them. They keep me busy and my clients as well.
‹Debby Bruck› Everyone has challenges in life. Suffering. Pain. Discomfort. Searching for answers. Healing others with positive energy
‹Debby Bruck› Sounds like lots of MEOWING over there Phyllis
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Kathleen
‹rachel› hi debby!  should the broadcast start in a min or two?
‹Debby Bruck› Yes. Getting ready now.
‹Phyllis Georgic› Actually, I am a good Mommy Cat and so there is hardly any mewing at all.  They get their needs met pretty quickly... Playing and having fun.
‹Phyllis Georgic› sound is low.  On purpose?
‹Debby Bruck› Okay. Mike is ready to go. I will introduce the program
‹Amnon› We are live
‹Phyllis Georgic› great.
‹Cathy› Trying to find the video-- on Bambuser??
‹Gisa› only on the StreamUp - to get it
‹Phyllis Georgic› You are looking good, Debby... GREAT!
‹Gisa› agree - indeed!
‹rachel› yes you look great debby!
‹Debby Bruck› Thanks to everyone.
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Jhuma and Cathy
‹Cathy› Hello, Debby - you do look great, as everyone is saying!
‹rachel› great mike thank you. 
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Michelle
‹Michelle› good morning Debby!  Everyone!
‹Debby Bruck› Carol Boyce film producer and homeopath. SAVING A LOST GENERATION
‹Phyllis Georgic› If you don't enhance the over all well being of the child there is no reversal of the damage caused that results in autism.
‹rachel› where do you see that movie?  is she making it or is it done?
‹Phyllis Georgic› many of us are vaccine damaged, Michael.
‹Amnon› Can you not hear it well, Phyllis ?
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Tina
‹Michelle› that's a lot in a year.
‹Phyllis Georgic› There are many layers.  THe Miasms are deep and the vaccines stir up the nasty portions of that.
‹Michelle› well you hardly ever get 80% improvement with anything else!
‹Michelle› in a year
‹Phyllis Georgic› They go back as the viruses are being released from the liver and the fevers that they produce cook out those nasties.
‹rachel› please talk about that more...if they lose ground, how does the practitioner keep heart and how to understand that
‹Phyllis Georgic› Parents must be forthcoming in calling between visits to let the homeopath know what fevers or illnesses are coming forth that need an immediate frequency of the doses of the present remedy or to change to the specific remedy.
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Rachel. Yes. Keep at it. There are many things you can do. Even find a homeopath with the most experience
‹Debby Bruck› True. The homeopath needs the parent/guardian to keep in constant communication
‹Phyllis Georgic› Polycrest are always the best that I have found in the almost 30 years of my work with autism
‹Debby Bruck› Polycrests are incredibly effective
‹Phyllis Georgic› Nosodes of the classics and the bowel nosodes need to be used as well.  Don't forget them as intercurrent remedies.
‹Debby Bruck› Good information Phyllis
‹Gisa› indeed, they are, the polycrests
‹Phyllis Georgic› Polycrest are under studied.  They are the first and the best of all the remedies.
‹Debby Bruck› Homeopathy is a system of medicine which is based on treating the individual with highly diluted substances which trigger the body’s natural system of healing.
‹Rajalakshmi› sorry could not call in.  some technical difficulties
‹Gisa› I only have contact with StreamUp - all other contacts does not work.
‹Debby Bruck› Rajalakshmi - did you try with SKYPE at Computers2Kvoice
‹Amnon› They are all up, but maybe where you are they are having a problem.  Is Streamup OK for you?
‹Phyllis Georgic› I like that quote.
‹Gisa› link does not work
‹Cathy› LOVE that quote.
‹Michelle› diet has to be a part of it all b/c it
‹Gisa› indeed
‹Michelle› it's bound to have an effect of some sort from it's contaminationa
‹Phyllis Georgic› Looking at the physical issues of cold or perceived cold and what are their food cravings or aversions.  This is highly important to know.
‹TinaM› Good Morning!
‹Debby Bruck› TRY THIS
‹Phyllis Georgic› Miasm is the reason for one person to be effected differently then another person.
‹Michelle› hi TinaM  It's nice to see everyone again this mon.
‹rachel› what does perceived cold say to you, Phyllis?
