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We applaud John for many of his accomplishments throughout his life time and contributions to the homeopathic community. Learn about his recent award to produce a short film.



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While filming this show in Israel, John was given stale tobacco and ended up quitting because it tasted so badly.


  • Based on the novel by Belva Plain, the three-part NBC miniseries Evergreen covered a time span from 1909 to 1959. The story begins in New York's Lower East Side with the arrival of Polish-Jewish immigrant Anna (Lesley Ann Warren). At first employed as a humble seamstress, Anna is whisked into a whole new world when she becomes the wife of the enterprising Joseph Friedman (Armand Assante), who eventually becomes a wealthy Westchester contractor. Even so, Anna's heart belongs to Paul Lerner (Ian Shane), the son of the prosperous Fifth Avenue family which employs her relatives. In 1918, Anna gives birth to Paul's daughter, allowing Joseph to believe that he is the father. The secret surrounding Anna's child will lead to a daunting and frequently heartbreaking chain of events, culminating decades later in the newly formed state of Israel, where Anna's grandson Eric hopes to "find himself" -- and ends up finding more than he bargained for. Also in the cast was Richard Burton's daughter, Kate Burton, as the wealthy Gentile wife of Anna and Joseph's son Maury (Tony Soper), a woman whose very presence causes a near-irreparable rift in an already fragmented family unit. Running a total of six hours, Evergreen originally aired on February 24, 25, and 26, 1985. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


The Homeopathic Love Affair was a book he wanted to turn into a movie he loved homeopathy so much. How can I help the world? How can I teach people what I know? How can I help others? That's when he conceived his remedy kits. 


Watch John's Short Video


Biography and List of Movie's



Check out John Board's Hollywood Survival Kit


There are more insects in the world than any other kind of animal species. In fact, 95% of the species in the world are insects!  We know that honey, especially manuka honey has antibacterial properties.

Honeybees are the only insects that provide an important food for man and help  more than 100,000 kinds of plants to exist and multiply, since the honeybees through their process of pollination. 


“Busy as a bee”—is a well known saying

Like humans, honeybees are social creatures that live and work together in large groups. With many different roles to play, they construct combs, keep their homes clean, feed the queen and their young, communicate and keep cool by fanning in summer heat. Many of the sayings about bees tell how busy and industrious they behave.  


Apart from the three major sections of its body, the head, the chest part (or thorax), and the belly (or abdomen), a honeybee has many less-visible "working tools." A special kind of stomach, called a honey sac, is used to store the nectar it extracts from flowers. The bee’s legs are provided with bristles or hairs, known as combs. These are used by the bee for scraping pollen from its antennae and legs and packing it into the pollen baskets—these are openings in its hind legs. Bees build cells in their hives with wax produced by their own bodies. Special wax glands secrete liquid wax onto wax plates located on the underside of the abdomen where it hardens.

A very important part of the bee’s body is its stinger. It is located at the rear of the bee’s abdomen. It is one third as long as its entire body. The sting is the weapon of the worker bee used to protect its honey and hive. 

Beekeeping Group


Send your friend the link to the  "Health Inn" show and post this page on FaceBook because the more the merrier and we need to bring some wisdom into our lives.


We will learn much more about the potent healing effects of our pollinators. They can do much more than you would think.

Ah, aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway.
~ Mary Kay Ash

What do you imagine Mohammed Ali was speaking about when he spoke these famous words?



"A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.

~ James Lacey Dent (born 1939),  American professional golfer, would rather be playing outdoors, enjoying himself on the range, instead of doing chores at home. 


Born in Augusta, Georgia, home of the Masters Tournament, started his career as a caddie at the Augusta National and at Augusta Country Club, since he could not enter the game otherwise as an African American. 

