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A patient has a right to review a medical procedure - The Refusers 

Listen to Michael talk about the connection between brain inflammation encephalitis and vaccine ingredients. Are we really improving health by mandating vaccinations? 

Get ready for a fun and enlightening interview with Mike Belkin of THE REFUSERS BAND. What would you like to ask him? This is your chance!


The group composed of:

Sebastian Belkin: 11 year old funk-rock drummer extraordinaire. Raised on the grooves of the Brecker Brothers, Robben Ford, Tower of Power, and James Brown—Musicians who can PLAY!

Michael Belkin: Songwriter, singer, guitarist. He fronted original rock band in NYC (The Crowd) and appeared at CBGBs. Credits run the gamut from LA session/club player, opening concert tour acts (Fillmore, etc), cowpunk icon bands, sideman with Nashville star Steve Wariner. Genres: Rock, Funk, Blues, Rockabilly, Punk, Alt-Country.

  • Michael testifies before Congress. Hepatitis B Vaccine, May 18, 1999 The House Reform Committee. 2 Congressman Mica D-FL. 1st Michael Belkin
  • Link To Gaia Health Transcript and further information

Instruments: Lead, slide and rhythm guitars, pedal steel guitar, 5 string bass guitar, vocals. Translates pharmaceutical weasel-speak into song lyrics with a cynical attitude. You got a problem with that?

Steve Newton: Funk/slap bassist and vocal star with a music degree from Miami University. When he’s not directing music at stage productions, he funks it up with the Refusers. He missed his calling as a stand-up comic and derailed the Refuser recording sessions, in which he had the musicians and studio engineer cracking up and rolling on the floor. Stars in the Refusers video as Dr. Strangelove and the Mad Hatter.

Joey Walbaum: Keyboardist with the goods to groove. We managed to channel his jazz/funk wizardry into Refusers Innoc-you-rock. Joey’s intuitive Hammond organ and piano riffs bind our tunes together. He makes our sum bigger than his parts.


posts the latest vaccine current events news along with original songs. 

There’s insufficient evidence to force vaccinations – Vancouver Sun

Michael's Comment: The President of the British Columbia Nurses’ Union blasts the coercive policy on flu shots for health care workers in this Vancouver Sun letter and quotes the Cochrane Collaboration and Center For Infectious Disease Research and Policy reports on the lack of credible evidence supporting flu vaccination.

  • “forcing public ridicule on human beings (for example by forcing them to wear distinctive badges or clothing) is usually the practice of tyrants.”


Check out the Press Release, the group is making waves and getting popular

KOMO News Seattle (ABC) April 23, 2012

SEATTLE — A local band’s controversial song is taking the Internet by storm … The Refusers make funk rock with a message.

The message is that parents can refuse vaccines for their children. Their title song is a rip on the Hippocratic Oath doctors take to practice medicine ethically, to “first do no harm.”

Viral YouTube Video of their song, "First Do No Harm"

  • Hippocratic Oath
  • Do they have a homeopathic story to tell?
  • Has their music made a difference in the vaccine world? 
  • What inspired them to use music as protest and as a way to get their message out in today's atmosphere?
  • What do you want people to know and learn from your music?
  • What is the latest thing happening since you began?
  • I will mention that each Thursday for a few years Debby hosts a BlogTalkRadio with Alan Philips lead vaccine rights attorney. 


Meryl Streep advocates for special diet to treat epileptic son in the movie

First Do No Harm


In 1994 The Charlie Foundation launched the modern era of the ketogenic diet with its video entitled, "An Introduction To The Ketogenic Diet," hosted by Meryl Streep. Over one hundred fifty thousand copies have been distributed during the intervening years.

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Dr Deepak India yes you refresh your page by pressing F5 or refresh button at near your top left
kavitha Hello Everyone
Gabriele hello all together
Dr Deepak India Hello Kavitha
kavitha Hi Dr Deepak, hope you had nice Diwali celebrations
Dr Deepak India yes kavitha we enjoyed lot and hope for same for you
kavitha Hello Michael
Wequar Good morning to all
Dr Deepak India GM wequar sir
Wequar Thank you Deepak
kavitha Yes Deepak we celebrated Diwali the same way we did in India with family & friends get together, sweets, and fireworks....
yvonne what is the answer you wud give if some skeptic says that today polio is a rare thing as well as small pox
Wequar Michael how about a song on homeopathy/ vacination
kavitha yes that would be awesome
Wequar Yes Kavitha it would be great event
Gabriele for example: my father, physician of vaccination, stopped his working in this point, because he could stand it, to hurt instead of healing.
Gabriele He could not! stand it
Wequar Correction appreciated
Amnon I see, sorry :-)
Wequar to err is human
borealbob to Diwali is devine!
kavitha My son who is 14 yrs when he had physicals his doctor restrictly advised vaccination for meningitis, tetanus & whooping cough. Scared my husband with incidents of meningitis deaths in college. Ofcourse my son didn't get vaccination inspite of his words
Debby Bruck Thank you Kavitha
Wequar What medicines to use if one is Vaccinated and would like to negate it with homeopathy?
kavitha Michael -Very sorry to hear about your daughter's condition. It is a disaster
Gabriele that depends on the following symptoms
Wequar Immediatelly soon after vaccination
borealbob if you were vaccinated decades ago- isn't the damage done? How can homeopathy reverse the damage?
Gabriele partly - that depends (see above)
yvonne An 8 month old baby was vaccinated and was breastfeed.. a month later the child had diarrhea and vomiting... the parents took him where he was given medication intravenously ... its such a shame really what is happening today
Gabriele yvonne, do you know any statistic, which shows, what happens because of vaccination? eg the Robert Koch Institute? You will not find. Therefore each thinks vaccination is good. It's a big business of millions of dollars. So you see no statistic of course
Wequar Thank you
Gabriele welcome
Debby Bruck CLAP --- CLAP ---
Gabriele :D
Wequar great
kavitha Excellent
Wequar Once again Michael a song with homeopathy
Wequar in future
Gabriele I'ld like it in German - would be very impressive, too - I'm sure.
kavitha Enjoying the song
yvonne there are alot of research done actually and if you join a group on fb Great Mothers Question Vaccination the admin there have all the info you want Gabriele
Gabriele congratulations
Wequar kick it with homeopathy if you can
kavitha claps...
yvonne very nice Michael, thank you very much
Gabriele never seen "thrive"?
Gabriele put your power together
Gabriele please, the cause of polio will be the dioxine in the DDT.
Gabriele there are no viruses. Viruses are fairy tails.
Dr Deepak India computers2kvoice
Debby Bruck welcome yvonne, Gabriele, Wequar, PUppa, Bob, Deepak, Kavitha
yvonne bill gates thinks he is very smart, thats his idea of decreasing our over populated universe
Gabriele don't get it
kavitha Michael- How old was your daughter when she died after receiving Hepatitis B?
Wequar Very typical of Pakistani rural area.
yvonne you need to close your browser when you talk
Debby Bruck The immune system gets challenged.
Gabriele we must think in a new way. There is no "immune system". For a system you need something mechanical - and nothing to find in the body, which is a system for immunity (like to breath or the heart / circulation). That's all the idology of the vaccination industry.
Dr Deepak India yes many of the children these days coming with recurrent cold coryza and respiratory disorders
kavitha Thank you very mich Michael for sharing your knowledge and nice music
kavitha Thanks to Debby, Dr Deepak & Amnon
Debby Bruck thanks everyone. You can tweet and facebook the archive of this show.
Debby Bruck we will have another show on vaccines and homeopathy
Debby Bruck Sorry Gabriele. I did not say your comment on air. Next time.


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