‹Gisa› best
‹TinaM› Hi Michelle
‹Debby Bruck› I spoke with FRAN SHEFFIELD. She will be on HEALTH INN some date in the future
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Lyndsey
‹rachel› did the webinar stop for everybody?  or just me.
‹Phyllis Georgic› what the symptoms are ... color and consistency of nasal discharge or stools of the BMs and the craving of certain foods are the keys to finding the correct remedy for anyone but in autism is it really important.
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Rachel. Refresh your page
‹rachel› back on thank you
‹Phyllis Georgic› There are no diet changes that cure.. Homeopathy allows the immune system to do the curing in the method that it is presenting to match those symptoms to the remedy.
‹Michelle› I've heard great things about the GAPS diet - I may try it myself
‹Debby Bruck› Right Cathy. Use all techniques possible to gain improvement, but explain that we must get at root of disease
‹Phyllis Georgic› No diet alone will do anything at all to reverse the damage of the brain and nerves of the vaccine damaged child.
‹Debby Bruck› STIMMING - How do we repertorize that
‹Debby Bruck› Why do gestures change?
‹Phyllis Georgic› shaking head or flapping hands.
‹Phyllis Georgic› Those are mostly Baryta Carbonicum Cases.
‹Lyndsey› But Hahnemann always looked at the whole picture including diet...I do not believe it suppresses systems there is a such a link between gut dysbiosis and brain imbalances. The head banging is very important to add back into the  case.
‹Phyllis Georgic› Ticks of Nux Mos.
‹rachel› but i thought if it's just a bit of stimming, we dont repertorize it - because it is a regular part of autism, of th disease
‹Michelle› it seems like a tic
‹Phyllis Georgic› yet many children who are Carcinosinum are also stimmers of the  hands or facial expressions.
‹Debby Bruck› Watch the gestures. What are the focus of thoughts?
‹Debby Bruck› How does child express inner world?
‹Debby Bruck› Thanks Phyllis - Tics
‹Debby Bruck› Dr Louis Klein does ORCHID Remedies
‹rachel› can you say a few words about what those orchids are?  not familiar w them
‹Debby Bruck› Wide variety of options. Find a homeopath who clicks with you
‹Phyllis Georgic› I have had children who move their fingers like mouse... Finger flapping, snapping at each other.. Carcinosinum worked for her.
‹Lyndsey› Also with a non verbal child often they can write, sign, draw . The personality of the person is hugely important in Autism too much is talked about  the Triad of impairment and we then get dragged down a medical model
‹Rajalakshmi› Children release internal tension through gestures like hanflapping. Once the internal tension is reduced the behaviour stops automatically
‹Debby Bruck› What does STIMMING represent? It is Unique and Peculiar
‹Michelle› it's keynotish, isn't it?
‹Debby Bruck› g
‹Michelle› It's like an auto coping mech
‹Michelle› or stress reliever
‹Lyndsey› I agree , also auditory imbalances can bre corrected by spinning...
‹Debby Bruck› growling along with all the marked unique gestures. Consider what it represents and if it shows itself in other areas of life?
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Lise -
‹Phyllis Georgic› You look at remedies.. You must read remedies in several MM and not relying upon reperatory so much
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Noo and Mi
‹TinaM› Stress reliever, most definitely. Helps child cope with external influences
‹Debby Bruck› Take thorough medical history and pregnancy/deliver of mother/child
‹Phyllis Georgic› stimulating behaviors are seen in all remedies.
‹Debby Bruck› Child OBSESSED with computer game. This is common today. However ROMANTIC
‹Phyllis Georgic› look to fears and anxieties as the stimulating behaviors.
‹Debby Bruck› AH! Romance - ANTI-CRUD
‹rachel› interesting
‹Phyllis Georgic› That boy may have been more effected by the chicken pox vaccine.
‹Phyllis Georgic› You will see that the remedies may in fact be those of the  wild disease that they were vaccinated to prevent.
‹Phyllis Georgic› So know the top remedies for each of the vaccine viruses.
‹Michelle› Hi Lise Bach FR Lady
‹Phyllis Georgic› Often children respond to Rhus Tox and Pulsatilla as well.
‹Debby Bruck› The repetitive behavior has not returned.
‹Debby Bruck› Become more silliness
‹Lyndsey› rhus tox a brilliant restlessness and hyper remedy Phyllis much bigger picture than just muscular as you say
‹Phyllis Georgic› Look for those fevers.  find the remedy for those fevers, ...Ferrum Phos?, Gelsemium,? Aconite? 
