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June Marks Migraine Awareness Month | Even children can suffer from headache pain and the chronic intense pain of migraines. 


Throughout the month of June, HWC Health Inn has concentrated on learning all about the triggers of migraines and highlighting a number of homeopathic remedies that holistically care for patients.


With over 40 million Americans losing school days, work days, vacation and a portion of their lives to this disease, we emphasize the importance of journaling and keeping a record of symptoms and triggers. Learning everything you can about your self and the way your respond to stressors can help find solutions.


As we know, each person may exhibit their headache in a variety of ways and with their personal expressions. Homeopaths can put the pieces of the puzzle together and get to the core issues. The reasons for headaches seem so varied that a person may search for years to determine if a physical problem, a hereditary root, a food sensitivity, a change in the weather, being out in the sunshine, and just about anything in the environment. 


The tragedy for parents who must watch their little ones suffer and cry in pain can be unbearable. These children, mostly boys, may either outgrow the headaches or they can become worsened; while more little girls may be afflicted as they age into their hormonal cycles. 


Parents must take care about feeding their children highly seasoned foods, artificial ingredients, some cheeses with molds, and the typical deli meats like hot dogs with nitrates and nitrites, plus sugary foods. 


As we discovered in the last show, over use of the common medications such as aspirin, Motrin, Tylenol and other heavy drugs like Botox may actually bring on more migraines through the rebound effect. 


“These headaches can be treated effectively with botulinum toxin which is an injection that many may be familiar with in the treatment of cosmetic wrinkles. A small percent of the population that has these recurrent headaches that have been resistant to multiple different medications may find some benefit to seeing a provider that can possibly offer this as an opportunity,” Ferguson said.


The main thing we must do for children to reassure them that they will get better through love, comfort and assistance from professionals. Provide nourishing foods, eliminate triggers, reduce stress and seek professional help, using biofeedback, meditation, breathing, yoga, moderate exercise and plenty of sleep.  


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What is it about headaches that everyone gets them? 

“Migraine in children has rarely been studied, and the findings revealed that boys are nearly as likely as girls to experience migraines. Previous studies in adults have shown that females were generally much more susceptible.” ~ Paul Winner


  • We see that it can start early in life in both girls and boys, due to stresses upon children to perform, fit in, win approval, and just find happiness and a balance. The problem, as with many illnesses, we find many pieces of the puzzle missing due to lack of studies, funding, neglect or dismissal that these issues exist. Based upon the studies we have today, females exhibit their discord and stress in life more often with headaches and migraine than males, but we must also seek out how to help them both.

“Family quarrels can provoke headaches in children
Science Daily


  • With the increase in family stress, broken homes, separation and divorce, the home discord can be too much for little children. Up to 30% of all children around the world complain of headache symptoms arising at least once per week.

    As parents increase pressure on children to perform in school so they can succeed in today's competitive society, we will see a mutual rise in headaches. As duties increase, the down time to play, and rest body and mind also decreases.

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"Botox injections associated with only modest benefit for chronic migraine and daily headaches . . . Compared with placebo, botulinum toxin A was associated with a greater frequency of blepharoptosis (drooping of the upper eyelid), skin tightness, paresthesias (a prickly, tingling sensation), neck stiffness, muscle weakness, and neck pain.


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