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November 12, 2012 ->>>Go Directly To Live Show


Debby Bruck and Dr Deepak Sharma will provide information to the general public as educational material to help "preparedness" for emergency situations. 


Let's review what can happen to the mind, body and spirit when in an emergency and how you can keep a selection of homeopathic remedies on hand when you see the stress response. 


Homeopaths will be familiar with the majority of these remedies. However, we will also speak about the consequences and secondary problems that can occur during the extremes in weather. 


Monday, November 12, 2012

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Visit NissanCommunications to view our live show.

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We will cover a number of major health issues that occur as a result of hurricanes and flooding to a region. Be prepared and on your guard for signs that indicate someone nearby may be at risk of 1) shock 2) carbon monoxide poisoning from gas leaks, 3) hyperthermia due to cold wet weather, 4) inhaling mold or skin fungus from overgrowth on wet walls, 5) intestinal upset from contaminated drinking water, 6) poisoning from rotten food 7) infections from a variety of sources.


Of course, we can't cover every remedy that applies, but we will hit a few major remedies that you may want to keep in your emergency preparedness kit. 


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Emergency Remedy Kits from HomeopathyWorld


A remedy kit at home will be very handy in any emergency, including emotional situations. 


When you want to be prepared in any emergency, whether traveling or at home. Keep a kit in the house, in your car, boat and when you send your kids off to school or camp.




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borealbob are there any homeopathic services on the Jersey Shore and NYC? Someone should let them know about it!
borealbob Maybe Homeopaths Without Borders needs to intervene??
Debby Bruck yes. We have the National Center for Homeopathy
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Debby Bruck you need to find a personal homeopathy
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farzaneh For using Silica we have to be careful
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Dr Anupam Sethi We as a team worked in Earthquake in gujarat

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