‹rachel› would love to hear more about bowel nosodes in autism
‹Debby Bruck› One case doing well on Tuberculinum. But, eating problems and sugar cravings. Then SACCRUM OFF. SUGAR
‹Debby Bruck› DPT. MMR in potency. But, hasn't worked in his cases.
‹Phyllis Georgic› Bowel Nosodes are in the back of the Allen's Key Notes.
‹Phyllis Georgic› I have never seen DTP or MMR work either...
‹Debby Bruck› ASTHMA cases have worked DPT. MMR. Women using hormones in potency
‹rachel› i had dtp improve in an ADHD case
‹Michelle› Thx Phyllis - I'll look at my Allen's book
‹Phyllis Georgic› I use the tuber, syph and gonorrhea.  Psoriunum
‹Debby Bruck› Great Rachel.
‹Gisa› also bowel nosodes:
‹Debby Bruck› What was the substance that may have been the trigger that needs anti doting.
‹Gisa› Lactobacillus acidophilus  Lactobacillus casei  Lactobacillus plantarum  Lactobacillus rhamnosus  Bifidobacterium bifidum  Bifidobacterium lactis  Bifidobacterium breve  Streptococcus thermophilus
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Kanya
‹Phyllis Georgic› the wild disease have a list of remedies that work. Nosodes of the viruses are not way I do it.
‹Lyndsey› Maybe its not curative with the vaccines but it helps take a load off the systems
‹Michelle› I really appreciate that  - classical
‹Kanya› Hi Debby, How are you?
‹Debby Bruck› GREAT to see change in appetite and wider food desires. Aware of surrounding.
‹Debby Bruck› More emotionally stable. But, co dependence and need for protection
‹Phyllis Georgic› You can use any probitotics but that will not cure the reason with the bowels refuse to create their own acids for digestion.  Homeopathic Bowel nosodes are far, far more then probiotics.
‹rachel› mike how many autism cases have you treated?
‹Cathy› Thanks for the list, Gisa!
‹Gisa› pleasure
‹Gisa› there are more, but not to copy from a list here
‹Debby Bruck› chelation will come up
‹Lise Battaglia› Hello Debby
‹Lise Battaglia› !
‹Debby Bruck› Lise - You use flower essences for these issues?
‹Lise Battaglia› hello Debby!
‹Phyllis Georgic› I like to allow the body to chelate itself with the symptom presentation and then matching the remedy to those symptoms and their miasmatic  counterparts.
‹Suziani› Hi all
‹Debby Bruck› Nice, Phyllis
‹Lise Battaglia› Hellow Everyone! yes, bfe GAPs and home
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Suziani
‹Lise Battaglia› it's a constant dynamic approach.
‹Michelle› hi Suziani ; )
‹Lise Battaglia› so challenging.
‹Debby Bruck› DONT LOSE HOPE
‹Cathy› As far as how long to see a change-- this is so individual!  I have seen positive effects almost immediately.  Others have taken years.
‹Lise Battaglia› even dr, Natasha will say that homeopathy is the very useful.
‹Michelle› I so agree with what he just said.  I don't think homeopathy should e fit into the allopathic model
‹Debby Bruck› Who is Dr Natasha?
‹Phyllis Georgic› Mainstream science has no methodology to test homeopathy in the best manner.
‹Lise Battaglia› understanding the feelings of the the autistic child is very challenging.  But understanding them is so helpful with proper repertorization for rubrics for homeopahty.
‹Debby Bruck› Homeopathy addresses more than AUTISTIC symptoms.
‹Lise Battaglia› they do not communicate as we do... it's takes some detective wordk
‹Phyllis Georgic› Yes Lise Battaglia. You are correct.
‹Michelle› I agree for sure Phyllis - yet I see how much we try to explain it in their language or prove it by their methods. 
‹Lyndsey› Anxiety is at the centre of Autism...too oversensitive ...hyper aware...its so unlike the classic medical ideas about remoteness and
‹Lise Battaglia› Dr. Natasha is the author of the GAPS protocol
‹Lise Battaglia› I use all three in my practice and cranial sacral is very helpful as well.
‹Phyllis Georgic› You must be an observer of the patient and aid the parents to be acknowledged for their observations as well.