Source Wikipedia




vik we have it in Hubgary. it's used by MDs evcen in clinics
Amnon Dr. Deepak, can you call into Skype ?
Amnon I need to adjust the video
Amnon Call back
Amnon Dr. Deppak, call back
Amnon Again
Debby Bruck technical difficulties
Dr Deepak India you must start the show
Debby Bruck We will be speaking with John Board, Hollywood film producer
Debby Bruck hello bhupi
Debby Bruck hello bob
vik lalala
Dr Deepak India Hello Everyone
Dr Deepak India Show starts refresh your page
bhupi Hi Every one, Dr. Bhupinder Sharma
borealbob sounds good!
vik today we have 39 C-102 F
vik i am sweating almost everywhere
kavitha Hello everyone
borealbob it will be 105F in Raleigh NC today!  NO global climate change here :P
Dr Deepak India here is also a hottest day in last five years 48 degree C
borealbob tell us about John Boards HOLLYWOOD ties!!
borealbob of course Dr. Sharma is there!!
vik i wonder where could an Indian go for holiday??? from one of the most beautiful places...
bhupi Thanks for recognizing me. Today is Canada day and am enjoying hot weather.
Dr Deepak India i think we all are enjoying these hot days
vik that's very bad attitude of the law enforcement authorities...not to jail those evildoers
vik nope
bhupi Hi Deepak, Great to get your response. You have a long life. I was remembering you a couple of days before as one Homeopath was here from Dubai and we were talking about you, Dr. Bhupinder Sharma, Canada
vik i have an idea how to solve it amnon.
Dr Deepak India hello bhupi thnks for remember me
bhupi Thanks Dr. Deepak, it is a small world now, Dr. Bhupinder Sharma, Canada
borealbob JOHN BE GONE??
Amnon He is on wireless, so the connection is bad.
vik we have a very sharp screamin-like voice frequently
Amnon Dr. Sharma, go ahead and connect to computers2kvoice instead
bhupi Yes, I am also facing technical difficulties from the webnar.
Amnon Dr. Deepak Sharma that is :-)
Dr Deepak India the homeopathic Apis is made from honey bee poison and the well known effect f bee's sting are burning, stinging, lancinating pain and swelling
bhupi Sorry, I have to leave now, Dr. Bhupinder Sharma, Canada
Dr Deepak India mentaly the patient has violent anger, a feeling that about to happen, sluggish or inactive
Dr Deepak India she/he with be a extreme anger
kavitha Dr John, if I understand properly you are trying to prove on yourself what symptoms you encounter from 300-600 stings or you are trying to treat your health condition with it or both. please clarify. Thanks
borealbob GLAXO FINE LARGEST IN WORLD HISTORY- FRADULENT CLAIMS ON Lamictal, Zofran, Imitrex, Lotronex, Flovent, Valtrex, Avandia or Advair products
Dr Deepak India the skin of apis are edemotous swelling, usually white, like urticaria
Debby Bruck thank you
borealbob What do Canadians think generally about Homeopathy????
Debby Bruck john is talking about his stories with homeopathy
Dr Deepak India that is great to hear about coffea
Dr Deepak India and nux vomica
kavitha Nice coffea remedy for women...great
Dr Deepak India coffea have symptoms effect by sudden emotions especially pleasurable ones
Debby Bruck thank you
Debby Bruck hello kavitha
borealbob would Coffea be good for ADD and ADHD crazy kids??
kavitha Hi Debby, very interesting to know about John's experiences with homeopathy...very inspring
Dr Deepak India yes it can used in ADD and ADHD the symptoms are excessive weeping and lamenatations
Debby Bruck thank you Dr Deepak
Amnon Dr. Sharma, you should be able to talk on Skype now
Dr Deepak India we are also using carcinosin for excessive desire for chocolate or coffea
Debby Bruck thank you. shall mention soon
kavitha video and audio got stopped
Amnon Refresh your page
vik here is ok but having waves in the voice
kavitha got it now...thanks
Dr Deepak India coffea - women with sleeplessness from excitement of the imagination, flow of ideas
vik kavitha, you computer's CPU is oberloaded to full, probably. there is a free application called CPU Control. use it and set it to automatic. it shall help a lot.
kavitha Thanks John for sharing your experiences and treating cancerous condition with Bee sting. Wish you good health and more success
Dr Deepak India its was a great experience
Dr Deepak India Thanks kavitha
Dr Deepak India nice to hear about apitherapy
kavitha Also thanks to Debby, Dr Deepak & Amnon for the nice show
vik Hungary
vik yes
Dr Deepak India Thank you everyone
Dr Deepak India 1121 viewers today Health Inn growing
Debby Bruck we hope to improve the technical difficulties. Great stories John
Dr Deepak India yes

Mark your calendar for August 13, 2012 when Joette Calabrese will be our guest talking about bringing health awareness to mothers. 

Me,The Bees and Cancer Film


John Board Film Producer Wins Award To Produce Alternative Medicine Movie

John Board Interview | Journey To Find Alternative Healing

Bee Venom and the Memory Effect

Honeybees are Protectors of Humanity and Guardians of the Planet

Animal Kingdom

PUBMED: Abstract: Bee venom (BV) (api-toxin) has been widely used in the treatment of some immune-related diseases, as well as in recent times in treatment of tumors. Several cancer cells, including renal, lung, liver, prostate, bladder, and mammary cancer cells as well as leukemia cells, can be targets of bee venom peptides such as melittin and phospholipase A2. The cell cytotoxic effects through the activation of PLA2 by melittin have been suggested to be the critical mechanism for the anti-cancer activity of BV. The induction of apoptotic cell death through several cancer cell death mechanisms, including the activation of caspase and matrix metalloproteinases, is important for the melittin-induced anti-cancer effects. The conjugation of cell lytic peptide (melittin) with hormone receptors and gene therapy carrying melittin can be useful as a novel targeted therapy for some types of cancer, such as prostate and breast cancer. This review summarizes the current knowledge regarding potential of bee venom and its compounds such as melittin to induce cytotoxic, antitumor, immunomodulatory, and apoptotic effects in different tumor cells in vivo or in vitro. The recent applications of melittin in various cancers and a molecular explanation for the antiproliferative properties of bee venom are discussed. PMID: 22109081 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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