‹Debby Bruck› Dr Judyth was previously on HEALTH INN SHOW
‹rachel› is that archived?  i'd like to see her show
‹Debby Bruck› They have written many books on Ritalin/ Children's issues
‹Michelle› it really sounds nervous system ish - sensitivity to everything
‹Lise Battaglia› my greatest frustration is the parents who give up on homepathy too soon.
‹Debby Bruck› That's what we spoke about at beginning of show, Lise
‹Phyllis Georgic› yes. Lise Battaglia.  They want a quick fix.
‹Michelle› Our society has been entrained to believe things have to work now
‹Phyllis Georgic› They are not happy with small changes or if they see a dramatic change in the beginning but the child does not make more dramatic improvement  and they give up.
‹Michelle› or they're not working.  It's like instant gratification - palleation (false sense of improvement)
‹rachel› i think it took generations to make the population sick enough to produce this many autistic kids. it's not going to go away in two weeks.
‹Lise Battaglia› and the nervous system is under the impact of an obstacle to cure, when the gut flora is out of wack, making it impossible for proper gut flora to be restored. that is why a gaps diet is so key.
‹Michelle› lol - we had a brief convo about that Lise ; )
‹Lise Battaglia› maintaing cause being the body of the child is a key obstacle to cure.
‹Phyllis Georgic› They think this is all that homeopathy has to offer and they want to shift to another modalities of care.
‹Phyllis Georgic› It is frustration to me as well.
‹Michelle› Every practitioner needs a right hand person who just records, slices and dices all the stats
‹Debby Bruck› True. However, look how many physicians are using homeopathy in every country around the world.
‹Lise Battaglia› When are we going to have a health summit specifically for homeopathy....?hint hint  Debby....
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Manfred -
‹Debby Bruck› How is Christina?
‹Michelle› GREAT idea Lise...I love that.
‹Phyllis Georgic› Parents often want to do several modalities of "holistic" things that only interfere with the performance of the homeopathic methods.
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Lise -- Please email to me.
‹Michelle› morning Mr. M
‹Debby Bruck› Homeopathy can help people from infancy to the senior years
‹Debby Bruck› Candida mix and Lyssin to violent teen.
‹Lyndsey› Adolescence can often continue until mid 20's with autism especially with challenging behaviour
‹Michelle› It's never too late
‹Debby Bruck› Became more affectionate.
‹Manfred› i am the german Manfred, not Mr. Mueller.
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Manfred. Have we met?
‹Lise Battaglia› candida as a homeopathic remedy for this is fascinating. hopeful.
‹Phyllis Georgic› They are thinking of mixing the BTW...Ebola virus with Rabies virus to give as the vaccine for this latest.  I would suggest that there will be may Lyssin Cases due to this.
‹Debby Bruck› Perhaps mother had fungal infection
‹Manfred› just on your show.
‹Lise Battaglia› so often the treatments for autism are to clear out the candida
‹Lyndsey› I have a lot of experience on challenging behaviour and autism
‹Gisa› HI Manfred
‹Michelle› It must be such a joy for these parents to see their children come to life(in a different way)
‹Phyllis Georgic› vaccines are loaded with antibiotics causing the yeast issues of fungus.
‹Cathy› Hallo, Manfred!
‹rachel› wait they are mixing rabies in with ebola, to make an ebola vaccine?  is that rue?
‹rachel› true
‹Lise Battaglia› but this is actually problematic. we are still using an allopathic approach to clean out.
‹Debby Bruck› Thanks for being here .Are you a homeopath?
‹Phyllis Georgic› That is cool about Danny..
‹Manfred› hobby-homeopath
‹Debby Bruck› Candida mix sounds similar to Bowel Nosodes
‹Phyllis Georgic› They must have loads more antibiotics in their lives.
‹Lise Battaglia› and this works against nature. candida exists in superabundance inthe gut to chelate heavy metals.
‹Gisa› = theoretical homeopath
‹Kanya› What is candida mix?
‹Phyllis Georgic› I like when homeopaths make their own remedies for their local "epidemicus"
‹Vera› Is it possible to get the slides?
‹Lise Battaglia› think about it. .. vaccines, heavy metals, and from all different sources.
‹Michelle› I'm not sure about that.
‹Phyllis Georgic› I would think that the candida would be different thrush sufferers and making a remedy for their tongue scrappings.
‹Lise Battaglia› taking out the candida robs the body of  it's own protection from the metals. the candida nosode, or combo is probably wonderful, maybe even as a top layer before getting to the proper bowel nosodes.
‹Lise Battaglia› more like potentized medicines , like a cell salt to help it function properly.
‹Lise Battaglia› this is great hopeful information ! thank you for presenting it!
‹Michelle› It depends on what is defined as cure
‹rachel› thank you Mike you're very humble.  i appreciate your openness.
‹Phyllis Georgic› Lise Battaglia the Bowel Nosodes are really amazing and I would use that first and no blanketly make anything for a group unless they fit.
‹Lyndsey› Every person with autism is an individual in the past too many homeopaths just went straight for Baryta carb and were misled by stereotypical pictures of Autism...
‹Vera› Yes, and Bufo..
‹Phyllis Georgic› I have few Baryta Carb autistics.
‹Lyndsey› that's why different strategies work ..for different people and practitioners...You have to love homeopathy
‹Lise Battaglia› yes, Phyllis Georic, absolutely. I  was referring to those who are not responding to the bowel nosode.
‹Debby Bruck› The physicians and homeopaths around the world use similar and different approaches with homeopathy
‹Phyllis Georgic› Mostly Pulsatilla, Silicea, Carcinocinum, Sulphur, hepar Sulphur.
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Vera
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Lizzie
‹Vera› HI Debby
‹Lyndsey› of course as you would have in any group of people ..baryta carb can be a bullseye..
‹Debby Bruck› Wishing everyone a healthy, joyous New Year
‹Michelle› there's a spiritual element to these people that they are supposed to have - coming into this world at this time.
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Lyndey
‹Lizzie Martinez› Hello Debby. Thank you for hosting this program.
‹Phyllis Georgic› I say reversing vaccine damage... Allowing the individual to blossom into the person that they want to be and really are.
‹Lise Battaglia› we are working with the vital force, it determines how far it will be "cured"
‹Lyndsey› Hi Debby loving this discussion.
‹Debby Bruck› #SPIRIT WORK on EARTH - Michelle
‹Lise Battaglia› homeopathy can not take a person past the point of their individuality.
‹Phyllis Georgic› Cure is whatever you think... Everyone has so many miasms that Cure is rather hard to quantify.
‹Debby Bruck› I will speak with FRAN about being interviewed on Health Inn
‹Lise Battaglia› all healing seems to be determined by two things: the vital force of the person up to the point in their soul that illness is useful.
‹Michelle› Seriously, they are here to teach us something and shouldn't always be seen as as the result of a vax - they are processing a part of the spiritual regression of this world.
‹Lyndsey› I use the term usual rather than Normal and abnormal..who and what is normal...
‹Lise Battaglia› useful perhaps for one's own spiritual evolution and th evolution of hte planet.
‹Lise Battaglia› Michelle I could not agree with you more.
‹Phyllis Georgic› Parents want a child that is like all others.  I want my child to be stupendous not normal.
‹rachel› does this go more than an hour?
‹Michelle› thx Lise.  I read recently that they are helping parents evolve
‹Michelle› it's 1.5 hours long rachel!
‹rachel› oh thank you!
‹Michelle› 10:30 - noon ET
‹Lise Battaglia› susceptibility still is at play in those who react and those who do not react to the perfect storm of events that briing on autism.
‹Lyndsey› That's brilliant Mike to allow the space for the person to communicate in whatever form they use..not always speech
‹Phyllis Georgic› Sure..
‹Michelle› for sure Lise
‹Phyllis Georgic› if there is nothing positive in about 3 to 5 days then the remedy must be changed.
‹Lise Battaglia› wow, Mike and Lyndsey, I was just reading the organon about observation being more important than language.
‹Phyllis Georgic› I mean the slightest of improvement is seen.
‹Lyndsey› I love Samuel- doesn't he always lead us towards truth
‹Phyllis Georgic› Observations skills are the best.  I work with autistic children I have never seen.. I ask the observations of the parents.  Mothers are pretty good at this.
‹Lise Battaglia› sorry, it was materia medica pura : "The conscientious physician who earnestly endeavours to apprehend in its peculiarity the disease to be cured, in order to be able to oppose to it the appropriate remedy, will go much more carefully to work in his endeavour to distinguish what there is to be observed; language will scarcely suffice to enable him to express by appropriate words the innumerable va
‹Lise Battaglia› "The conscientious physician who earnestly endeavours to apprehend in its peculiarity the disease to be cured, in order to be able to oppose to it the appropriate remedy, will go much more carefully to work in his endeavour to distinguish what there is to be observed; language will scarcely suffice to enable him to express by appropriate words the innumerable varieties of the symptoms in the morbi
‹Michelle› I think observ is best - technology has really changed the way practitioners work, but seeing it and feeling the energy in person is irreplaceable
‹rachel› not bored!
‹Lise Battaglia› sorry for the double post, internet slowed down
‹Michelle› I'm not bored.  I really get the feeling he knows what he speaks of
‹Lyndsey› We want you to come back Mike's so interesting
‹Michelle› I agree Lyndsey
‹rachel› yes eating with no regard to a feeling of appetite - i see that a lot.  children do not experience a feeling of satiety.
‹Lise Battaglia› the morbid picture with the similarly acting medicine, whereby alone, as he knows, can a cure be effected...So true it is that the careful alone can become a true healer of diseases."
‹Phyllis Georgic› meals are liquid can be repeterized.
‹rachel› spiders like to drink their meals
‹Lise Battaglia› this is the hidden reality of the autistic child.
‹Debby Bruck› Interesting!
‹Phyllis Georgic› Ticks are Tartentula and they like to drink their meals.
‹Michelle› prescribing had to be so very different throughout history of Homie without all the names and labels of disease
‹Gisa› very interesting idea
‹Gisa› (tarentula)
‹Lise Battaglia› so much speculation about chicken/egg on this  . Dr. Wakefield  is a pediatric gastroenterologist and he did endoscopy filiming of these poor kids, he saw bowel lesions!
‹Phyllis Georgic› Forget the diagnosis and repetorize the cases.
‹Lyndsey› Tarentula is such a useful remedy in my experience with challenging follows Cham and phos very well in a case when appropriate
‹Michelle› That's interesting to know Lise
‹Phyllis Georgic› Not all children who are autistic have bowel issues.
‹Lise Battaglia› no wonder the healing via the right homepathic remedy will show these kind of symptoms. Hering's laws
‹Michelle› That's the point Phyllis
‹Lise Battaglia› no, but so many do.
‹rachel› nice looking cover
‹Lise Battaglia› we always have to prescribe on the individuality of the case
‹Michelle› I feel it was easier in Hahnemann's time b/c they didn't have labels for disease- it was strictly based on the symtoms described by family or the person, and what they OBSERVED
‹Lise Battaglia› congratulations on the b ook it will be so helpful and on my shelf
‹Phyllis Georgic› MMR vaccine damage causes the small intestines to become blocked because the measles gets into the mysentary gland.
‹Phyllis Georgic› thanks for writing this book Michael.
‹Michelle› Yes, the language of homeopaths and homeopathy has been allopathized in some ways, due to trying to describe it to an allopathized world, per se.
‹Debby Bruck› Thanks Lise and Phyllis, Lyndsey and Michelle
‹Debby Bruck› Use of diet changes with Gluten Free go so far.
‹Lyndsey› Carol Boyce is amazing she really has done masses of work and funding for her work is non existent
‹Lise Battaglia› I  understand why you say this. Debby, but Dr. Natasha and GAPS are doing an amazing job.
‹Michelle› I may check that out Lyndsey.  I'm full of ideas and would love to help find $ for homeopathy
‹Phyllis Georgic› That is a shame about Carol Boyce.  This is not unusual and even my work with clients does not get me minimal payment.
‹Michelle› REAL social interaciton is so important for EVERYONE
‹Lise Battaglia› the problems seem to always come up when detox starts .  this looks like illness and can stay at that point, but it's not the end.
‹Lyndsey› Can I raise the very common issue of epilepsy with teenagers and adults with Autism seems to be more prevalent at adolescence.
‹rachel› yes lyndsey. 
‹rachel› i have one of those. 
‹Lise Battaglia› the reason gaps is working so well  in my opinoin is because gaps deals with detox better than any protocol.
‹Gisa› ><
‹Lyndsey› I know we woiuld treat it depending on its symptoms but its interesting
‹Lise Battaglia› yes! the clearing is the detox!!!
‹Michelle› thx Gisa
‹rachel› lyndsey possible for me to talk to you?
‹Lyndsey› yes of course how do we touch base?
‹Michelle› I'm going to read more on GAPS
‹Lise Battaglia› Autism is the syndrome that is kicking everyone's butt. However, it is the integrative challenge for our generation.
‹rachel› i sent my email
‹Lyndsey› I see your email sorry..!
‹Phyllis Georgic› Finding the remedy that is presenting in the immediate is important.. Then looking to the deeper action of the remedy you are prescribing and the frequency of dosing ... raising potency or intercurrent remedies.
‹rachel› thanks 
‹Vani› Sorry I was unable to listen in on most of the talk, will it be possible to find his talk later?
‹Michelle› Go to the On Demand section in about 5 hours or so, Vani
‹Lise Battaglia› Since becoming certified in GAPS-  people actually find me better becuase the internet buzz is so good, people are looking for help, when they get me they also get homeopathy and bach flowers. 
‹Michelle› It will be listed there
‹Phyllis Georgic› We have to make parents aware of the vaccines and how they are manufactured with their ingredients and the chemicals is highly important to reduce the autiism.
‹Michelle› On Demand = Archives
‹Lise Battaglia› Phyllis.  you will be happy to learn that parents are learning this. the problem seems to be the way they don't take the next step to homeopathy.
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Vani
‹Lise Battaglia› Micheal this is so wonderful.
‹Vani› Thank you so much Michelle!
‹TinaM› Yes, chemical exposure from vaccines is most important.
‹Phyllis Georgic› emails to the homeopath of the journaling of events of the week is important and to change remedies in the moment when the symptoms change and present.
‹Phyllis Georgic› I have been quite a force in the vaccine awareness issues since 1989.
‹Michelle› I think the parents whose children were born with the symptoms they have are the best testimony to what the healing means to them and that child.  I post all the time but as we know, vax are an extremely polarized issue in our society.  I think it receptivity will change as the evolution of consciousness happens.  That's partly why I believe these children come into this world like this for this v
‹rachel› i like that idea, asking parents to email weekly a recount of events off the week.  that would be a help.
‹Michelle› very reason
‹Phyllis Georgic› I have done many lectures on vaccines.
‹Michelle› that's wonderful Phyllis.  Hopefully aware parents drag all their unaware friends with them for some education
‹Phyllis Georgic› They try and pass on the info I email them and place onto my Facebook page.
‹Michelle› we don't have to know what the susceptibility is..we just have to observe the symptoms any given individual has
‹Phyllis Georgic› I have many "friends" on FB who have asked me to friend them.
‹Debby Bruck› EPI-GENETICS genes can be triggered. Turned on and off
‹rachel› Phyllis i just sent you a friend request.  you are in PA!!?  wow, i am in PA...
‹Phyllis Georgic› My own grand children have  not been vaccinated and I am their doctor.
‹Michelle› that's a great way Phyllis as the world at large is online in some capacity and most are trying to use
‹Michelle› social" in a social way
‹Phyllis Georgic› I use FB as my way to make the change occur.
‹Michelle› It's a tool for ed and evolution even when some don't know it or do it for that.
‹Lise Battaglia› great quest Debby.  The emotions for the family respond well to a spray bottle with a house Bach formula.
‹Phyllis Georgic› I see a far greater improvement  in a family that I treat everyone in that family.
‹Michelle› I agree that the energy of everyone in that household contributes to the healing
‹Debby Bruck›
‹Phyllis Georgic› I have not found Bach Flowers to be of any great value...Only a suppression as well .
‹Lise Battaglia› Phyllis Georgic-- yes, fb has been so helpful with this. Dr. Tenpenny and Vaccine awareness feeds get lots of like and shared.
‹Michelle› What works for one may not work for all.  there's no one solution for everyone, or one pill for this symptom or that.  It's very individualized which is special about homeopathy
‹Debby Bruck› HOMEOPATHY and AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER is the name of the book
‹Michelle› thx Debby
‹Lizzie Martinez› On the topic of it not being "100%" effective - never underestimate the power of eliminating even 1 or 2 of the child's most limiting behaviors - this can be HUGE for the family and their well being!
‹TinaM› Sorry, left for a few. Yes, Phyllis it shows that you have been at long time, nice
‹Phyllis Georgic› Tenpenny actually speaks the same thing I talked about... When I started the lectures she was still in College.  She is 10 years younger then I... About the time I stopped lecturing on this , she got into it.. She has a better connection with the CDC because she is a doctor of osteopathy.
‹Lise Battaglia› I would be interested in talking to you about your experiences with Bach as suppression. In 25 years using them, I have never seen a suppression.
‹Phyllis Georgic› I had to get my info from books and from a pharmacist that was my insider that gave me the info of the CDC meeting.
‹Lyndsey› also self harming such as pulling their hair out one of my cases ..self harming
‹Vera› I find Flower Essences do not work for severely emotionally affected kids, only when they get better; I think we just cannot see the action
‹Debby Bruck› HYOS case - Jealousy.
‹Lise Battaglia› Phyllis, sounds like you have been on the front lines for a long time.
‹Debby Bruck› He started in 1990
‹Phyllis Georgic› Almost 30 years.
‹Michelle› great 'underground' connection Phyllis
‹Phyllis Georgic› Belladonna is an under used remedy as well.
‹Lise Battaglia› Vera, the flower essences are most useful in my experience, when they focus on the spiritual level.
‹Gisa› sounds like Bufo
‹Phyllis Georgic› Staphysagria.
‹Lise Battaglia› homeopathy is best on the overlap of physical and emotional with spiritual undertone.
‹Lyndsey› CBD and EFT therapy can often help in self harming
‹Phyllis Georgic› Natrum Muriaticum also does harm to themselvse.
‹Michelle› that's crucial Lise... the basis of homeopathy is the effect upon the vital force and how it manifests in what we see  - the essences of flowers works in the same way
‹Phyllis Georgic› Most people are angry and nasty because they have pain somewhere that a homeopathic remedy will aid them to cure themselves.
‹Vera› Sometimes it is not possible to get deep enough when the child is not verbal
‹Gisa› the child perhaps paints
‹Phyllis Georgic› Not being verbal is a rubric as well.
‹Vera› but I never found Flower Essences suppressive
‹Phyllis Georgic› Aspbergers Cannabis Indica
‹Michelle› If a practitioner knows their remedies well, they will be able to find the similimum
‹Phyllis Georgic› I see the Bach’s making the individual to be have more physicalsymptoms that accompany an emotional issues of a particular homeopathic remedy.
‹Cathy› Have personally seen remarkable success with Carc and certain ASD cases.
‹Lyndsey› I agree Vera Emergency essence Bush and Bach have been so helpful with distressed have to be kind and supportive and practical .
‹Phyllis Georgic› that attitude appears to be exercising.  Rhus Tox.
‹Michelle› publishers do that all the time.  I hope more people will start self-publishing
‹Phyllis Georgic› That is why I will not go to non homeopathic publication.  I would publish myself for entire information to available.
‹Michelle› GOOD for you Phyllis ; )
‹Michelle› People have to publish the truth as they have found it - not as they wish for it to be presented
‹Phyllis Georgic› Correct Michelle.
‹Michelle› lol - the disclaimer to be used every time
‹Phyllis Georgic› Truth is truth.. that is why I like homeopathy... No one remedy for the same diagnosis or disease.
‹Cathy› Thank you so much, Mike-- this has been wonderful!  And thank you, Deby!
‹Cathy› (Debby)
‹Gisa› very good - I like your show and much thank to Mike Andrews!
‹Michelle› THANK YOU for all the helpful information from everyone - THANK YOU MIKE, Debby, Amnon, chatties
‹Phyllis Georgic› Thank you so much Michael Andrews.
‹Lyndsey› thank you Mike will be in touch.
‹Phyllis Georgic› Thanks Debby and Amnon.
‹Kanya› Thank you!
‹Vera› Thanks! Will be great to get the slides!
‹TinaM› So much wonderful information from all here. Can I find transcript of chat?
‹Amnon› Don't be a stranger Phyllis
‹Phyllis Georgic› See you all... If you care to contact me ask Debby for my email address... Love you all.  Blessing to you all and ALL LOVE AND HAIL to the wisdom of Samuel Hahnemann for his discoveries that we now all share...
‹Michelle› It will be on HWC  shortly Tina
‹Michelle› Ciao everyone...have a great week
‹Michelle› Prayers, blessings <3
‹TinaM› Truth needs no polish
‹TinaM› Thank you Mike & Debby

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What a great idea to put the whole conversation along with the video clip, thank you Debby!

Hi Yvonne - sometimes I take notes and do my best to post the chat. 


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